How to Tell if Someone on Facebook Has Blocked You

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How to Tell if Someone on Facebook Has Blocked You

Social media is an excellent tool for interacting with and meeting new people. It is possible that you or someone else will be ‘blocked’ by another user. This function is available to anybody for any purpose.

How To Tell if Someone Blocked you on Facebook

Facebook does not reveal who banned you in order to preserve users’ privacy or the sentiments of others. There are no notices that your account has been banned, nor is there a list of individuals who have blocked your account.

You may be wondering how to identify if someone has blocked you. This post will teach you how to find out whether someone has banned you on Facebook.

What is the Difference Between Blocked and Unfriended?

First and foremost, you must grasp the distinction between being blocked and being unfriended. You may still view another user’s profile, comments on mutual pages, and any public information they publish after they unfriend you. You may even extend another friend request to them.

However, if someone disables your account, you will not be able to read their profile or any comments, conversations, or changes. You are also unable to reach them in any way.

In summary, if you block someone, they virtually vanish from Facebook (at least for you). So, if you don’t see them on your Friends list but can still view them on the site, you were unfriended, not banned.

How to Know if Someone Has Blocked You On Facebook

Unfortunately, distinguishing between a banned account and a deactivated account may be difficult. Both are identical in that they are no longer visible on Facebook, you cannot communicate them, and you cannot see previous comments or likes.

While Facebook will not tell you whether you have been blocked, if the other person has deleted their account, or if their account has been banned, there are a few things you may do. Let’s get started straight now.

Did you get Blocked?Search for Their Facebook Profile to Confirm It

If a buddy has vanished from your Timeline or Friends list, you should first look for their profile using Facebook’s user search option. This isn’t infallible, but if you believe you’ve been blocked because of a recent argument or dispute, you may double-check that you weren’t instead unfriended. To do so, do the following steps:

If the profile does not display (and you have confirmed that you are looking for the correct name), the user may have banned your account.

Check Facebook Posts and Comments to See if You Got Blocked

If you were unfriended recently, you will still see your former friend’s activities on your wall. Have they ever left a message on your wall? Have they ever left a remark on one of your posts? What about messages from common friends? To rapidly search for certain posts, follow these steps:

  1. Their postings and comments will remain on your page. However, instead of showing as a clickable link, their name will appear as strong black letters; this might indicate that you have been banned.
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Use Messenger to Find Out if Someone has Blocked You on Facebook

Facebook Messenger can tell you whether or not someone has blocked you on Facebook. There are two effective methods for determining if you have been banned using Messenger.

Recruit Help from a Friend to Verify if You Got Blocked on Facebook

Request that a friend or family member access their Facebook account. This procedure works best with a neutral third party who they are unlikely to block. If the page shows, their profile is still active.

Finally, if you can’t view the profile but someone else can, the user has blocked you.

Be aware that anybody who bans you on Facebook must wait 48 hours after unblocking you before sending you messages, re-friending you, or seeing your profile, so be patient.

How to Contact a Facebook user that Blocked You

Sometimes a Facebook user may ban you for a specific reason and will not tell you why. That’s OK since it implies they have valid reasons. However, if they unintentionally blocked you or changed their mind months/years ago, they will very certainly reply to your message.

Create a new Facebook Account

You may contact the other user by creating a new Facebook page. Messages will be sent to the Message Request folder if they do not accept your friend request.

If you have been blocked by mistake, you may unblock yourself by following these steps:

  1. Make a new Facebook account with unique credentials, such as a new email address, username, and so on.
  2. Look for the exact person who may have unintentionally blocked you.
  3. To ask them, send a message using Messenger. Try to be courteous and avoid making them feel compelled to respond.

Remember that the preceding methods may irritate the user who blocked you to the point of reporting you, resulting in the reprimands listed in the paragraph below. Why? The other user recognizes you. They may simply report you to Facebook, which gets linked to your actual Facebook account.

