How to Search Facebook Without a Facebook Account or Login

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How to Search Facebook Without a Facebook Account or Login

It may be difficult to discover content stored on Facebook if you decline to register an account or have an account that you cannot access at the present.

This article explains how to utilize Facebook’s built-in search features without logging in. Is it possible to discover a Facebook profile without creating an account? What if you wish to look for certain events or locations? Continue reading to discover out.

Facebook Directory

The most appropriate location to begin is

If you are not logged in, you must show that you are not a robot before proceeding. Following this fast security check, you will be able to access Facebook in three separate categories.

To urge individuals to sign in, Facebook made the procedure more difficult. You’ll have to wait for the security check every time you click on a category or a search result. This also occurs anytime you utilize the search bar.

Now let’s look at the three categories you can browse:


This page displays an alphabetical list of Facebook users.

Enter the name of the person you’re searching for into the search field on the right. The search results will be determined by the privacy settings of each individual user.

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Users on Facebook cannot completely opt out of searches. They may, however, remove their name from the Directory. They may also limit the amount of information you have access to.


This category includes verified celebrity profiles, restaurants, and other businesses. This is a fantastic place to start if you’re searching for a club or an NGO. You may also go through the companies that have Facebook pages.

Places Tab

This is where you may look for events, hotels, and companies. Places displays you which of your friends are nearby while you’re signed in. However, even if you do not have an account, searching this tab may take you to the information you need.

What About People Search?

Facebook Directory functions similarly to a phone book, and here is Facebook’s official search page where you may seek for the person you’re searching for.

You may utilize identifying information to locate a person using People Search. You may, for example, filter your search based on their location, employment, or school. To use People Search, you must first log in. If this is the way you choose, you may create a bogus Facebook account.

You Can Always Try Google

Why not simply Google it if Facebook’s Directory didn’t provide any results?

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Here is what you need to do:

  1. In the Search Bar, type

The same techniques apply to Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines.

Social Search Engines

Here’s another option that could help.

Data from social media is aggregated by social search engines. They may be used to do broad research on Facebook’s user base. For example, this is the greatest approach to learn what Facebook members think about a certain topic.

To explore Facebook comments by subject, utilize social search engines. When you have a term in mind, you can use Facebook to see which demographics discuss it the most. You’ll also be able to tell if the conversations are favorable or bad. Without tools like these, researching market trends on social media would be difficult.

They may also assist you in locating certain persons and activities. So, which social search engines should you use?

Talkwalker Social Search

Talkwalker is a comprehensive and adaptable social search engine. The free version allows you to search for mentions from the previous seven days. If you are searching for information on a concert, a conference, or any other event, it might be really beneficial. You may also upgrade to the premium edition, which allows you to see data from the previous year.

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Social Searcher

Another excellent free choice. Social Searcher can help you discover individuals or terms on Facebook. You may also filter and sort search results on the site.

A Final Word

Facebook has around 2.23 billion users in the second quarter of 2018. Despite the fact that the Cambridge Analytica incident prompted some users to deactivate their accounts, Facebook’s user base continues to increase. Even if you want to avoid Facebook, you cannot dispute its reach.

You may have to search this site for information that you cannot find elsewhere. For example, you may need to use a social search engine to find former pals. You may also use Facebook to find organizations, brands, and small companies. In fact, several small companies rely entirely on this website for their internet visibility.

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