What is the story behind Blank? Should You Get Rid of It?

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What is the story behind Blank? Should You Get Rid of It?

What is About Blank? Should You Remove It?

The phrase “about:blank” (also known as “About Blank”) refers to an empty page in your browser tab, regardless of whether you use Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, or another browser. The label about:blank displays in both the address bar and the page title of the tab. You’ve undoubtedly seen this empty page appear on occasion when you click a link or open one in a new tab or window.

So, what exactly does about:blank mean? Is it spyware, a faulty Internet connection, or a broken link? How do you put a stop to it? There are several reasons why a about:blank page appears on your screen. In general, the blank pages are not a cause for worry.

This article discusses what about:blank means and why you can see it when surfing the web or clicking on a link.

What Does about:blank Mean?

Browsers employ the “about:URL” scheme to handle internal instructions, which includes “about:blank” pages. Most browsers provide various “about” commands, including “about:about,” “about:cache,” and “about:plugins.”

An “about:blank” tab or window does not load a website and is not meant to do so. These windows, however, are more than simply blank pages; they are blank pages with concealed browser functionalities. The main line is that about:blank is exactly what it sounds like: a blank page that is not a URL; it is a browser command.

What Is about:blank Used For?

Top Consumer Reasons for Using about:blank Pages

You may wonder why anyone would want to use a blank page.

People like the concept of opening their browser to a blank page for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Keeping the browser from launching multiple tabs or windows from the previous session.
  • Ensuring privacy upon launch
  • Managing bandwidth by starting their session in a non-internet browser tab.
  • Making the homepage blank
  • Process control on an older PC
  • Preventing distractions

The concept may seem weird, but as seen above, it serves a useful function. The most typical reason a customer would use about:blank is to direct the web browser to open an empty page when launched—or even for each new tab or window. About:blank keeps the setup quick and clean, with no distractions, which is important since today’s programs are meant to entice you or keep you addicted to them so that they may profit financially. This is something you may have seen with Facebook, Twitter, the start pages of Edge and Firefox, and even the Yahoo home page.

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Top Reasons that Browsers Use about:blank Pages

The most common reason browsers use a blank page is to process data behind the scenes. Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers love to take over when you open their executable file. They start doing all sorts of tasks that eat up bandwidth and resources. Note: Results may vary based on your machine.

While preventing the “invisible craziness” is difficult, you can influence certain aspects, such as what opens up on startup.

Common Causes of about:blank Pages

An about:blank page may appear in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons.

The following are the most typical reasons of about:blank pages:

  • When you click a download link that opens in a new window or tab, the browser is required to show a blank page in order to begin the download.
  • You input a site URL incorrectly, resulting in viruses or malware security issues.
  • Based on the information processed, the browser has no notion what to do. Inconsistencies in HTML, Java, and other code formats might cause the browser to display a blank page because it is unable to execute anything.

Is about:blank a Virus or Even Malware?

Many individuals believe that about:blank is a computer virus that has infiltrated their system, but it isn’t. When a browser is in a circumstance where it has to present an empty page, this scenario is generally simply a blank website. Because the page is not supplied from an external source, it is not dangerous to your computer. Malware, on the other hand, may force a browser to display a blank page.

If you believe your device has been infected with harmful software, viruses, or malware, stop using it for personal purposes and do virus scans or a factory reset right away. In a digital age, being secure involves staying informed.

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How to Stop Those About Blank Popups

Stopping about:blank pages is dependent on why they are shown in the first place. If you changed your browser settings to open blank sites, you must return to the browser settings and reverse those modifications.

If you often receive blank pages, you should first cease using malware or viruses since they may destroy the browser, and then remove and reinstall Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or whatever you use. Removing malware from your PC may result in missing files and browser settings that were not repaired/replaced during the malware eradication procedure.

Aside from the two cases mentioned above, you should usually leave the about:blank execution alone. Many antivirus and anti-malware solutions now employ blank sites to prevent harmful URLs from running code or duping you into doing action, or simply redirect you to a warning page.

How to Fix an about:blank Home Page

If, as previously indicated, you changed your home page to a blank one, go to settings and update your homepage to anything you like. Most browsers provide already used or pre-included features to make your life simpler. Enter a new URL into the box or area if you removed and reinstalled your browser.

If the blank page issue continues, try deactivating any extensions, closing and re-opening the browser. Add-ons (including pop-up blockers) might create issues, so deactivating them may help. Finally, you may reset your settings to the factory defaults. This is an extreme measure, but try it if nothing else works.

In most cases, viewing a about:blank page on your browser does not indicate an infected device; it just implies you haven’t selected a homepage or your browser is having trouble displaying information. However, if it occurs when you attempt to browse particular websites or when you boot up your computer, it indicates the presence of a possible issue.

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About:blank Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be concerned when a webpage routes to about:blank?

Both yes and no. About:blank web pages are not inherently dangerous to your PC or device. They’re a part of the system, so viewing the page now and again isn’t a huge problem. When you notice about:blank pages repeatedly, there is most certainly an underlying problem.

If your internet browser is hacked, for example, you may see this page instead of your home page. To be cautious, do a security check if you regularly observe anything without user provocation.

How do I fix about:blank opening when I launch my web browser?

The easiest way to resolve this is to refresh your browser’s home page. You may change it to Google, a news source, or any other website you like. Set the home page to another location in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Edge, and you should no longer see the about:blank page when you open your browser.

How do I fix about:blank issues?

There are several things you can do to repair the errors if you’re encountering problems with every online page and not only when you open your browser or visit one URL. As previously said, begin by performing a virus scan. To eliminate issues, you may also erase the browser’s cache and history.

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