Please keep in mind that the techniques outlined here violate Facebook’s Terms of Service (one personal account per user), so use them at your own risk. Potential consequences include banning/deleting your primary Facebook account, blacklisting you based on identifying information, losing commenting/posting ability for up to 30 days, and so on.

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Use a Friend of Friend’s Facebook Account to Send Messages

You may also message the receiver using another person’s Facebook account, although this is not always successful. This behavior gives the impression that you are desperate or aggressive to find out why they have blocked you. It also increases the likelihood of the “sender’s” account being banned by the user. Above all, it may irritate the person who blocked you, leading to negative consequences.

Log Out of Facebook, Then Search for the Facebook User as a Guest

This section was written only to notify you that your prospects of obtaining the information you want are limited. Furthermore, this strategy is only applicable to mobile phones.

You cannot be recognized if you log out of Facebook. You can quickly find the individual who blocked you on the social media giant. Of course, depending on their “Public” settings, information is limited, but you may still have a preview of their profile. This goal is to get contact information, such as a phone number or email address. You may text/email/message them if you already have the information, however they may have banned your phone number on Android/iOS.

  • If you are signed in from a browser, log out of “Facebook.” There is no need to exit the app.
  • Find their Facebook profile using a search engine. In the search box, type “Facebook [name],” substituting “[name]” with their full name.
  • Go to their Facebook profile by clicking the “search engine link.”
  • You’ll receive a preview of their profile page depending on what they’ve designated as “Public.”

Send an Email to the Blocker

Google and other search engines have enormous influence. Search for the individual who banned you and acquire an email address by following links to other social media platforms, yellow pages, search engine-indexed URLs such as a blogging account or a forum, and so on.

  1. Find information about the receiver who banned you using “Google Search” or another search engine.
  2. Obtain the required contact information, which is an email address.
  3. Use the email address you discovered to contact the addressee.
  4. Reference: How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

    If someone has blocked you, you may assist them by following the instructions below. Copy and paste the technique into your email or text message to decrease their work. Otherwise, they may believe it is not worth their effort to find out how to unblock you.

    Wait for a response from the blocker before assisting them in unblocking you. You don’t want to seem aggressive or desperate, or to offend the blocker. If the individual is interested in unblocking you, you may assist them by supplying them with these instructions.

    Keep in mind that doing this will need you to wait a brief period before blocking them again. If you unblock someone in order to look at their profile, they will be able to access yours as well until you block them again. See our post How To Unblock Someone On Facebook for more details.

    Facebook Blocking FAQs

    We depend on Facebook for many critical conversations. Here is some more information to assist you in dealing with being banned on Facebook.

    Can I block someone who blocked me?

    Absolutely! Perhaps another user beat you to it, and you don’t want them looking through your profile. You can, thankfully, still block someone who has blocked you. Here’s how it’s done:

    Here’s how to block someone who blocked you:

    1. Open Facebook’s Settings and tap on Blocking.

    2. Tap Edit next to Block Users.

    3. Tap Add to blocked list.

    4. Look for the person you want to block. Next to the user’s name, click Block.

    If the Facebook user who banned you unblocks you and attempts to visit your profile, they will be unable to do so.

    Can I send messages on Facebook Messenger to someone who blocked me?

    Yes. However, only in a group conversation. You can still send messages in a group chat if you were in it before the person barred you. The other user may access the chat, read your message, and react.

    To summarize, you may believe that someone has blocked you out of spite or anger, but this is not always the case. This article discussed how someone may vanish from your friend list merely because they unfriended you or were banned, as well as how someone can become unsearchable because they altered their privacy settings.

    If you have been banned online, there may be a legitimate reason for it, and it may be a wonderful opportunity to assess your own online actions. Whether you’re worried about an online acquaintance with someone, you may always ask them if their account has been disabled. Rather of fretting about it, the answer, or lack thereof, will inform you on what is truly going on.

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