Spotify Continues to Pause [Best Solutions]

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Spotify Continues to Pause [Best Solutions]
Spotify Continues to Pause [Best Solutions]

Spotify, the popular audio and media streaming network, has been serving music and podcast fans worldwide since 2006. Spotify now has 345 million active monthly users who like the huge choice of music and the option to share music with friends.

Spotify Keeps Pausing [Best Fixes]

However, when songs halt and buffer incessantly, the whole experience may be unpleasant. If your Spotify keeps halting, continue reading to learn about possible solutions. You’ll see several fast remedies that you may use on your phone or PC. Let’s get this party started.

First Steps to Fix Repeated Pausing in Spotify

If you’re experiencing pauses when listening to Spotify on your mobile device, consider the following easy fixes:

  • Make sure no one else is streaming while you are connected into your account.
  • Try deleting the temporary data. Turn your phone off for around 15 seconds before turning it back on.
  • Turn off low power mode. The low power option may interfere with your Spotify stream. Go to Battery Options, then Settings, then switch off Low Power Mode.
  • Disable the data saving mode. Reduced data use by Spotify may result in stopping troubles; consequently, go to Settings, then Data Saver, and turn it off.
  • If you live in a region with limited cellular service, try downloading the music to your device for continuous listening.

The sections that follow show how to repair Spotify when it keeps halting.

Sign Out of all Devices in Spotify from a Web Browser

Signing in from another device may cause the current device to halt occasionally. Sign out of all devices and see what happens.

Please keep in mind that you may only sign out of all your devices via the Spotify website.

  1. Go to in a new web browser.

You’ll be logged out of all your devices, including the web browser, at this point.

Perform a Clean Windows/Mac Re-Install of Spotify

Typically, clearing cache data, uninstalling the software, and then reinstalling it resolves any issues caused by file corruption. It also guarantees that you are running the most recent version of the program.

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Clean Windows Re-Install

To delete Spotify’s cache and app via Windows:

  1. Install Spotify again. Navigate to the Microsoft Store and reinstall Spotify.

Clean macOS Re-Install

To delete Spotify’s cache and app via macOS:

  1. Install Spotify again. Go to the Spotify Download Page to re-download and install it.
  2. Check for a Corrupt SD Card, HDD, or SSD

    Your storage disk may become corrupt yet continue to work at times. After a while, an SD card used to store your music may begin to fail. This condition often results in read and write failures or a slow PC, but it may also cause Spotify pause troubles.

    If you save your music on an external SD card, you may have pause issues. In terms of your HDD or SSD disk, faulty sectors or a failing drive in general might cause Spotify to halt repeatedly.

    Try removing, cleaning, and reinserting an SD card containing your music.

    Run a scan tool on an HDD or SSD to look for read and write problems as well as faulty sectors.

    Reduce Consumed Storage Space

    If Spotify is installed on a disk with inadequate or no capacity, the software will be unable to store temporary files effectively. If this is the case, Spotify may halt during playing and have additional difficulties.

    Remove unnecessary applications, erase temporary files, clear app cache, clear browser data, and so on. On both Mac and Windows systems, there are several PC cleaning programs. You may also explore and remove files manually those you know are safe to delete.

    Remove Spotify from the Hosts File

    If Spotify keeps halting on your computer, the “hosts” file might be the culprit. Remove any Spotify data from your hosts file and see if it helps your pause problem.

    Remove Spotify Entries from the ‘hosts’ File in Windows 10

    1. Click on File -> Open.
    2. Click the Text documents (*.txt) menu in the bottom-right corner of the Open window and choose All Files (*.*) from the list. Rather than only presenting text files, this stage shows all files from which to pick.
    3. When you open the file, you’ll notice lines of text numbers with a hash “#” symbol at the beginning of each line.
    4. Delete the found entries.
    5. Save your settings and restart Spotify.

    Remove Spotify Entries from the ‘hosts’ File in macOS

    1. To open the file, double-click it, and it will open in TextEdit.
    2. Now, save your modifications and restart Spotify.

    Check Your AirPods or Bluetooth Headphones

    • First, double-check to see whether the issue is being caused by your wireless ear/headphones. Connect them to another device and listen to anything other than Spotify to see whether the issue persists.
    • Check that no other wireless devices are linked to Spotify at the same time; if so, unplug them. You might also unpair any additional wireless headphones that are connected to your smartphone.
    • Check that your battery is fully charged. Connection problems are often caused by a low battery.
    • Check the Bluetooth versions that are supported by your device. It’s possible that your headphones aren’t compatible with your smartphone.

    Fix Android or iPhone Spotify Pausing Issues

    Perform a Clean Reinstall of Spotify on Android/iOS/iPhone

    Data corruption or out-of-dateness may cause app performance difficulties, such as Spotify’s incessant pauses. A clean, new install may often address speed issues, but you must remove all cache and stored data for Spotify to guarantee a fresh start.

    Clean Android Re-Install

    To delete Spotify’s cache and app from your Android device:

    1. Navigate to and choose Settings.
    2. Navigate to the Google Play Store and re-install Spotify.

    Clean iOS Reinstall

    To delete Spotify’s cache and app via your iOS device:

    1. On your home screen, select and long-press the Spotify symbol.
    2. Install the app again. Go to the iOS App Store and search for and reinstall Spotify.

    Check for a Corrupt SD Card (Android/iPhone)

    An SD card in your Android phone or iPhone might fail and cause read/write problems. Other instances, it may no longer be recognized as a storage device/drive. This situation occurs most often on Android when you make the SD card internal storage. There are still several flaws that cause errors.

    To rule out the possibility of a faulty SD card, do the following steps:

    Free Up Storage Space in Android, iOS

    You may have ran out of storage space on your SD card or internal phone storage, and it is having difficulty finding enough space to cache the app and files while it plays music. Making sure there is enough space for the processes prevents Spotify from continuously halting.

    Free Up Space on Android

    To free up some space on an Android device:

    1. If your phone’s free space is running short, go through it and remove texts, images, movies, and so on; everything you don’t need or can keep on the cloud.

    Free Up Space on iOS/iPhone

    To free up space on an iOS device:

    1. Check to see whether your device has adequate free space.
    2. If you’re nearing the end of your battery, go through your phone and delete any messages, photographs, movies, and so on that you don’t need or that are saved in the cloud and readily retrievable.

    Finally, millions of people throughout the globe use Spotify’s music and podcast streaming services. Subscribe to Spotify’s premium account to download its material on up to five devices and resume listening to music without stopping. If that is not an option for you, make sure you do not have a poor Wi-Fi connection or limited cellular data access, and try some of the options listed above.

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