On Android, how do you block calls from private numbers?

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On Android, how do you block calls from private numbers?

Calls from private numbers have always been a source of concern for those who answer their phones. Since the advent of caller ID, receivers have often attempted to avoid these sorts of calls since they are either spam, harassment, or plain irritating. Modern mobile phones, thankfully, make it simple to ban private calls.

How To Block Calls from Private Numbers on Android

You can ban calls from private numbers if you have an Android phone. This tutorial will demonstrate how.

How to Block Calls From Private Numbers

Previously, receivers of private calls had no choice except to answer or refuse the warnings. Fortunately, engineers devised a method for mobile phone customers to permanently stop bothersome calls by employing call blocking tools.

Here’s how to block calls from private numbers in Android:

That’s all it takes to get rid of those pesky anonymous phone calls. Keep in mind that the procedures above differ based on the brand of your phone and the Android version you’re using.

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How Does Call Blocking Work?

When you activate call blocking, your phone will not ring if a blocked number is identified. Whether you block individual phone numbers or perform the actions outlined above to prohibit all private and unknown calls, you will get no notifications that the caller is trying to contact you. You will also not get SMS from the numbers.

Of course, the caller may still leave voicemail messages, so if you check your voicemails, you won’t miss any essential information.

Private number blocking isn’t ideal. Friends and relatives who use withheld numbers will also be prohibited since the setting is a blanket ban on all private numbers. This is due to the fact that blocking occurs on the smartphone rather than the network.

Keep in mind that some of your friends and family may have secret numbers, so notify them that your phone will not receive such calls since the blocking tool cannot distinguish between friend and foe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more responses to your commonly asked questions.

How do I block texts from private numbers?

Fortunately, the preceding actions disable all messages from private and unknown phones. Text-based communications are included. To halt SMS messages from private numbers, no more procedures are required.

Can I use third-party applications to block private callers?

Yes! Our techniques may not work if you are using an earlier version of Android. Fortunately, the Google Play Store is brimming with useful applications for detecting and blocking private calls. Hiya and Truecaller are two more popular applications.

If you opt to use a third-party app to manage your phone’s calls, bear in mind that the app will require authorization to override the native dialer app. This implies that you should check the reviews before downloading to guarantee that the program is trustworthy and reputable.

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There’s an app for that

Many applications claim to be able to reject calls and perform other caller identification activities. Because both Android and iPhone feature built-in call rejection, they are of different utility. If unknown call blocking isn’t working for you, try out this page on the Google Play Store.

It contains a list of applications with a variety of capabilities, such as banning private calls, unknown callers, spam SMS, and more. If the built-in features aren’t cutting it, one of these could.

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