In Stardew Valley, How to Get Married

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In Stardew Valley, How to Get Married

Stardew Valley is a game full of intriguing elements, one of the most thrilling of which is marriage. It is accessible from the start, and you may even have a wedding during your first year in Pelican Town. There are also many partners to pick from, and being married has some substantial advantages.

How to Get Married in Stardew Valley

What do you need to do to get married in Stardew Valley?

The procedure isn’t difficult, but it does need a number of achievements, objects, and funds. Let’s go through everything you need to do to be married in Stardew Valley.

How to Get Married in Co-Op in Stardew Valley

In the co-op mode of Stardew Valley, you may marry your friends and other people.

Now let’s see how you can marry Stardew Valley NPCs.

There are various partners to pick from, but each one necessitates that you develop a bond with them. Regular discussions, birthday presents, quests, and gifts given twice a week are all examples of relationship-building activities. You may also watch a movie with them after a certain point.

All of these acts gain you the heart of your targeted partner’s friendship. To marry each NPC, you’ll need ten of them.

The amount of hearts you may receive through the actions listed above is restricted to eight. When you achieve this level, you must present them with a bouquet, update your farmhouse, and obtain access to the Tide Pool at the Beach.

You may ask your NPC to marry you after you have 10 hearts with them. Here’s how to go about it:

If your marriage isn’t working out, you can always divorce. To file for one, head to the Mayor’s Manor and look for a tiny book with the option to divorce your spouse.

You will be able to rescind your choice within one day after filing. If you do not cancel, your spouse, room, and special outside space will be gone the next day. Your friendship levels will be reset to zero, and the other player’s name will be prefixed with “ex.”

If you have children, they will stay at the farmhouse after the divorce.

Consider your options carefully before filing for divorce. It will drive your ex to return to their previous house and engage negatively with you, reminding you of why your marriage collapsed. They will also refuse your presents, which might be a major roadblock if you wish to remarry them.

The good news is that you can visit the Witch’s Hut for 30,000 gold and have your ex’s memories erased. As a consequence, your ex-spouse will have no recollection of your prior marriage, allowing you to date and remarry them. You may also use a Prismatic Shard to transform your previous marriage’s children into doves. It removes them from the game forever, although you can have new children with other partners.

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How to Get Married to Abigail in Stardew Valley

In the game, you may marry one of the NPCs named Abigail. She isn’t as easy to woo as Sebastian, but she is much easier to woo than most other characters. As previously stated, you must utilize certain presents in order to unlock the marriage option and propose to an NPC. Abigail is fond of the following items:

Quartz is another popular present for females. Fortunately, it’s simple to locate, making it much easier to form a connection with Abigail. The element may be obtained via recycling rubbish, searching trash cans, and mining.

When you’ve reached eight hearts of friendship, gift her with a bouquet and a Mermaid Pendant, and then propose to her.

How to Get Married to Haley in Stardew Valley

You should have no trouble connecting with Haley, just like Abigail did. You must first obtain entrance to the Calico Desert. Otherwise, it may be somewhat laborious. Her favorite gifts include the following:

Aside from these goods, you should save every daffodil you come across for Haley. It may hasten your journey and help you gain eight relationship hearts more quickly.

Once you’ve fixed the bus and arrived at the Calico Desert, you may also speed up the relationship process. The location is ideal for locating one of her favorite gifts – coconuts. Once you’ve collected eight hearts, go with the same proposal procedure as with any other NPC.

How to Get Married in Winter in Stardew Valley

Winter weddings are possible in Stardew Valley, as are other seasons. However, since it does not rain in the city at this time of year, you will be unable to acquire the Mermaid’s Pendant. As a result, you’ll have to purchase it at a later date.

Another alternative is to use a Rain Totem. It’s a handcrafted object constructed of one Hardwood, one Truffle Oil, and five Pine Tar that encourages rain for the next day. When you reach Foraging Level Nine, you will be able to unlock the recipe for the item (one level away from the threshold). If you pursue this method, keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of foraging experience to earn the item.

Cutting down trees with your Axe is the quickest method to level up your Foraging talent. Each tree gives you 12 experience points, and clearing tree-cut stumps grants you one more.

