How to Turn Off a Chromebook’s Touch Screen

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How to Turn Off a Chromebook’s Touch Screen

If you don’t require a laptop that can run demanding apps, Chromebooks are fantastic. Getting a Chromebook is a wonderful idea if you’re just interested in the browsing experience. However, certain aspects may become excessive.

A good example is the touchscreen. It’s adequate for casual surfing and provides an excellent blend of smartphone and laptop navigation. However, you may wish to disable your Chromebook’s touchscreen and touchpad at times. Fortunately, Google has thought about this and has made turning on/off the touch screen incredibly simple.

Here’s how to use the touchscreen and touchpad, as well as some additional touchpad hints.

Why Disable the Touchscreen?

A touchscreen on a laptop is fantastic. You can utilize the screen without using the touchpad while still typing using the keyboard. At times, you’ll want to point at the screen and nothing will happen. This is why Google provides the opportunity to toggle it on and off at will.

Why Disable the Touchpad?

Assume you utilize the touchscreen function instead of the touchpad. Perhaps you connected a normal mouse into your Chromebook. Every now and again, you’ll accidently touch the touchpad while typing, causing the cursor to move. Worse, you could accidentally click and commit an unwanted action.

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As a result, the touchpad function on Chromebooks may be easily switched on or off.

Disabling the Touchscreen/Touchpad

Chromebooks aren’t like ordinary laptop computers. They are less feature-rich than Windows devices and MacBooks. In reality, the majority of changes are made using the laptop’s Chrome browser. This may seem a bit unpleasant, but it contributes to the overall simplicity of the situation.

  1. Open the Chrome browser on your Chromebook to deactivate the touchscreen and/or touchpad.
  2. Then, in the address bar, write “chrome:/flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts.”
  3. Locate Debugging keyboard shortcuts on the following screen. It will almost certainly be emphasized.
  4. To activate this option, click Enable.
  5. Now, restart the device and deactivate the touchscreen capability by pressing Search + Shift + T.
  6. To turn off the touchpad, press Search + Shift + P.
  7. Extra Tips About Using the Touchpad

    Although it may not seem so, the Chromebook touchpad is more useful than a standard laptop touchpad. So, before you permanently disable the touchpad, have a look at these suggestions and try them out.

    • To click, tap, or push the touchpad’s bottom side.
    • Simply press/tap the touchpad with two fingers at the same time to conduct a right-click motion. Alternatively, hold down Alt and click/tap with one finger.
    • Place two fingers on the touchpad and slide them left/right to scroll horizontally or up/down to navigate vertically.
    • Swipe left with two fingers to return to the page you were on. To go ahead, swipe right using two fingers.
    • Swipe down or up with three fingers to view all open windows.
    • Hover your cursor over a tab and tap/click the touchpad with three fingers to shut it. Hover over a web link and tap/click the touchpad with three fingers to open it in a new tab. To move between several tabs, swipe left/right with three fingers.
    • Finally, to transfer an object from A to B, click and hold it with one finger. Then, move the object to its new spot.
    • Modify the settings in the Touchpad/Touchpad and mouse area to change how the touchpad functions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why isn’t the keyboard shortcut disabling the touch screen?

    If the Search + Shift + T command isn’t functioning, you’ll need to either activate the shortcut in Chrome, as indicated above, or enable the Search key if it was previously disabled.

    Turning Off the Touchscreen and Touchpad

    As you can see, turning off your Chromebook’s touchscreen and touchpad is simple. You only need to activate the Debugging keyboard shortcuts option. For a flawless surfing experience on your Chromebook, switch between touchpad and touchscreen and follow the instructions listed above.

    Was this tutorial helpful to you? Did you learn how to use your Chromebook’s touchscreen and touchpad? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. And don’t be hesitant to ask questions or provide further suggestions.

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