How to View an Android Phone’s Clipboard History

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How to View an Android Phone’s Clipboard History

Clipboards enable you to quickly access items copied and pasted into your texts, notes, and emails. While some Android phones allow you to view the clipboard history, others only show the most recently copied item.

How to View the Clipboard History on an Android Phone

Fortunately, there are several methods for viewing the clipboard history, even on Android phones that lack this feature.

The clipboard history can be viewed depending on the Android phone you’re using. Although Android devices use the same or similar operating systems (customized by manufacturers), they differ in a variety of ways, including the keyboard.

Clipboards are built into the majority of Android phones. Only a few, however, allow you to view its history.

Accessing the Clipboard History

Here’s how you can try to view your device’s clipboard history:

  1. To access numerous choices, tap and hold the screen.

Unfortunately, the majority of Android phones lack this capability. Instead, you can only paste the most recent item you’ve copied. There are still ways to view and manage the clipboard history, but they require the installation of third-party apps.

Use Third-Party Keyboard Apps to View Clipboard History

Despite the fact that all Android phones include built-in keyboards, many users prefer to install a third-party keyboard app. This occurs frequently because keyboard apps generally have more exciting features, such as clipboard managers.


Gboard, Google’s official keyboard, is one of the most popular keyboard apps. It’s dependable and simple to use. More than one billion downloads on the Play Store attest to its popularity. Gboard comes pre-installed on many newer Android phones.

Here’s how to use Gboard on your Android phone to set up and view your clipboard history:

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  1. Make sure Gboard is installed and configured as your default keyboard.

By pinning copied items, you can keep them forever in Gboard. Tap and hold the clip to keep it under Pinned in Gboard.

Remember that if you disable the clipboard manager, this feature will not work. Gboard will not save any of the items you’ve copied if it is turned off, and there will be no way to retrieve them.


SwiftKey is yet another excellent keyboard app with clipboard support. Here’s how to view the history and access the clipboard:

This app also allows you to pin specific items to prevent them from expiring. To the right of each one, click the pin icon to save it.

Other Apps

Clipboard managers are available in many other keyboard apps. Despite their differences in features, the majority of them have good clipboard options that give you more control over the items you’ve copied.

We recommend Chrooma and Ai.type, but many other options are available.

Use Clipboard Apps to View Your Clipboard History

Standalone clipboard apps are yet another useful way to view your clipboard history. Clipboard apps are an excellent option if you frequently copy and paste different content and are looking for a way to organize it.

Some clipboard apps provide more functionality than popular keyboard apps like Gboard. They enable you to categorize copied items, convert them to QR codes, translate them into different languages, and so on.


Clipper is one of the most popular clipboard managers available in the Google Play Store. It has a plethora of useful features that make clipboard management much easier to manage.

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Here’s how to view the clipboard history in Clipper:

Clipper is great because it automatically saves everything you copy and allows you to manually add your clippings. You can do this by clicking the plus sign in the lower-right corner and typing the clipping.

Furthermore, you can quickly access Clipper from your status bar, saving time when viewing your clipboard history. Clipper also allows you to pin frequently used items and categorize them.

Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Manager is another useful app that could make managing clipboards a breeze. It has over one million downloads on the Google Play Store, demonstrating its popularity.

Here’s how to use Clipboard Manager to view the clipboard history:

As soon as you install Clipboard Manager, it syncs with your Android phone. When you copy text from your phone, it appears in the app automatically. The app also allows you to manually manage the clipboard, i.e., add text.

You can also add favorite clipboards, create countless clipboard categories, use the search option for easier navigation, merge notes, and so on.

Clipboard Manager can be accessed directly from the status bar. You can use the Smart actions feature, which distinguishes this app from the competition. You can use this option to add new notes, perform a Google or Wikipedia search, or translate different clipboard contents.

Other Clipboard Managing Apps

Other apps with impressive clipboard management features include Clip Stack and Clipboard Actions & Notes. They are both free.

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If you frequently use copy and paste features but don’t want to change your default keyboard, standalone clipboard apps are ideal.

Clipboard Tips

While clipboards make copying and pasting easier, many people make mistakes that compromise their privacy. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when using clipboard functions:

  • Clipboards should not be used to store sensitive information. Passwords, Social Security numbers, PINs, and credit card information should not be kept on your clipboards since they might get into the wrong hands. This is particularly true for third-party programs.
  • Before installing a third-party app, read the reviews. Use only trusted programs that have received great feedback from previous and present users.
  • When granting app permissions, use caution. Some programs may get access to your clipboards without your knowledge.
  • If you use an app that you can access straight from the status bar, pay attention to the information it displays.

Finally, clipboards are simple and useful tools that allow you to copy and paste items without having to type them over and over. You’ll wonder why you didn’t install one sooner once you’ve gotten used to it.

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