How to Stop Text Messages From Email Addresses

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How to Stop Text Messages From Email Addresses

Unfortunately, SMS messages from weird email addresses with whom you’ve never communicated have become rather prevalent. Scammers often send text messages using email addresses in order to avoid mobile carrier rates for outbound communications.

How to Block Texts From Email Addresses

Fortunately, there are a few options for blocking SMS messages from scam email senders. You may, for example, make a temporary contact entry for them and subsequently block that contact.

If you want to know precisely how to accomplish this, this post will walk you through the steps for blocking SMS from email addresses on different devices. In addition, our FAQs include third-party applications and other methods for automatically blocking nuisance calls and messages.

How to Block Text Messages From Email Address on an Android Device

To prohibit an email address from sending text messages to your Android smartphone, first add it as a contact:

  1. Open the “Messages” app.
  2. Locate the text message and long-press it.
  3. Select “Add Contact” at the top.
  4. To confirm, tap “Add Contact” one more.
  5. Then click the “Create new contact” button.
  6. In the “Name” text area, provide a name for the contact.

To block the contact:

    How to Block Text Messages From Email Address on an iPhone

    To stop receiving text messages from an email address on your iPhone, first establish a contact entry for it:

    1. Open “Messages.”
    2. Locate and tap on the text message.
    3. Tap the right-pointing chevron next to the sender information at the top.
    4. Click “Info,” then give the contact a name.
    5. Tap “Done” to save.

    Then to block the new contact:

    1. Locate and tap the contact. It will be immediately added to your blocked list.

    How to Block Text Messages From Email Address With Verizon

    Log into your Verizon account and ban all emails from texting your phone number to see how to prevent a text message from an email address on your Verizon number. Here’s what you should do:

    1. To access the Verizon Spam Block page, click on this link. After that, sign in to your account.
    2. Click on Blocked Services.
    3. Choose Emails & Domains from the drop-down menu.
    4. Enter the email address or domain to be blocked. Verizon allows customers to ban up to 15 different domains.
    5. Select the Block all text messages sent from email option.

    You will no longer get SMS from email addresses. You may provide a domain (for example, However, since fraudsters sometimes use many domains, it’s preferable to ban them altogether unless you require email-to-text.

    How to Block Text Messages From Email Address With AT&T

    You may also contact AT&T to have all email-to-text options disabled. Dial 611 from your AT&T mobile phone and pick the Customer Care option.

    If you want to do everything online, AT&T enables you to ban text messages from persons or spambots’ email addresses sent to your AT&T phone. Here’s how to do it using their portal:

    1. Navigate to AT&T Messages and create a messaging account.
    2. After you’ve registered your account at and entered your registration code, log in to your account.
    3. The screen that follows will provide several “Blocking Options.” Check the boxes that say “Block all text communications sent to you as email” and “Block all multimedia messages sent to you as email.”

    Additional FAQs

    More questions about banning spammers on your smartphone? Here are the solutions.

    How do I report a spam text message?

    To report a chat as spam, first block the sender and then transfer the discussion to your Spam folder on an Android device:

    1. Open “Messages.”

    2. Tap and long-press the conversation you wish to report.

    3. Tap “Block,” “Report spam,” then “OK.”

    You may also start the discussion and then report it as spam by:

    1. Tapping on the three-dotted “More” menu icon.

    2. Click “Details,” then “Block and report spam,” “Report spam,” and “OK.”

    The communication will be forwarded to your “Spam and banned” folder when the contact is flagged as spam. You may report spam without banning the contact as well.

    To report spam or trash messages in the iPhone’s iMessage app, follow these steps:

    You have the option of reporting any messages that seem to be garbage or spam. If you get a text message from someone who is not in your Contacts, a “Report Junk” link will appear underneath the message:

    1. Tap on “Report Junk.”

    2. Tap on “Delete” and “Report Junk.”

    In addition to erasing the message from your device, this will submit the sender’s details to Apple. However, doing so will not prevent the same sender from sending you further messages. You must block the contact.

    Can I block emails to text on T-Mobile?

    Unfortunately, it seems that T-Mobile has yet to create a remedy for scam emails transmitted as text messages. While T-Mobile customers may contact customer care for further information, at the time of writing, it seems that the simplest approach to cease these communications is to follow the device-specific recommendations at the top of this page.

    Stop Unwanted Text Messages

    Receiving unsolicited text messages from unknown senders is similar to receiving spam mail. It may create unnecessary clutter, and you’re typically uninterested in what they’re giving.

    Fortunately, there are various ways for preventing unsolicited text messages, such as barring particular senders or downloading third-party programs to handle the issue automatically.

    What method(s) do you use to prevent unsolicited text messages? Have you seen a decrease in the quantity of unsolicited communications you receive? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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