The Top TikTok Videos of All Time

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The Top TikTok Videos of All Time

TikTok has a multitude of entertaining videos. From optical illusions and dances to individuals taking on entertaining and often deadly challenges, there’s something for everyone. Without a question, the platform provides something for everyone.

The Most Viewed TikTok Videos of All Time

But which TikToks have the most views?

This article will tell you which videos have earned the most views on the site since its start.

This movie showcases Zack King, the king of illusion, an American-based filmmaker and illusionist who has recently taken the internet by storm.

Zach seems to be flying on what appears to be a magic broom in this video. You’ll quickly see, though, that he’s merely skating with a board in his hands. At the time of writing, the video had over 2.2 billion views and was still growing.

The film is really worth viewing, whether it’s simply some sophisticated video editing skills or a sprinkling of optical effects.

The second video on the list is James Charles, a beauty mogul known for his exceptional makeup talents. Surprisingly, there is nothing about beauty in this video. It’s really a clip from James’ sister’s Christmas party in 2019. The video’s transitions are fairly excellent, making for a pleasing watch.

But what about the figures? The video has 1.7 billion views as of May 2022.

Another Zach King illusion video comes in at number three. In this one, the illusionist finds his hide-and-seek buddies in the most unexpected locations. To be honest, this video will make you take a second look. There are some confusing instances, such as when Zach King goes straight through the mirror.

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This video has gotten over 1.1 billion views and 9.5 million likes. Given the amount of scenes and transitions in the video, it was no doubt a labor of love. As a consequence, the massive number of opinions is well warranted.

People appear to be obsessed with illusions, or maybe they are obsessed with Zach King. Zack is shown in this video pouring water into a glass. The video, however, takes a characteristic surprising twist. What the audience mistook for a glass of water was really a glass-shaped dessert.

Unfortunately, understanding how Zach King generates this sort of entertainment is practically difficult, so just sit back, watch the movie, and enjoy yourself.

With around 966.4 million views thus far, the billion milestone is not far away.

A video starring Bella Porch is ranked fifth. Bella Porch is a well-known TikToker from the Philippines. The TikToker is seen in this video lip-syncing and bopping her head to the beat of the popular Millie B song. You may find yourself involuntarily bopping your head to the rhythm while watching the video.

It has received 683.4 million views to date and holds the record for the most likes with 56.8 million.

Zach has earned himself another another name on the list of boomers. It’s a video showing him painting a wall this time. Of course, painting a wall is nothing out of the norm. But there’s always a twist with Zach. Throughout the film, he employs visual tricks that make you wonder whether you understand the difference between a wall and a corridor.

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The video has amassed over 659 million views.

The following video features Jammie Sorrel Horse. Horse’s Twitter handle is “@Jammie32bsh.”

In the video, the TikToker can be seen lip-syncing and dancing in his bathroom to Nelly Furtado’s “Say it Right.”

The video has been seen 421.3 million times in total.

Babies are just cute. Perhaps this is why this heartwarming video of an adorable infant giggling made the cut. Dae Warner, who controls the Daexo account, published the footage. The story revolves on her kid. You should view it for yourself if you like infants.

The video has been viewed 392.4 million times and liked 35 million times.

Khaby is a renowned Senegalese TikToker who makes fun of difficult life hacks. He is also the platform’s most followed TikToker, with 134 million followers. Khaby is most recognized for his hilarious hand motion.

In this video, Khaby shows viewers how to look to see if another automobile is coming from behind. Khaby’s advice is straightforward: lower your mirror and utilize your eyes. This is after seeing a video that makes the procedure more difficult by including a side mirror on the rear of the automobile.

Behind Khaby’s videos, there is always one message: life doesn’t have to be complex.

The video has over 350.3 million views and is one of the most loved on the site.

We have a video of Billie Eilish using the Time Warp scan filter at position ten. Despite the fact that this was her first TikTok, she made the list. Who would have anticipated that a simple video with a long-used filter on the platform would make the cut? But isn’t this Billie Eilish?

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This video has been seen over 348 million times and has over 40 million likes, making it one of the most popular on the site.

Additional FAQ

Who is the most followed person on TikTok?

Charli D’Amelio has lately been named the world’s most followed TikTok celebrity. She presently has 140.3 million followers on Twitter. Khaby Lame, who has 137.3 million followers, is her closest competitor.

You Now Know the Most Viewed Videos on TikTok

Surprisingly, getting popular on TikTok requires little effort. In fact, it’s tough to understand how certain films made the cut, yet they did. If you remember anything from this post, it’s that TikTok is for everyone, even you.

Have you seen any of the most popular TikTok videos? Was the video deserving of inclusion on our list? Please leave your opinions in the space below.

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