What Is a Router’s WPS Button?

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What Is a Router’s WPS Button?

If you looked closely at your router, you may have seen a weird button named “WPS.” Wi-Fi Protected Setup is denoted by these initials. WPS is a handy program that allows you to connect devices to your router without having to provide a login and password. It’s an excellent approach to avoid having to recall these inconvenient things.

What Is the WPS Button on a Router?

Your router comes with a password that is made up of random digits and letters. While this code may be difficult for hackers to decipher, entering it while connecting your devices to wireless internet might be inconvenient. Using the WPS button allows you to skip this step and connect your devices with the press of a button.

Here, we’ll look at what the WPS button on your router works and how you may use it to easily connect your devices to the internet.

What Does the WPS Button on a Router Do?

Typically, the WPS button is used to connect a device to a wireless network. It is assumed that the owner of the device has permission to use the router. This is most certainly the situation with a home router.

After pressing WPS, the router will scan the area for suitable devices to link with. It will seek for two minutes and then quit if it doesn’t locate a PC or device that it can pair with in the area.

It should be noted that not all devices support WPS. Devices created before the standards were formally released may not be compatible. Some newer equipment may also lack WPS functionality, since some manufacturers have abandoned WPS entirely. When connecting to a router for the first time, a WPS-compatible device will offer a “Connect to WPS” option.

Depending on the model, the position of the WPS button may differ.

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On the back of certain routers, there will be a WPS button. Others will just use the WPS symbol, which consists of two arrows pointing in the same direction and making an oval shape. There are router types that have the term “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” written next to the button.

You are not required to locate the WPS key. It may be labeled differently, but it should be obvious.

How to Connect With WPS

Unfortunately, not all Wi-Fi devices support WPS. Some newer gadgets may not understand the notion of WPS, while older ones may also not function properly. If your computer prompts you to configure WPS when you first connect to the internet, it supports it. When you choose a router to connect to, you will be prompted to enter a password or press the router’s WPS button.

If you are prompted to hit the WPS button, your router will seek for your device and should be able to immediately connect with it. This procedure is unlikely to need the use of a password.

It’s critical to note that if you change the router password, all devices connected to it will lose internet connection. You must instruct your device to forget the router before reconnecting it to WPS.

What Is the WPS Button on a Netgear Router?

The Netgear router’s WPS button is an easy and safe method to connect numerous devices to the internet. It operates by clicking the button to request that the router enable devices to connect to the network. You may also alter the network’s security settings by pressing the WPS button.

Your router comes with a default password made up of random digits and letters. This password is tough to crack since it must be found on the router. If a stranger acquires access to your preconfigured router code, you may have more serious issues to deal with than having your Wi-Fi password stolen.

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Many folks don’t bother changing the password since it’s so rare. However, if necessary, you may change your network security settings utilizing Netgear’s WPS feature.

A Netgear router’s WPS button is located on the back of the device, close to the Ethernet connector. On various Netgear routers, the button may appear differently. In rare circumstances, the WPS button symbol shows instead of the label.

What Is the WPS Button on an Xfinity Router?

When connecting your devices to the internet, the WPS key on an Xfinity box streamlines the process of inputting the network name and wireless password.

To connect devices having a UI (User Interface), switch on discovery mode by tapping the WPS button. Select the network to which you wish to connect on your device, and it will instantly connect to the router. If there is no UI, press the WPS button on the device, followed by the WPS button on the router. Your gadget will receive the internet password.

The Xfinity box has a sleek appearance that may make finding the WPS button difficult. It doesn’t help that the router has three independent gates in three different locations.

The Xfinity Wireless Gateway’s WPS key is placed at the top of the device. Pushing the button initiates the function, and the light on the button will continue to flicker until your device is connected to the router.

The Xfinity Advanced Gateway’s WPS button is positioned to the left of the “Xfinity” logo. When you press it, a blue light appears, indicating that you must connect another device to activate it.

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The xFi Gateway 3rd generation features a difficult-to-find button on the rear panel. When you press the button, the blue light becomes white, and the devices instantly connect.

WPS Button on Router Alternative

WPS is a little out of date, and security issues have been highlighted. If your device does not support WPS or you want a safer option, Wi-Fi Easy Connect might be the solution.

W-Fi Easy Connect-enabled devices feature a QR code on the box that you may scan to enable onboarding. Connecting over Wi-Fi Easy Connect is accomplished by scanning a QR code using Bluetooth or utilizing NFC tags.

Data is sent via encrypted channels using this manner. With W-Fi Easy Connect, you can administer the network from a single device. It will provide access to other workstations wishing to share the internet connection.

Connection at the Press of a Button

WPS provides a simple and quick method of connecting your gadgets to the internet. It also enables you to share your network with others without requiring any passwords. Although it is a convenient method to connect several devices to your Wi-Fi network, it is not without security risks. To avoid any security breaches, switch off WPS after all of your devices are connected.

Do you use WPS connectivity? Let us know how you connect your gadgets to the internet using it.

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