How to Use a Roku to Watch Twitch

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How to Use a Roku to Watch Twitch

Many families have Roku devices, which provide a convenient bundle for watching movies, TV, and other content. Twitch was one of the channels customers could add to their gadget, since the streaming network offers enough entertainment to last a lifetime. While this was previously allowed, Twitch removed the official app from Roku.

How to Watch Twitch on a Roku Device

There is, however, still hope. You may still view Twitch broadcasts and VODs on your Roku device using a variety of techniques. Please continue reading for more information.

Adding TWOKU

When the official Twitch channel for Roku was decommissioned, those who had never installed the original could no longer access it. TWOKU, on the other hand, is the next best thing for Roku users looking to add Twitch on their devices.

  1. Click Yes, add channel to confirm.

Now, you can add the channel to your device.

  1. After the device is updated, the TWOKU channel will appear at the bottom of your channel list on your home screen.
  2. Start watching Twitch streams.

TWOKU is not supported nor validated. Use at your own risk, since Roku has the right to block your device from running unofficial applications if it determines that you violated its terms and conditions while using TWOKU.

Remember that the channel does not have the finest user interface or get frequent updates, but it is the only option to the official Twitch channel.

Getting the Official Twitch Channel Back

If your Roku device previously had the official Twitch channel, you may still install it.

  1. Navigate to the account settings page on your Roku box and log in if necessary.
  2. Go to Add Channel.
  3. Type “twitchtv” in the box.
  4. Select Add channel.
  5. After the warning message appears, select OK.
  6. Connect your Roku device to the channel.
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From here, you’ll need to update your channel.

  1. Return after the device has been updated.
  2. The Twitch channel should be near the bottom of your list of channels.
  3. You can watch Twitch streams by logging in.

Fortunately, using the defunct official Twitch Roku channel is often safe.

Adding a Channel on a PC

If you don’t want to start the Roku box, you may use your PC instead. It will still work, and the processes aren’t too dissimilar.

  1. Click Yes, add channel to confirm your decision.

Regardless of the strategy, you should be protected from the Roku ban hammer. There’s no need for the firm to limit your device if you simply view streaming.

Watch Twitch on Roku by Screen Mirroring with an Android Device

Screen mirroring from an Android smartphone to a Roku box has long been supported, and the best thing is that there is no danger involved. While another device is required, you may view Twitch broadcasts without concern.

You’re nearly ready to mirror the screen after entering into your Twitch account.

  1. Allow your mobile device to cast video to your Roku device.

You may also give the gadget permanent access to transmit streams to the TV. This allows you to skip step 4.

It’s always a good idea to enable screen mirroring on your Roku. Here’s how it’s done:

This will enable other devices to connect to your Roku. Otherwise, the preceding stages will be difficult to complete.

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Watch Twitch on Roku by Screen Mirroring with a PC

A Roku box may be connected to your computer and controlled via the keyboard. After that, you may cast Twitch broadcasts from your browser to your TV.

We suggest that you first provide access to the computer in order to cast.

  1. Allow the PC to project Twitch streams onto the Roku box.
  2. If everything is in order, you should be able to watch Twitch on the big screen.

Sometimes the settings are incorrect, and the projection mode is changed. Here’s how to solve it:

  1. After that, the Twitch stream should be visible on the Roku box.

Unfortunately, Twitch discontinued its official Roku channel in 2019, thus customers must now rely on these ways if they want to view Twitch broadcasts on their video box.

It’s worth noting that not all Roku boxes offer screen mirroring. Some mobile devices also may not support Roku box casting. A list of examples may be found here.

By default, screen mirroring is also enabled. If it’s disabled, you may have already ticked this option.

Additional FAQs

Can I get the official Twitch Roku channel in 2022?

The channel was disabled in 2019, thus if you created your account after that date, you won’t be able to access it. However, Roku accounts who previously installed the program may use the code to reinstall it. It has a caution sign, but it should be safe to use.

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The processes for adding this channel are detailed in the preceding section.

Will Twitch be on Roku again?

It’s unlikely since Roku has cracked down on numerous unauthorized channels. The removal also occurred several years ago, and there are no indications that Twitch will attempt to reinstate the official app. Unfortunately, smart casting or AirPlay are the best options currently.

Can I use an iPhone to cast Twitch to Roku?

Any suitable Apple mobile device should be able to transmit a Twitch feed to a Roku box. The procedures are identical to those described above.

A Relic of the Past

While there are various ways to view Twitch broadcasts on your Roku device, many of them are being phased out. Casting may soon become the only method to watch your favorite streamer play video games. Despite this, Twitch can still be accessed through video box if you know how.

Which of the methods given above do you prefer? Do you have another method that isn’t included here? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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