iMessage Answers to Common Questions – Text Message

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iMessage Answers to Common Questions – Text Message

iMessage is a secure messaging program available only to Apple customers. It supports the exchange of SMS messages as well as secure iMessages.

iMessage Sent as Text Message - Answers to Common Questions

If you’re accustomed to receiving your texts as a blue iMessage with a “Delivered” badge, the message becoming green and displaying a “sent as a text message” badge may be perplexing. Don’t be concerned; this is a typical occurrence, and we’ll explain all you need to know about it. Furthermore, our FAQ section has some excellent information that we believe you will find valuable, so please continue reading.

iMessage Sent as Text Message – What Does it Mean?

There are many reasons why an iMessage might be sent as an SMS text message. Here are a few examples of the most prevalent.

The Recipient Isn’t Using iMessage

If communications are being sent to a single individual as text messages, the most likely explanation is that they are not using an Apple device. Only encrypted communications may be sent over iMessage to other Apple devices. So, if the receiver has an Android device, you’ll get a “sent as text message” confirmation, and the message will show in a green bubble rather than a blue bubble.

The same is true if the receiver has an Apple device but does not have iMessage activated.

Send as SMS Is Enabled

Check whether the “Send as SMS” option is enabled.

No or Limited Internet Connection Available

When you send an iMessage, Apple tries to route the message over an Internet connection via their servers. Wi-Fi or cellular data may be used to connect. If the connection is unstable or unavailable, the Message app will try to transmit the message through SMS.

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iMessage Sent as Text Message – Does It Mean You Are Blocked?

If no “Delivered” badge appears under your sent message, the recipient’s device may be turned off or they may be in an area with poor coverage. If there is still no change after some time, you may be barred.

Consider phoning them to confirm the problem. If any of the following occur, your phone number is most certainly banned.

An Unusual Message Is Received

There isn’t a conventional “you are banned” notification, so it’s tough to tell. However, you may get a message from their carrier that you haven’t heard before, which is often similar to the following.

  • “This number is temporarily unavailable.”
  • “The person you’re contacting is not taking calls at the moment.”
  • “The person you’re trying to reach is not accessible.”

If you attempt a few times over a few days and get the same message, you’ve been banned.

The Phone Only Rings Once

If your phone just rings once or never rings before going to voicemail, this is a clear indication that your number is banned. To confirm, call a couple more times over a few days to check whether the outcome is the same.

Busy or Fast Busy Signal

If you obtain a busy or fast signal before the call is dropped, you are definitely blocked. It’s possible that they’ve barred you via their cellular provider. Again, call many times over a few days to see if the same thing occurs.

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iMessage Sent as Text Message – Was it Delivered?

There are various reasons why your iMessages are being sent as SMS instead of iMessages. If you notice a “sent as text message” badge under a sent message, it might imply one of the following things.

  • The addressee does not have an Apple device.
  • The receiver has an Apple device, but iMessage is disabled.
  • iMessage is unable to connect to a reliable Internet connection.

The message has been sent, as shown by the “sent as text message” message. If a “Not Delivered” notice appears underneath it, it may indicate that they did not get it. Either their phone is turned off or they are not connected. After some time has passed, try resending the message.


Is the message delivered if iMessage says “sent as text message”?

Yes, unless a “Not Sent” label appears underneath it, this notification typically signifies that your text was successfully sent and delivered as an SMS message.

Why are some texts blue and some green?

The blue messages were delivered as an iMessage, which is only available amongst Apple users. A green message shows that it was delivered as an SMS text, which might be because there is no Internet connection or the receiver does not use iMessage.

What do the different iMessage message statuses mean?

The following are the typical iMessage message statuses and their meanings.

• “Sent.” This indicates that your message was delivered but has not yet been received by the intended recipient.

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• “It was delivered.” This indicates that your message was successfully sent to the other iMessage receiver.

• “Failure.” This indicates that your iMessage was unable to connect to the server, that there is no Internet access, or that some difficulty happened when sending.

• “Not Received.” This status indicates that the message was delivered but was not received by the recipient due to an iMessage or Internet connection issue.

How do I turn iMessage off?

Here’s how to enable or disable iMessage.

1. Open “Settings.”

2. Tap “Messages.”

3. Toggle the iMessage switch.

Green and Blue Bubbles

While you’re undoubtedly accustomed to seeing a blue bubble text backdrop on your sent messages, a green bubble with a “sent as a text message” badge may be jarring. This is just the iPhone notifying you that your message was delivered but not as an iMessage. When the receiver isn’t utilizing iMessage or there is little to no Internet connectivity, you’ll often see a green bubble.

Did you ever send your SMS message as a blue bubble? Let us know how it turned out in the comments area below.

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