Signing Out of Only One Google/Gmail Account on a Mac or Windows PC

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Signing Out of Only One Google/Gmail Account on a Mac or Windows PC

Many Gmail users like to be logged in to numerous accounts at the same time because it allows them to handle personal and professional communications without having to log in and out of each account each time they wish to switch.

How To Sign Out of Just One Google/Gmail Account on a Mac or Windows PC

Unfortunately, problems often occur when attempting to sign out of a single account from your desktop browser. There is a method to do this on your PC; all you need is the Gmail software on your iPhone or Android device.

How To Sign Out of Just One Google Account on a PC

To log out of just one Gmail account, use the Gmail app for Android or iPhone. It is normally preloaded on Android smartphones, however iPhones may download it through the AppStore. Here’s how to use the mobile app to log out of one account on your Mac or Windows PC:

You may also use the mobile app instead of the desktop version since moving between accounts is significantly faster in the app. Furthermore, even if you don’t have the app open, you may get fresh email alerts for each account. To activate alerts for each account, follow the steps below:

Please keep in mind that you must activate alerts for each of your accounts separately.

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When you get a push notice and touch on it, Gmail will immediately switch to the appropriate account. You do not need to enter your password each time you start a new Gmail account.


How Do I Remove a Gmail Account I Don’t Use From the App?

If you no longer use a certain Gmail account and want to delete it from your Gmail app, follow the instructions below:

1.Open the Gmail app.

2.Tap your profile icon in the upper right corner.

3.Select Manage accounts on this device.

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4.Select the Gmail account you want to remove from the app.

5.Tap Remove account.

Gmail on the Move

Hopefully, this tutorial has helped you discover a better approach to handle numerous Gmail accounts. It might be inconvenient to be logged out of all accounts when you only wish to log out of one, or to get alerts for an account that is open in the browser. As a result, many users have shifted fully from Gmail desktop to the mobile version. Of course, it would be preferable if Google addressed the problem on the desktop version as well, so let’s hope that happens in future releases.

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What are your recommendations for managing workflow with several Gmail accounts? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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