How to Send an Anonymous Text Message

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How to Send an Anonymous Text Message

For whatever reason, you may need or want to send a text message to someone without your phone number appearing on the other end. In a world when privacy and anonymity are gradually eroding, knowing how to send a message to someone’s phone without revealing your identity might be useful.

The ability to send an anonymous text message is a modest privacy safeguard, but it may come in handy one day. This article will show you how to send a text message anonymously or semi-anonymously.

Anonymously Texting Someone

What is the process of anonymous texting? First, let’s go through how it generally works. Typically, SMS messages include the sender number, the destination number, and the message itself. This is done on purpose so that individual packets (depending on how lengthy your text is, it may take up one or more packets) may reach the target number and be reassembled into a coherent message. When the sending number is included with the packet, the sending carrier knows who to charge for the service.

After charging is triggered and transmitted to the destination, your sender number is removed from anonymous messaging. The phone provider will know you sent the text and charge you for it, but they will not give the receiver your phone number.

Apps and websites that utilize their SMS lines to transmit your message are another more basic solution to anonymous messages. For billing reasons, the platform often replaces your sending number with its own, but the service’s number is the one that is delivered to the destination.

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An app or a website are the two major options to send an anonymous text message. These services come and go, therefore these are the applications and websites that are presently operational in May of 2019.

Apps to Send an Anonymous Text

Apps allow you to do a lot more with your SMS. For example, you may utilize applications to route text messages to your email or modify the fonts and layouts of your texts. A few applications provide anonymous messaging as a core function or as an extra bonus. The majority of them will operate on both Android and iOS devices.

All of these programs are completely free to download and provide end-to-end encryption for maximum security. Let’s take a look at the applications we’ve investigated to help you decide which one is best for you.

Private Text Messaging & Calls

Private Text Messaging & Calls is only available for Android. It can handle SMS, calls, image/file sharing, and messages that self-destruct after a certain amount of time. It also offers a number of additional privacy-related features that are worth investigating.

In today’s world, privacy is in short supply. This program not only lets you send anonymous messages and make unknown phone calls, but it also has end-to-end encryption and a neat’shake to conceal’ message feature. This free software is a privacy-conscious individual’s ideal texting choice, regardless of what you use it for.


Signal is a secure messaging software that seems to be backed by Edward Snowden (the well-known and controversial leaker/whistleblower who revealed the NSA’s massive data-gathering program in 2013).

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Signal encrypts conversations and messages and allows you to securely exchange files and photographs. It may also hide your caller ID while calling or texting, which is useful if you want to send an anonymous text or contact someone in private.

Users may send anonymous messages to anybody who accepts sealed ones by using the Sealed Sender feature, which was launched in late 2018. (there is an option to turn this off in the settings).

It’s available for Windows,Android, and iOS.

Websites That Let You Send an Anonymous Text

If you don’t want to download an app, you may send anonymous messages using a few websites. Many limit the quantity of texts you may send each day but are otherwise trustworthy.

We tested each of these sites and found that they functioned quite well. The fundamental style and functionality of the websites are comparable, and the messages tested were sent within two minutes. Because they are free to use, keep in mind that message delivery is not assured.


TxtEmNow is a very slick website that allows you to send anonymous texts to any North American or international phone. You will need to scroll through the ads to find the options to send a message. The bright side is that you don’t have to sign-up or input any personal information to use this website to offset those annoying advertising adventures. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the page, Enter the number and a message, and hit Continue. The next page will ask you to confirm the details and send the message. Click on the confirmation, and your message is delivered.

Message transmission takes time, particularly if the website is heavily used. You may, fortunately, check the status by refreshing your computer browser.

Text ’em

Text ’em is extremely similar, albeit the website seems to be from the 1990s. Regardless, the website serves its purpose. Enter the phone number, carrier, and message. Complete the Captcha and agree to the Terms of Service before clicking Send Message. The site seems to include the majority of North American airlines, with a few overseas carriers thrown in for good measure.

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SendAnonymousSMS does exactly what it claims it does: it sends an anonymous message to any receiver in almost any country. The website is neat and simple to navigate. Fill in the sender number, country, delivery number, and message. The SMS will then be sent when you submit the Captcha code.

This one took a long time to arrive, and it’s unclear why you had to provide your phone number before sending it. It’s possible that this website is attempting to hunt down or remove criminal behavior. Nonetheless, the service is functional. is another simple-looking website that does the job. This site seems to only operate in the United States, but it does transmit the message as long as you use one of the permitted carriers. Enter the phone number, message header, and message, then choose the appropriate phone provider from the list. At the bottom, click Send Free Text Message, and delivery will take some time, but it will arrive.

That’s two fantastic applications and four websites where you can send anonymous messages for free. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, yet they are all successful.

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