What is the Strikethrough Shortcut? It’s right here.

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What is the Strikethrough Shortcut? It’s right here.

Although a strikethrough removes a word or an entire phrase, it emphasizes the supplied item. This unique formatting feature is accessible across the Microsoft Office suite, but it may also be used with various messaging applications and text editors.

What’s the Shortcut for Strikethrough? Here it is

This page focuses on strikethrough shortcuts in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. You will also learn about additional word formatting effects and associated shortcuts.


Using the strikethrough effect in Word is a breeze. Select a word or fragment of text and click the strikethrough symbol in the Home tab’s toolbar.

But you don’t want to take your hands off the keyboard, do you? If this is the case, there are two keyboard shortcuts that will enable you to strikethrough without using the mouse.

Shortcut 1

You may rapidly get a single strikethrough effect by using a keyboard combination.

The shortcut on a PC is Alt + H + 4. So you choose a section of text or a full paragraph and press the following keys on your keyboard.

Cmd+Shift+X is the keyboard shortcut on a Mac. Simply highlight the text and use the keyboard shortcut to strikethrough it.

To eliminate the strikethrough effect, repeat the shortcut sequence and you’ll be able to view the usual text.

Shortcut 2

Even though they execute the same application, PCs and Macs are drastically different. We’ll go through each one separately in Step 2.

On a PC

To access additional choices, use Ctrl + D on your keyboard to open the Fonts pop-up window. The current Font settings, format, size, and style are shown in this window. Strikethrough may be found under Effects and is accessed by pressing Alt + K.

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To summarize, the second shortcut is Ctrl + D followed by Alt + K. Of course, you must first pick the required text or term. And while you’re doing it, why not try out some of the other effects? Here’s a basic review of the shortcuts and functions:

  1. Double strikethrough – Alt + L
  2. Superscript – Alt + P
  3. Subscript – Alt + B
  4. Small caps – Alt + M
  5. All caps – Alt + A
  6. Hidden – Alt + H

You don’t have to memorize all of the shortcuts. If you look closely, you’ll see that one letter on each effect’s label is highlighted. That is the letter that must be coupled with Alt to activate the effect.

On a Mac

On a Mac, you must designate keyboard shortcuts. But don’t worry, it’s really rather straightforward!

Open a new Word document and choose Tools from the Apple toolbar at the top of your screen. Then choose ‘Customize Keyboard.’

A new window will open, and you may select ‘All Commands’ in the Categories box, then put in the shortcut you want to create in the search field (or change).

Enter the shortcut you want to use and press the ‘Ok’ button at the bottom.


There are two ways to use strikethrough in PowerPoint. The first technique does not need a dedicated section since the shortcut is the Office suite’s default. To be more specific, in PowerPoint, pick the text box and press Alt + H + 4. It is vital to remember that this technique and shortcut are only available for PC.

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You should be aware that you do not have to press the keys at the same moment. Press Alt first, then H, then 4 – same sequence/tip also applies to Word.

For Mac users, use the Command+T shortcut and choose the ‘Strikethrough’ option, or select the Strikethrough option in PowerPoint’s Ribbon.

Font Dialog Box Method

To open the Font dialog box, press Ctrl + T (cmd+T on a Mac) and then Alt + the matching letter. With one exception, strikethrough is Alt + K, and all other shortcuts are as explained in the preceding section. The offset function is not present in Word, and the shortcut is Alt + E.

Extra Shortcuts: To enter the Font dialog box, use Ctrl + Shift + F or Ctrl + Shift + P. To be sure, Ctrl + T is the most basic.


It’s not difficult to predict that there are two ways/shortcuts to apply strikethrough in Excel. And, sure, Excel has its own Font dialog box, which is called Format Cells. So, let’s look at how to use the shortcuts.

Simple Shortcut

Choose one or more cells to strikethrough and press Ctrl + 5. To remove the strikethrough, repeat the shortcut or press Ctrl + Z. Keep in mind that this is only available to PC users.

Format Cells

To open the Format Cells window, press Ctrl + 1 (Control + 1 for Mac users), but first select the cells you want to strikethrough. This window differs from those seen in Excel and Word. It has several tabs, including the one you’re seeking for, Font.

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Again, Alt + K is the shorthand for strikethrough, but you can also obtain superscript (Alt + E) and subscript (Alt + B).

Other Software

If you’re working in Google Docs, you can also utilize strikethrough. Select the text and hit Ctrl + Shift + X (on a Mac, Cmd + Shift + X).

Although not quite a strikethrough shortcut, there is a simple way to accomplish it on chat applications as well. Type your message and place in front and after the text you wish to strikethrough (without spaces) – for example, This TJ post is about strikethrough shortcuts – and the text will be struck through. This is compatible with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, and a few more messaging applications.

Cross Out the Words

Strikethrough should be used sparingly or only when absolutely essential. This manner, it conveys the intended message while drawing the reader’s attention to your argument.

How often do you use strikethrough? Do you utilize it in chat applications or in Office documents? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. v

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