Picking up foraged goods from the ground is another successful way, awarding you seven XP. In addition, clearing Large Logs and Large Stumps grants you 25 experience points. To achieve this, you’ll need a Steel Axe and a Copper Axe.

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If you don’t enjoy foraging, you may try your luck in the Skull Caverns’ treasure chambers. They will sometimes generate one to three Rain Totems.

You may now conjure rain after acquiring a Rain Totem. Simply choose the item from your inventory and right-click immediately atop your character. It will bring rain, enabling you to purchase the Mermaid’s Pendant in the winter.

Remember that the Totem will not alter the weather on the opening day of a season or event. If you use it in the winter when it’s snowing, it will result in both snow and rain. In addition, if you activate the item on a stormy day, it will cause a storm.

Additional FAQs

Is there a benefit to getting married in Stardew Valley?

There are several benefits accompanying your marriage.

After you marry in Stardew Valley, your spouse will move into your farm and begin following their new schedule. They will also take over the space above your shipment box, where they will pursue their interests prior to the marriage. In addition, they will modify one of your house’s rooms to their liking.

In Stardew Valley, having a spouse may make your life a lot simpler. They are quite likely to accomplish some of your responsibilities, such as fixing fences, feeding cattle, and watering crops. They may also provide you with food and other stuff.

How do you get married fast in Stardew Valley?

There is no way to avoid developing connections with NPCs in order to marry them sooner. Some characters, however, may be available for marriage sooner than others. Maru is the NPC that allows you to marry the quickest. Once you begin your game, you will be able to marry her on July 13th, three days after her birthday. The majority of your labor will consist of chatting to her and delivering her favorite presents. You have a number of options:

• Battery Pack

• Cauliflower

• Cheese Cauliflower

• Gold Bar

• Diamond

• Iridium Bar

• Pepper Poppers

• Miner’s Treat

• Radioactive bar

• Strawberry

• Rhubarb Pie

Talk to her as much as you can before the Flower Dance, and bring her regular presents. This event takes place on the 24th of each spring and awards you a lot of points with your dancing partner. As a result, be sure you choose Maru.

When the Flower Dance is finished, keep giving her presents and conversing with her. These activities will swiftly get you to eight hearts, allowing you to purchase her a bouquet. If all goes well, you should be able to offer her the Mermaid’s Pendant and ask her to marry you before the 13th of Summer.

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Who is the best character to marry in Stardew Valley?

Penny is often regarded as the greatest character to marry in Stardew Valley. She may not seem to be much, and she may appear gloomy or preoccupied with her profession, yet she has a heart of gold. She also assists Pelican Town children with their schooling, which makes her extremely virtuous and willing to serve.

Penny may be seen near the Museum, educating neighborhood children. Alternatively, she often sits on a seat in the town square. She enjoys foraging for various objects, but her favorite presents, such as Melon and Diamond, are pricey.

That being said, one of her favorite dishes is Roots Platter, which can be readily created in your first year using Winter Root and Cave Carrot. When you marry her, she will shower you with precious presents such as geodes containing minerals, artifacts, ores, basic resources, and mixed seeds. Overall, she’s a fantastic, well-rounded marital partner.

Many players want to marry Haley. Her appearance may seem icy, but many users like characters with layers, and Haley has a lot of them.

When you first arrive in the Valley, Haley gives a hazy sense of being indifferent but courteous. However, when you contact with her more, you grow acquainted with her humorous and kind side.

Most people’s lists of potential wives include Penny and Haley, but another name that often appears is Sam. He’s kind from the start of the game and provides fantastic presents as a spouse, such as Earth Crystals and Geodes. He like Joja Cola, which may be obtained by fishing or searching through garbage and vending machines.

It’s Time to Take the Plunge

Stardew Valley is brimming with exciting experiences that will get your heart racing. It does, however, enable you to settle down with your love. Whether you marry another person or an NPC, you will no longer be alone in your house. You’ll have someone eager to help you with housework, bring you meals, and care about your happiness.

How many weddings have you attended in Stardew Valley? Which NPC do you want to marry? How long was your most recent marriage? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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