How to View the History of Your YouTube Comments

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How to View the History of Your YouTube Comments

If you’re a frequent YouTube viewer, you may want to keep track of the comments you’ve left over time. You may wish to eliminate some and change others. This article is not about comments made by others on your channel, but rather about comments made by you on YouTube. So, how do you go about doing this?

Continue reading to find out how to access your YouTube comment history and receive advice on modifying or removing individual comments.

Why Would You Want to View Your Past YouTube Comments?

If you watch a lot of YouTube material, you’ve probably left hundreds, if not thousands, of comments on different channels. You may want to:

  • Remove any comments that you believe are no longer relevant in light of current events.
  • Remove any comments that you believe are insulting, rude, or inconsiderate to other users.
  • Correct any mistakes in your remarks.
  • Add fresh, more relevant information to a remark.
  • You may retrieve a remark and share it with people outside of YouTube.

In any event, finding your comments and editing or deleting them is simple. This article is once again referring to your own posted messages.

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It makes no difference what operating system you choose to handle your YouTube comments on a PC. Because modifications are made via any browser, the procedure is the same whether you use Windows, macOS, Linux, or another operating system. To edit comments on YouTube, follow these steps:

How to View/Edit/Delete Your YouTube Comment History on iOS

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you may use a browser or the iOS/iPhone YouTube app to conveniently monitor and manage your YouTube comments.

Managing YouTube Comments using iOS App

On iOS, follow these steps to erase all of your YouTube comments in one place:

  1. For YouTube comments, go to Google My Activity and login in if necessary.

Managing YouTube Comments using the iOS App

If you can’t locate a remark in your history, it’s possible that the channel owner erased it, or you just forgot about it. YouTube automated tools, as well as administrators, may be used to remove comments that violate the site’s regulations. If the channel owner removes a video, any remarks placed beneath it will be removed as well.

View/Edit/Delete Your YouTube Comment History on Android

Previously, you had to use a browser to check and modify your YouTube comment history, but now you can do it directly from the YouTube app! While YouTube does start a built-in Chrome browser throughout the process, you are still using the app.

As the preceding methods demonstrate, this approach is time-consuming, but it gets the job done! On Android, you may now edit or remove outdated YouTube comments.

Finally, YouTube engineers have made it possible to search through years of comments in a couple of seconds. This feature is called “History,” and it allows you to examine your previous comments as well as watched videos. That way, you may follow up on previous conversations or update your comments as needed. You may now read and manage your comments through the YouTube app.

View/Delete/Edit YouTube Comments FAQs

Can I bulk delete my YouTube comments?

Unfortunately, there is no way to erase comments in bulk on YouTube. If you wish to clear your whole comment history, you must do it one at a time.

Can I turn off comments on YouTube?

If you have your own YouTube channel, you may disable comments. Otherwise, there is no other choice.

How do I search My YouTube history?

When you arrive to your YouTube account’s “History” area, use the search box at the top to locate the watched video you’re searching for, or use it to discover seen videos connected to a certain subject.

Can I delete my YouTube comments on the YouTube app?

Unfortunately, you cannot erase your YouTube app comments. You must access your account with a browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

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