What Do the Emojis Next to People’s Names on Snapchat Mean?

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What Do the Emojis Next to People’s Names on Snapchat Mean?

The emojis you see next to your Snapchat friends’ usernames are indicators that represent the kind of connection you have with those people. Some emojis, such as the birthday cake, are self-explanatory. In certain circumstances, you may have difficulty deciphering these symbols.

What Do the Emojis Next to a Name Mean on Snapchat?

Several Snapchat buddy emoticons are now in use and are quite popular among the Snapchat community. There are restrictions to getting certain emojis, and the most of them are tied to snaps (multimedia messages like photos, videos, and animated GIFs). Let us discuss what they all symbolize.

Snapchat Friend Emoji Meanings

1. Gold Heart Emoji

The gold heart emoji sits beside a buddy to whom you’ve sent the most pictures. However, in order to acquire a gold heart on your list, that buddy must also send you the most multimedia messages. You either have this heart, or neither of you do.

Snapchat identifies your golden best friend based on the frequency with which you connect. This requirement implies that you must work hard to maintain your golden heart status, since the emoji will vanish if someone gives you more snaps than your golden buddy.

If you send the most multimedia messages to a user but another buddy gives you the most snaps, neither username will have a golden heart.

2. Red Heart Emoji

The heart will become red if you and a buddy maintain a golden heart streak for two weeks. This action indicates that you have exchanged the most photos with a person in two weeks.

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You may now continue the streak and wait for the next emoji update.

3. Red and Pink Hearts Emoji

On Snapchat, the red and pink hearts emoji denotes a long-term friendship. You and the other person will obtain this emoji if you exchange the most photos with a user for two months in a row. The emoji will stay as long as you keep doing it.

However, there’s always the possibility that someone else may send you additional photos. If you and your closest buddy are concerned about the sign, you must continue to exchange multimedia messages on a regular basis.

4. Grimace Emoji

This emoji symbolizes how often you and a certain user connect with the same individual. In some ways, a person with this emoji next to their name is your’rival,’ since they can steal away your closest friend’s heart emoji on Snapchat.

5. Sunglasses Emoji

The sunglasses emoji indicates that you and a certain person are “close friends,” but not best friends. A close friend is someone who interacts with you often but not frequently enough to be considered a best friend.

6. Baby Face Emoji

A new buddy on your list is represented with the baby face emoji. This circumstance indicates that your Snapchat connection is still in its infancy. You’ve probably seen this symbol a lot if you’ve added a lot of new friends.

7. Smirk Emoji

The smirk emoji depicts a user that you don’t engage with as often as they do with you. You are their best buddy in certain ways, but they are not yours. You should “raise” your snap game if you want this individual to become your best buddy.

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8. Smile Emoji

All nice Snapchat pals will get a smiling emoji next to their names. This emoji sits next to people you often engage with. You send them regular snaps, and they respond with several multimedia messages. Because only one buddy is deserving of a love emoji, the rest will have to make do with a grin.

9. Sparkle Emoji

When you share a group discussion with one of your friends from the list, a sparkling emoji appears next to their name.

10. Birthday Cake Emoji

If you see a birthday cake next to a username, it signifies that person’s birthday is today. You have no control over this emoji, which will vanish in a day. If it’s someone close to you, try sending them a Snapchat to commemorate the event.

11. Fire Emoji

The fire emoji signifies that you and another user are now participating in a Snapstreak. This status indicates that you have traded snaps for two or more days in a row. A number will appear next to the fire emoji, indicating how long the Snapstreak has been active.

If you don’t trade photos within 24 hours, the emoji will vanish and you’ll have to start again.

12. Hourglass Emoji

When you see an hourglass emoji next to a username, it means your Snapstreak is coming to an end. You should swap snaps as quickly as possible to keep your streak going.

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13. The 100 Emoji

The 100 emoji indicates that you kept a Snapstreak with a user for a hundred days. That’s a significant milestone in your Snapchat connection with that person. The emoji vanishes the next day, and the standard Snapstreak countdown resumes.

14. Gold Star

Gold Star Snapchat Emoji

The Gold Star emoji indicates that this user’s photos have been replayed during the previous 24 hours.

How to Customize Friend Emojis

Here’s how to customize friend emojis on iOS.

  1. In “My Profile,” click “Settings” (the gear symbol).
  2. Scroll down to “Additional Services” and press the “Manage” button.
  3. Choose “Friend Emojis” and the emoji you wish.

Here’s how to customize friend emojis on Android.

  1. In “My Profile,” click “Settings” (the gear symbol).
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Customize Emojis.”
  3. Make any changes you see fit.

Finally, you understand what all of those Snapchat emoticons signify, and it’s time to start utilizing them. You may change the emojis that appear for your pals at any time.

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