Setting the Time on a FitBit

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Setting the Time on a FitBit

Fitbit gadgets are supposed to improve your health by tracking your exercise objectives. The ideal alternative for you relies entirely on your requirements and budget.

How to Set the Time on a FitBit

Even the most basic capabilities may create issues, and many users of this little device have issues setting the time regardless of model. One of the most vexing parts of these gadgets is the inability to adjust the time immediately on your Fitbit.

Assume you went to a different time zone and your Fitbit did not keep track. When this occurs, you may need to exert more effort to get back on track.

Look no farther if you’re wondering how to set time on Fitbit. This post will go through how to change the time on your Fitbit, regardless of the model.

Fitbit Surge: How to Set the Time

The first thing you should do is connect your Fitbit to your smartphone. In principle, you shouldn’t need to make any other adjustments after this since your location and time zone are already being tracked.

However, there are situations when your Fitbit will fall behind. It’s possible that your phone was turned off when you shifted time zones and so couldn’t relay the right information to your device.

If you discover that your device is out of sync, there are two solutions. The first step is to link your Fitbit to your smartphone again (you can also use a tablet or computer). This is maybe the quickest method to set the time on your Fitbit. Here’s how to connect your Fitbit Surge again:

  1. On the app, tap the Fitbit symbol on your phone.
  2. A tiny menu should appear, reflecting the last time your Fitbit synced.
  3. To execute a manual sync, choose the symbol that looks like two arrows making a circle.

The manual method is the second approach to change the time on your Fitbit. These instructions may differ depending on whether you’re using a smartphone or a PC. Here’s how it’s done:

For Smartphones:

  1. If the preceding step fails, manually adjust your time zone by turning off automatic time zone monitoring and selecting a city inside your time zone.
  2. Swiping down on the main dashboard will force a sync with your tracker.
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For Computers:

  1. Simply click on the “Fitbit Connection” button, then “Sync Now,” to force the sync with your Fitbit.
  2. Fitbit Ionic: How to Setthe Time

    Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa come with a variety of clock faces, enabling you to personalize your watch. Although it may seem to be beautiful, an inaccurate time zone display might be problematic. Here’s how to fix it, depending on your syncing device of choice.

    For iPhones and Android devices:

    1. Using Bluetooth, connect your Fitbit to your smartphone.

    From a Windows device:

    1. Turn “off” the “Auto” option and enter the right time zone.
    2. Sync your Fitbit.

    Fitbit Alta: How to Setthe Time

    To modify your Fitbit Alta’s time settings, just do the following:

    From your iOS device:

    1. Open the Fitbit app and choose “Account.”
    2. Tap “Advanced Settings” from the “Settings” menu.
    3. Look for a setting that allows you to change your time zone.
    4. Return to the “Account” page and hit your tracker’s name to sync your device.
    5. Tap “Sync Now.”

    From your Android:

    1. Open the Fitbit app and hit the menu icon in the upper left corner.
    2. Go to “Account.”
    3. Tap “Settings.”
    4. Locate the option to change your time zone.
    5. Return to the “Account” page and hit your tracker’s name to sync your device.
    6. Tap “Sync Now.”

    From your Windows PC:

    1. Navigate to the “Account” tab on your Fitbit dashboard.
    2. Click “Advanced Settings.”
    3. Look for a setting that allows you to change your time zone.
    4. Sync to your device.
    5. Fitbit Blaze: How to Setthe Time

      While you can’t alter the time and date directly from your Fitbit wearable, you may do it through the app or the website. Here’s how it’s done:

      On the app:

      1. Launch the Fitbit app on your preferred device.
      2. Tap “Account.”
      3. Tap “Advanced Settings.”
      4. Toggle the toggle next to “Automatic Time Zone” to “Off.”
      5. Choose your current time zone by tapping “Time Zone” (or “Select Time Zone” depending on your device).
      6. Sync your device.

      On the website:

      1. Open
      2. Select “Settings,” then “Personal Info,” and your account should be visible.
      3. Scroll down to the “Time Zone” option and choose your preferred time zone.
      4. Sync your device to your preferred time zone.

      Fitbit Ace: How to Setthe Time

      You may begin by resetting your Fitbit Ace to establish the right time. Next, ensure that the device to which you are syncing your Fitbit has the right time and date. Follow these instructions from here:

      1. Open your Fitbit dashboard or app, and then click the gear icon.
      2. Navigate to “Settings” and then “Personal Info.”
      3. Look for “Clock Display Time” under “Advanced Settings.”
      4. Select the time format that you like.
      5. Sync your device by clicking “Submit.”

      Fitbit Zip: How to Setthe Time

      You will need to connect your Fitbit Zip to your online Fitbit account once again. The processes are quite simple whether you use your smartphone or a PC.

      1. Log in to your Fitbit account via or the Fitbit app.
      2. In the upper right corner of the screen, click “Settings.” Your “Personal Info” account should now be visible.
      3. Scroll down until you see the “Time zone” option.
      4. Select your preferred time zone from the dropdown menu beneath “Time Zone.”
      5. Sync your device to your preferred time zone.

      Fitbit Flex: How to Set Time?

      The Fitbit Flex, with its wristband-style design, is a popular option among fitness aficionados. This function makes it especially handy for sleep monitoring. Despite its streamlined appearance, though, setting the right time on your Fitbit Flex takes a few additional steps.

      1. Open the Fitbit app or navigate to in your browser, depending on your device.
      2. Go to “Settings” and then “Personal Info.”
      3. Locate the “Time zone” option under “Advanced Settings” (or simply scroll down if using a computer).
      4. Select chosen time zone.
      5. Sync your device.

      Fitbit Charge 2: How to Setthe Time

      To show the proper time on your tracker, use your Fitbit app to complete the following:

      1. In your Fitbit app, go to “Settings” and then “Advanced Settings.”
      2. Tap the “Account” tab.
      3. Sync your tracker by tapping its name and then selecting “Sync Now.”

      If the steps above fail to set the time, try this instead:

      1. Log out of your Fitbit app.
      2. Force quit the app.
      3. Restart your tracker.
      4. Turn off Bluetooth on both your device and the tracker.
      5. After 1-2 minutes, turn your device off and on again.
      6. Turn on Bluetooth on both your device and the tracker, then return to your app.

      Additional FAQs

      How Do I Change the Clock Face on My Fitbit?

      If your Fitbit Blaze displays a “Clock Error,” you may need to change your clock face. To make the adjustment, follow these steps:

      1. Open the Fitbit app on your preferred device and choose “Today.”

      2. Select your profile picture then your device image.

      3. Tap “Clock Faces,” then “All Clocks.”

      4. Look through the various clock faces and choose one to install.

      5. Sync your device to see the change.

      A Final (Fit)Bit of Information

      Many individuals claim that wearing a Fitbit has improved their general well-being. This is not surprising given that they were designed expressly to track people’s progress as they begin on a path of health and fitness.

      This causes difficulties such as temporal glitching to directly disrupt your mojo. However, as long as you have access to a smartphone or computer, you should be able to resolve the issue quickly.

      We hope that this post has made the procedure a bit less time-consuming (pardon the pun).

      Have you have any difficulties setting up time on your Fitbit? Was it simple to solve? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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