In Discord, how do you cross out or strike through text?

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In Discord, how do you cross out or strike through text?

Discord has grown to become the world’s top online chat server, enabling gamers, business people, social organizations, and almost any other group of people to participate in online voice and text chat. Discord operates on a server paradigm, allowing each group to create their own small universe with their own set of rules, bots to add flavor, member communities, and much, much more.

How To Cross Out or Strike Through Text in Discord

Although the service is primarily focused on audio communication to enable gamers to coordinate their online play, the chat element of the service is as robust and feature-rich. As a consequence, Discord has grown in popularity across a broad spectrum of groups outside of gaming.

However, since Discord has so many features and possibilities, it might take some time to learn how to use the site. In this post, I’ll teach you how to use Discord’s support for the Markdown Text formatting system to add formatting to your text conversations.

Understanding Markdown Text

Discord’s formatting method is “Markdown Text,” a markup language that employs plain text for formatting. It essentially turns plain text into HTML, which is subsequently displayed in a browser.

It enables users to just input conventional text plus the formatting codes (which aren’t hard or long), resulting in a broad range of visual effects with no effort on the part of the person composing the message. This includes the ability to bold, underline, and apply other similar effects to text.

Perl, a popular internet programming language, is used to create Markdown. The primary concept behind Markdown is that it is simpler to use than HTML while creating the same aesthetic effects and does not need the usage of opening and closing tags.

There are many Markdown choices, and we will go through each of the fundamental things you can accomplish with this essential text tool. The underlying idea behind all of these formatting codes is straightforward: place a specific character or characters both before and after the text you wish to alter. Putting it before activates the effect, while putting it after disables it. You enter the codes right into the Discord chat window, and the output that everyone else (and you) sees is the altered text.

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Other prominent websites, such as Reddit, employ Markdown to enable users to readily alter their content without needing to learn HTML.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at how you can utilize Markdown to generate some popular text effects in Discord.

How to Use Markdowns

To correctly utilize markdowns, you must understand that the characters must be placed in front of and after the text. For example, if you’re attempting to build a markdown document, you must utilize the correct number of keys. If you do not follow the acceptable procedures, you will get something like this:

If you’re a new user, the picture above makes no sense and should not appear like that at all. Continue reading to see an example of a successful markdown in Discord.

Creating Strikethrough Text

A double ” tilde character is used to strikethrough. (On most keyboards, the tilde is situated to the left of the ‘1’ key.)


Creating Bold Text

Putting two asterisks ‘**’ before and after the text makes it bold. Example:

Creating Italicized Text

To make italics, add one asterisk to each side of the text you wish to emphasize. Example:

Creating Underlined Text

You add two ‘_’ underscore characters for underlining. Example:

Combining Text Effects

Effects may also be combined simply by mixing the codes. Three asterisks will result in bold and italicized text. Example:

Combining several codes may become quite complicated (and stupid). Markup is unconcerned. Markup does not pass judgment. Markup just produces what you instruct it to display. Example:

Inserting Spoiler Tags

In Avengers: Endgame, they successfully reverse the “Snap.” If you’re upset with me for telling you that, you should get over it; the movie was released months ago. But if you wanted to say it the next day on Discord, you’d have to filter it to prevent spoiling the movie for everyone in your Discord channel.

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You may use a spoiler tag to enter this message while giving people the choice not to view it. Discord will conceal the text between the double pipes if you use two ‘|’ pipe characters. Example:

Notice how the spoiler is blacked out in the visible text? The secret is exposed when a user clicks on the dark area. You may write any spoilers you want, and only those who wish to read them will do so. It’s their responsibility if they wind up ruining things for themselves at that point.

(Once again, it has been months.) Let it go. Luke’s biological father is also Darth Vader, and Batman is Bruce Wayne. Okay, that last one was obvious).

For those who are unaware, the bar is located on the backslash key on most keyboards. To acquire the “|,” use Shift+.

Inserting Empty Lines

If you’re composing a lengthy remark (say, a furious rant about how it’s improper and terrible to announce that Black Widow dies in Endgame) and want to break it up into paragraphs, use Shift + Enter to insert an empty line anywhere in your comment. (Note that Shift + Enter does not appear in the raw text window, but it performs the same function as it does in the output window.)


Using Code Blocks

While there is no functionality in Markup that allows you to cite another user, there is a semi-workaround utilizing the Code Block feature. You may highlight code in the text using the Code Block functionality. While this is not an exact quotation, it enables you to create language that sticks out aesthetically (because it is a different font).

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The grave accent “‘ character, situated to the left of the 1 on most keyboards, may be used to produce a one-line code block. Text wrapped in the grave character will display differently in the chat text.


You may also use three grave accents at the beginning and end of the text to construct multi-line code blocks.

For example:

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Discord functionalities might be confusing to novice users. Continue reading for more useful Discord information.

Can you strike through a text you’ve already sent?

Yes. Hovering over the text will reveal a pin symbol with the word ‘Edit.’ Select that option and insert your u0022u0022 before and after the text. When you click the little ‘Save’ button right under the text, a line will appear through it.

Can I strike through someone else’s message?

No. Even as the server owner, you cannot change someone else’s message. If you don’t like the message, you may respond with an emoji or erase it by clicking the three vertical dots next to it.

Final Thoughts

You can create a variety of helpful text effects in Discord by knowing how to use Markdown. Fortunately, Markdown is quite simple to understand.

Although Markup is strong, it is not all-powerful, and there are many things you cannot accomplish with it. However, this should allow you to liven up your text conversations a little. Do you have any additional ideas about how to use Markup in Discord? Please share them with us in the comments section!

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