How to Take Screenshots on an Android Device

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How to Take Screenshots on an Android Device

Perhaps you want to record a Zoom conference for future reference, or you want to capture an amusing video clip. If so, you should record the screen of your Android handset.

How to Record the Screen on an Android Device

Fortunately, it’s a rather simple procedure. This post will show you how to record your screen using the device itself and a few applications.

How to Record the Screen on an Android Device

The most recent Android smartphones (Android 10 and higher) have a screen recorder. If you have an older smartphone, you’ll need to utilize a third-party screen recording tool, which we’ll go into later.

When you record the screen on a newer Android device, you have the choice of recording it with or without sound. The following steps will teach you how:

These recordings will be saved in your media files or the default camera roll or gallery on your Android smartphone.

Note: If you can’t locate the Screen Record option in the menu, do the following to enable it:

Some models include a “Customize” icon in the bottom left corner of the menu. (The pencil-shaped symbol is seen here.) Drag the “Screen Recorder” icon to the top of the screen. It will now be available in the Quick Settings menu. Close this screen by tapping the tiny arrow.

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Recording Using AZ Screen Recorder

If your Android smartphone does not come with a Screen Recorder, there are many applications you can download to assist you achieve this.

One such program is AZ Screen Recorder. It’s worth noting that it’s free to download but includes in-app advertisements. For a nominal charge, you can upgrade to an ad-free edition. It also allows you to take screenshots and start live videos, among other things. The software works with Android 5.0 and higher. Here’s how to use it to capture your screen:

Recording Using XRecorder

If AZ Recorder isn’t to your taste, you may also try XRecorder. It provides comparable functions, but some users believe the UI to be more user-friendly. Download the app for free from Google Play, or pay a modest price to eliminate the in-app advertisements. Here’s how to record your screen using XRecorder:

You may also enable or disable audio and change the direction of the recording using the app’s settings. You can also snap screenshots using XRecorder.

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Recording Using Google Play Games

As a gamer, you may wish to capture your screen while playing a game and publish it to YouTube later. Google Play Games is a free software created just for this purpose. Although the app can only record in 420p or 720p, you may include any video shot by your front-facing camera. Here’s how to capture your Android screen using Google Play Games:

  1. Install Google Play Games from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are additional solutions to your screen recording questions on an Android phone.

    Where do my recordings save?

    Your final result is often located in your phone’s Gallery or Photo app, depending on your device’s settings and the technique you used to screen record. Most Android 10 or later devices feature a Screen Recordings folder. However, it may be found in screenshots or another folder.

    What is the difference between a screen recording and a screen shot?

    A screenshot is nothing more than a still picture. A screen recording is a video of your computer’s screen. While the former is useful for collecting photographs, recipes, websites, and so on, the latter is ideal for saving videos, creating tutorials, and so on.

    Recording Complete

    When you know the right procedures to take, recording the screen on your Android smartphone is quite simple. Whether you use a built-in app on a recent Android smartphone or a third-party software, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.

    The only thing you’ll have to worry about is whatever video you submit to YouTube!

    Have you ever recorded the screen of your Android device using a built-in or third-party app? Did you employ a method similar to those outlined in this guide? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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