Is your Roku remote not working? Here are the Top Repairs.

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Is your Roku remote not working? Here are the Top Repairs.

It’s difficult to realize that there was a period when televisions didn’t have remote controllers. Today, nearly no electronic item can be purchased without a remote, and the Roku line of devices is no exception.

Roku Remote Not Working? Here are the Top Fixes

A Roku device is useless if you have to get up every time you want to change the station or traverse the menu. You can manage your Roku with your smartphone, but it lacks the one-button ease of the traditional remote. It might be inconvenient if your Roku control has stopped functioning.

This guide will lead you through many troubleshooting methods that will get your Roku remote working again. Let’s get this party started.

Use the Roku App to Control Your Roku Device

If you’re in a hurry and need to turn down the volume or turn on your Roku device, you may utilize the “Roku app” to accomplish it. Of course, you’ll learn how to repair your remote in the parts that follow, but for now, here’s how to handle your Roku device without it.

This section should have assisted you in controlling your television. Let us now discuss how to repair your Roku control.

Which Kind of Roku Remote Do I Have?

There are several Roku remotes available nowadays. It is much simpler to troubleshoot and solve problems if you know which remote you have.

There are standard infrared remotes that function similarly to ordinary TV remotes. These remote controls operate by sending coded pulses of infrared light to the receiver.

Because they link to the Roku device over the Wi-Fi network, WiFi-enabled remotes (sometimes referred to as “improved” remotes by Roku) may be turned in any direction and still operate.

Examine the back of your remote. Remove the battery cover and check for a button within or near the “Pairing” compartment. You have an Enhanced remote if it features a pairing button. Otherwise, it’s an infrared remote control.

Some troubleshooting approaches work on both remotes, while others are unique to each. Here’s how it works.

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Common Roku Remote Troubleshooting Techniques

These pointers will assist you in narrowing down the problem on both infrared and improved remotes (Wi-Fi.)

  1. Restart the Roku box or unplug the streaming stick from your television. Allow a minute, reconnect, and then retest.
  2. Remove the batteries from the remote, wait a second, then reinstall and retest.
  3. Replace the remote control’s batteries and retest the device.
  4. If your Roku model is directly plugged into the HDMI port, consider removing it and replacing it. Retest.
  5. If your Roku model plugs directly into the HDMI port, consider connecting it to the TV through an extension cable rather than directly.
  6. Roku Remote

    Techniques for Standard Infrared Roku Remotes

    The regular Roku remote sends signals to the device through an infrared beam. If the above steps did not work, try the following:

    1. Press a few buttons on the remote to control the Roku box. While doing so, keep an eye on the device’s front. If the device’s status light flashes, the problem is most likely with the box. If the status light does not flash, the fault is most likely with the remote.
    2. Check the distance between the remote and the box. In order to work, infrared transmissions must have an unobstructed line of sight.
    3. Position the Roku remote in front of the box and push a button. If the batteries are low but not completely depleted, the power of the beam may be sufficient to reach the gadget. If it works, replace the batteries.
    4. If the remote isn’t functioning, try using the mobile app.

    If the box does not see the remote signal but the mobile app works, you have a broken remote. If you can borrow a remote for the time being, do so, but replace it as soon as possible.

    If the box detects the signal and flashes the status light, there is a problem. If this is the case, I would recommend performing a factory reset on the Roku device. This is a last resort, but if the remote is working and the box isn’t responding, it may be your only option. This is particularly true if the device does not respond to the mobile app.

    Techniques for Enhanced Roku Remotes

    Because the Enhanced Roku remote uses Wi-Fi rather than infrared, troubleshooting is a little more involved. Attempt the following steps:

    1. Remove the batteries from the remote, switch off the Roku, wait a second or two, and then power up the Roku again. Replace the batteries in the remote once the Home screen shows. Hold down the “Pairing” button on the remote or in the battery compartment until the “pairing light” flashes. Wait around 30 seconds for everything to sync up before retesting.
    2. Reconnect the device to the mobile app. The Enhanced Roku remote may sometimes lose its pairing and cease operating. If this occurs, launch the “Roku Controller App” and go to the “Roku Settings” menu. Choose to pair a new remote and repeat the re-pairing procedure described above. This operation allows the box to be used with the remote again.

    If the box only responds to the Roku Controller App and not the Enhanced Roku remote, and you’ve gone through all of the troubleshooting steps in this guide, you might need a new remote. Retry the steps several times to ensure that the problem is with the remote. If you have a friend who has a Roku, try temporarily swapping remotes to test functionality.

    Additional Tips for Repairing Your Remote

    Here are a few more quick fixes for your Roku remote problem.

    • Drain the power from your Roku control. Remove the batteries, then press and hold any remote button for 10-30 seconds before reinserting the batteries and testing the remote. A short may develop in electronics due to abnormal charge accumulation in components.
    • Your remote’s problem might be hardware-related, such as a corroded connection on the circuit board. If you’re technically minded, disassemble the remote and inspect it for corrosion, burn marks, or other signs of a problem. If you notice corrosion, such as from moisture, carefully wipe away the dirt with a toothbrush and rubbing alcohol before reassembling the remote after it has dried for at least 30 seconds. Please keep in mind that doing so may invalidate any warranty you may have on the remote.

    Except for using the Roku app or device menu, the techniques for troubleshooting and repairing a Roku remote are pretty standard for all remotes. Begin by checking for faulty batteries or signal interference between the remote’s IR transmitter and the TV’s receiver, then proceed from there.

    Do you have any other Roku remote troubleshooting advice? Tell us about them in the comments!

    FAQs: Roku Remote Not Working

    Where can I buy a replacement remote?

    Fortunately, Roku replacement remotes are widely available. If you need one today, most big-box stores, such as Walmart and Target, have them. You can also get them from Amazon or the Roku website.

    Can I upgrade my Roku remote?

    Yes! If you have an older Roku version and want voice control on your Roku remote, you can upgrade the remote without upgrading the box. Remember that some remotes are incompatible with much older Roku devices, so double-check compatibility before purchasing.

    What batteries does a Roku remote use?

    Most Roku remotes are powered by two AAA or AA batteries. The correct battery requirements are printed on the back of the remote.

    Is my remote covered under warranty?

    Yes! The remote, like the Roku device, comes with a one-year warranty. The Roku website has everything you need to file a warranty claim, but it takes time.

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