Where Can I Find My Google Chrome Bookmarks?

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Where Can I Find My Google Chrome Bookmarks?

Google Chrome bookmarks are simple to organize and retrieve from inside the browser. It merely takes a few mouse clicks to add, remove, and rename bookmarks. However, if you need to move bookmarks to a different browser, you may need to manually find your bookmarks file unless you utilize the export option to generate a new file.

Where Are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored?

Chrome keeps all of your bookmarks together. If you can’t locate the bookmark file, you’re either in the incorrect folder or in the wrong user path. On whatever system, it is always in the same folder. However, depending on the operating system, such as Windows 10, macOS, or a Linux variation, the folder may be located in a different place.

This article describes how to access your Google Chrome bookmarks in order to backup or import them into another browser.

How to Find Google Chrome Bookmarks in Windows

To retrieve the bookmark file on Windows, go to the AppData folder. To locate the folder, do the following steps:

You may now move, copy, and remove your Chrome bookmarks at your leisure.

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Where are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored in macOS?

Under macOS, Google Chrome saves bookmarks in the “Application Support” directory. This directory may be found using Terminal. In macOS, you must configure your file browser to see hidden folders.

/Users/your username>/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default is the command line. When you press Enter, Finder will open the folder containing your bookmarks.

You may still use Finder to access a hidden folder. What you should do is as follows:

Where are Google Chrome Bookmarks Stored in Linux?

There are two ways to access the files if you are running Linux.

Option 1: Use the Terminal in Linux

    where are google chrome bookmarks stored
  1. Enter the following path into the Terminal window: /home/your user name/.config/google-chrome/Default/ Alternatively, depending on the version of Chrome you are using, you may need the following path: /home/your user name/.config/chromium/Default/
  2. When you press Enter, you will be sent to the folder containing your bookmarks file.

If you are unable to access the file path/folder, you must choose Show hidden files from the file browser’s menu.

Option 2: Use a File Browser Directly

Depending on your flavor of Linux, you may use file browsers such as Nautilus (the default in Ubuntu), Dolphin (common across multiple Linux systems), Thumar, Konqueror, Krusader, and others.

  1. Launch your preferred file browser. Based on pre-established rights, the default may be the best choice.
  2. Navigate to Home > [your username] >.config > google-chrome > Default. If you use a Chromium browser, replace google-chrome with chromium in your nav route.
  3. Bookmarks, Bookmarks, Bookmarks. bak files should be located in the Default folder.
  4. Export Chrome Bookmarks as an HTML File

    You may still access your Google Chrome Bookmarks by exporting them as an HTML file if you don’t want to browse through hidden folders and system files.

    To export your Chrome bookmarks, do the following steps:

    Importing this file to another browser is simple.

    1. Steps 1-5 are repeated, but instead of Export, click Import.
    2. Then, pick the file’s location and click Open. This operation adds all stored bookmarks to the list of existing bookmarks.

    Can’t Locate the Chrome Bookmarks File or Export Them?

    If you can’t locate your bookmarks file in the given locations or are having difficulties exporting an HMTL file, you may ask Google Support.

    Sometimes the issue is a bug in your Google Chrome profile or the present status of your operating system, or it might be another form of malfunction. If this is the case, restart the PC and try again, or call the customer service staff, who will take over and help you to a solution.

    Finally, although you may need to modify certain settings in order to open hidden folders, you can quickly locate your bookmarks file on most devices and operating systems. If exporting your bookmarks isn’t enough, you now know where the file is kept and can make a backup if necessary.

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