[July 2022] How to Hard Reset Apple AirPods

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[July 2022] How to Hard Reset Apple AirPods
[July 2022] How to Hard Reset Apple AirPods

AirPods have a large following due to its simplicity of use, extended battery life, and auto-connection function. The earphones are compatible with other Apple devices, making them ideal for users who are already involved in the Apple ecosystem.

Of course, AirPods may have issues. If you have a new phone that is creating problems with your AirPods, or if they are acting up for no apparent reason, you may need to reset your AirPods to get them back in working order.

The AirPods’ basic design, on the other hand, may make debugging tough. How are you expected to reset your AirPods if there are no visible buttons or switches?

Here’s how to factory reset Apple AirPods and decipher the illumination codes to see whether a reset is required.

How to Hard Reset Apple AirPods

If you’re encountering problems with your AirPods, doing a factory reset will usually resolve the issue.

Many frequent problems may be quickly resolved by resetting the AirPods. The method, most notably, resolves battery-related issues or irregular audio transmission, such as when only one AirPod produces sound. Resetting the AirPods may potentially help with connection problems.

These instructions apply to both earlier generation devices and the Airpods Pro when utilizing a wireless case. The first and second generation Airpods came with a regular USB charging case, but you could upgrade to a wireless version that utilizes Qi-enabled charging. However, device compatibility with different AirPods versions varies, which might be your issue as well. Before diving into more detailed troubleshooting, be sure to verify iOS version compatibility.

How to Hard Reset Your Apple Airpods

To hard reset your Apple AirPods, do the following:

Please keep in mind that doing so will disconnect your AirPods from all connected devices. To utilize them, you must go through the setup process one again. Wait for the light to flash white again. This is your cue to try to restore one or more connections.

In many circumstances, following the procedures outlined above will enough to address any troubles you’re encountering with your AirPods. If not, keep reading for more troubleshooting advice.

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How to Hard Reset Airpods Max

Another year came a new AirPods model. If you have the Airpods Max, you may reset them by following these steps:

  1. Charge your AirPods Max; they’ll need some juice to get through the next few stages.
  2. Pair them again with your Apple smartphone.
  3. What Does the Light on the AirPods Charging Case Mean?

    Apple AirPods Gen 1 and 2 feature the status light at the top of the earbuds compartment, underneath the lid, when using the included wired charging case.
    The LED is on the outside front of the case for wireless charging case upgrades. AirPods Pro comes with the wireless case by default.

    Regardless of your arrangement, unique combinations of lights may signal a variety of concerns based on where your AirPods are at the moment.

    Before beginning a reset, it’s critical to understand what faults are indicated by the various lights.

    Battery Status

    First, the LED status indicator indicates how much power remains in your AirPods.

    If you see a green light when the AirPods are in their case, it implies there is adequate battery life remaining in the AirPods for everyday usage. If you see a green light but do not have your AirPods in the case, the case still has at least one charge left.

    While there is no battery life % shown, these status lights provide a decent indicator of how much battery life remains in your AirPods and charging case. If you’re curious about the percentage of the AirPods case or the pods, open the case and look at your iPhone.

    The AirPods Connection

    Is the amber light flashing?

    An amber light that flashes signals a pairing issue with one or more of your devices. You may need to disconnect and reconnect by resetting the AirPods. The AirPods are ready to connect to your Apple devices when a white flashing light appears.

    If there is no light in the case and your AirPods are inside, this indicates that the case’s battery has been entirely exhausted and requires recharging.

    Other AirPods Troubleshooting Tips

    The lights aren’t the only method to figure out what’s wrong with your AirPods.

    View Battery Percentage to Ensure Proper Performance

    If you open the case near a connected iOS device, you may push the button on the case’s rear to open a battery status readout display on your iPhone. This action displays the amount of battery life remaining. You can do this if your lights aren’t operating properly, if you’ve forgotten what each sequence means, or if you heard the power off sound.

    Fix Muffled Sound

    If your AirPods are muffled, the first thing to check is if they are clean. Remove any ear wax, dust, or other debris before testing again.

    Alternatively, before bothering to reset the AirPods, test them on multiple devices. The audio settings of the device might sometimes have an effect on the output.

    Change Your AirPods Name to Fix Connectivity Issues

    You may always modify the name of your AirPods to aid with connection, depending on your situation.

    1. With the AirPods still in place, open your AirPods case, go to the Bluetooth settings on the Apple Device it’s attached to, and then hit the I (information) symbol with a circle around it.
    2. Change the name of your AirPods and reconnect to a new device.

    Try Connecting to Other Devices

    To rule out device-specific difficulties, connect your AirPods to another device. If your older iPhone model does not function with your AirPods but your Mac does, the problem is most likely with the iPhone rather than the AirPods.

    Try Cleaning the Charging Connections

    Last but not least, a reset may not resolve your AirPods’ charging difficulties. You might try cleaning them and making sure the connections function properly. However, failure to recharge is typically a hardware problem that needs expert assistance.

    Try Replacing Your AirPods

    If you can’t resolve your difficulties with a hard reset or any of these other troubleshooting procedures, your AirPods may have hardware faults that are unfixable. In this scenario, your best bet is to replace them with a new set or to inquire about warranty possibilities with Apple.

    You may schedule a repair or assistance appointment at your nearby Apple Store. It may interest you to know that the firm sells a single AirPod or the case.

    When compared to the cost of a total AirPods replacement, the pricing for just one component aren’t that awful, particularly if you’re wedded to your current device.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    AirPods from Apple are a wonderful accessory for every user. If you still have questions, we’ve put the answers in this area.

    Do I need to reset my AirPods to sell them?

    AirPods, unlike other Apple gadgets, are not directly connected to your iCloud account and do not save any personal information. As a result, you do not need to do a reset before giving or selling your AirPods.

    The new owner may just connect your AirPods to their iPhone and go. Of course, you should delete them from your iPhone’s Bluetooth list so you don’t mix them with a fresh pair.

    Can I pair my AirPods if one of the buds is missing?

    Before you reset your AirPods, keep in mind that you won’t be able to re-pair them if one of the buds is missing. If you’ve misplaced or broken one of your AirPods, you may purchase a replacement from Apple or pick one up at your local Apple Store.

    A Final Thought

    Apple AirPods are very simple to use, particularly when used with other Apple gadgets. Troubleshooting and maintenance, on the other hand, might be difficult. Users must instead rely on internet instructions to assist them through these easy steps.

    Familiarize yourself with the light patterns and colors discussed in this article to identify the sort of problem you’re experiencing, and you’ll be able to solve the majority of problems on your own. As you may have discovered, resetting the AirPods does not solve all difficulties, but it may be a fast cure for certain frequent ones.

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