How to View Your TikTok Watch History

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How to View Your TikTok Watch History

TikTok fans understand the agony of accidently pushing the incorrect button while viewing an interesting video on TikTok and losing it. In such cases, you’re undoubtedly wondering how to access your watch history and return to your video. Fortunately, there is a workable solution!

How to View Your Watch History in TikTok

This post will show you how to access your video history and what you can do to always keep your favorite videos available.

How to See Your Watch History in TikTok on the iPhone App

TikTok, unlike other social applications, lacks a “Watch History” feature. There is, however, a means to access your history. TikTok will send you your data file. This file includes TikTok account information such as your bio, comment history, followers list, login history, likes list, settings, and so on. It also includes a list of videos you’ve seen, known as the “Video Browsing History.”

Here’s how to get your TikTok data file so you can see your watch history:

  1. When the file is complete, click “Download.” You’ll be sent to your browser.
  2. Access your TikTok account. You may be prompted to confirm it.
  3. Choose “Download” in the new popup confirmation box.
  4. Using your normal file manager, the file downloads in zipped format. If you can’t open it on your iPhone (because to a lack of a zip app), you may move it to your PC and open it there.
  5. When you open the zip file, you’ll find a number of.txt files. Open the “Video Browsing History” folder.
  6. The file’s list includes the date, time, and a link to each video. To view any video on your browser, just copy/paste.
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Please keep in mind that your TikTok data file is accessible for up to four days. The file will then vanish, and you will need to issue another request.

How to See Your Watch History in TikTok on the Android App

The TikTok Android app is identical to the iOS version. To see your TikTok viewing history, you must first request it. This procedure might take up to 24 hours to complete.

Here’s how to see your TikTok history on Android by downloading your TikTok data:

  1. In the top-right corner, tap the “three lines.”
  2. You may find the file in “My Files” or “Files” after downloading it. If you can’t open it on your phone, send it to yourself over email or Wi-Fi LAN and access it on your computer.
  3. The zip file includes a number of text files. “Video Browsing History” should be selected. When you open it, you’ll find a list of all the videos you’ve seen, along with the date, time, and a link to each one. Copy and paste the URLs into your browser.
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How to View Your Watch History in TikTok on a PC

Downloading your TikTok data to a PC is most likely the most convenient method to examine your viewed history.

To download your TikTok data on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, and other platforms, follow the instructions below.

With millions of new videos uploaded every day, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s going on on TikTok. Although TikTok does not feature a “Watch History” option, there are a few methods to replay your favorite videos, particularly ones that you accidently lost while playing.

Additional FAQs

How do I find a video that I commented on?

TikTok, unlike Facebook, does not have an activity function, thus you cannot go directly to a previously commented video. However, there are still means for tracking that video (aside from the methods above).

When you leave a remark on someone’s TikTok video, others are likely to notice it and like or reply to it. Fortunately, you will be notified if this occurs. You may access the video to the right by tapping on the message button at the bottom of the TikTok app.

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However, if you did not get a notice, there is no easy way to return to that video. You may either search for it using the Discover tool, go to the profile of the person who uploaded it, or use the methods above to filter through your watch history.

Why isn’t my watch history showing up?

It’s possible you had internet connection problems. It’s also conceivable that TikTok was experiencing service problems at the time you viewed a video. Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed method to know.

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