How to Search Craigslist All at Once

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How to Search Craigslist All at Once

Today’s online marketplaces, such as LetGo, Offerup, and Facebook Marketplace, have stolen the attention away from Craigslist, but, unlike the old advertisements, which are no longer active, Craigslist remains a viable site for buying and selling. The site is excellent for locating discounts in your neighborhood. With Craigslist postings tailored to each region, it’s simple to look for products in your area without having to worry about shipping.

How to Search All of Craigslist at Once

Many users, though, desire more than just local results, which is where third-party Craigslist search programs come in useful. We’ll teach you how to utilize web-based Craigslist search engines as well as smartphone applications to do searches in numerous places at once in this post.

How Craigslist Works

Craigslist is a fantastic resource, but users have long identified areas where it might be even more beneficial. Suggestions in that direction, however, have proven futile since Craigslist’s basic concept is based on supporting local communities.

Craigslist could easily feature cross-location searches, but the site’s founder intended for consumers to utilize it for geo-localized transactions rather than accessing statewide, national, or worldwide marketplaces. People have sought to utilize Craigslist in ways that contradict the founder’s aim since the site’s inception, and that’s OK. As users, we have no duty to retain Craigslist the way its designers intended.

Yard Sale
However, be advised that going “against the grain” in this fashion runs the risk of having one’s participation on the site curtailed if it is detected.

Can I Search all of Craigslist at Once?

The reality is that being able to search all of Craigslist at once is quite handy. True, you’re unlikely to go across the nation to purchase a few Beanie Babies, but you may be able to strike a long-distance bargain with someone.

World Globe
Craigslist is also invaluable when trying to research prices and values. A relatively rare item might not show up on your local Craigslist site, but you can find it in a few places nationwide, and from those ads, you can get an idea of what the item is worth. Results from a nationwide Craigslist search help you cast a far wider net across the country or globe, searching for brand new items for sale without having to pinpoint the specific location you want to search.

How to Search Craiglist Outside of Your Area

Although Craigslist does not inherently offer cross-location searching, third parties have developed a slew of methods to circumvent the site’s self-imposed limitations. Several sites enable you to browse Craigslist without being limited to a specific city.

You’re more likely to locate the object you’re searching for if you cast a wider net, particularly if you don’t mind driving for it. There are several websites to pick from, along with advice on which sites are best for specific services.

Web-Based Craigslist Search Engines

The majority of Craigslist surfing is done on a decent, old-fashioned desktop computer. While surfing on the move is convenient (Craigslist has a mobile site particularly for that), there are several reasons why you should prefer browsing at home to browsing on your mobile device.

DuckDuckGo Search Engine

For one thing, navigating Craigslist using a mouse and keyboard is significantly simpler than with a touchscreen, particularly if you’re searching for specific things, browsing through a large number of postings at once, or concurrently storing your discoveries in a database or spreadsheet. As a result, we begin our list with various web-based Craigslist search engines that make it simple to peruse ads outside of your main Craigslist region. Some of these websites may also assist you in locating ads on lesser-known Craigslist alternatives, making it simple to discover the necessary item.

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SearchTempest narrows your search results a little more than you may anticipate from other search engines, but for many users, the search engine is the most beneficial of all.

Instead of scanning Craigslist in its entirety without regard to location or restricting your results to a specific state or province, SearchTempest enables you to search by a distance from your current zip code or city name.

This implies that buyers who reside near state or Canadian borders may quickly search for material near them rather than looking by a broad state region, such as Buffalo and Toronto. You may omit or include city listings from the United States and Canada, search by category and subcategory, and even make search requirements such as filtering items without photographs or restricting a price request.

SearchTempest also allows you to search by state and globally, making it one of the most helpful websites on our list. SearchTempest will arrange your results by location after you input your search parameters, making it easier to explore based on miles and distance.


Statewidelist makes it significantly easier to search your whole state for a particular item than the typical Craigslist site. The site’s homepage allows you to input your search term, choose a category (by default, this option searches all categories), and then choose a state or Canadian province.

Due to Google search modifications, the site cannot directly display Craigslist results, although it does display eBay results. Simply click a location discovered in the “Direct results links” row to bypass the search-restricted problem. The site will then fill Craigslist results depending on the search parameters you selected.

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While SearchTempest and Statewidelist are two of the top Craigslist multi-location search tools, other sites allow you to search Craigslist in areas other than your own (along with other site searches like Amazon or Pennysaver).

    Search All Junk website
    Zoom The List website

All Craigslist postings for the search parameters you specified will appear after the advertisements at the top of your search results.

    DailyLister website
  • Onecraigs: Another “Search All Cities” Craigslist site, this one seems to be more focused on big cities around the United States, such as Los Angeles and New York City. If you reside in a big urban area or travel often, this may be the site for you.
  • Search Craigslist: This site does what most users need it to do, which is to search the full of Craigslist. It has a basic UI and an even simpler premise: find every Craigslist ad regardless of location. Search Craigslist loads every result from the site based on your search criteria, using a bespoke Google search engine, with sorting options for relevance (by default) and date posted. Because the site searches for live Craigslist listings, everything on the site is up to date and current. Each listing simply fetches the information for you, making it simple to load the links inside your web browser.

iOS Craigslist Search Engines

If you have an iPhone, utilizing a mobile app is a far better method to search Craigslist for that one-of-a-kind item. When you’re on the go, the easiest way to search is through an iOS mobile app. Craigslist has finally developed an official app for iOS, although it is less useful than third-party applications. Here is the greatest iPhone app to use.

Android Craigslist Search Engines

The Android Play Store has hundreds of Craigslist app entries, with some of the best making the cut. Unfortunately, the official Craigslist app is less useful than the third-party applications, but you can always try it out. However, if you want to explore numerous towns or areas for your Craigslist products, beginning with a simple search on your Android smartphone may be the best way to proceed.

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  • Postings: Everything about Postings works well in terms of aesthetic design. It’s a beautiful app that nearly matches the graphical layout we’ve come to expect and love on Android, making it one of our favorite ways to browse Craigslist on a daily basis. Seriously, this app looks terrific, with curved edges and a material design that makes it simple to explore while also using Postings’ fantastic search engine (allows you to search multiple cities at once). Please keep in mind that you cannot search the Craigslist Personals area with this app owing to previous concerns with the app being removed from Google Play due to that feature.

Sometimes you can put together a mechanism to distribute products without using Craigslist or eBay, making the distance between sites irrelevant to most consumers. These websites and applications allow you to search all of Craigslist from a single page.

While it may still take some work to locate what you’re searching for, these sites let you utilize Craigslist to its best potential and discover that one-of-a-kind item you’ve been hunting for online. Third-party search engines and applications are the most efficient method to navigate the site, whether you’re on a mobile phone, desktop computer, or laptop computer.

Searching Craigslist

Even if you’re not searching for anything particular, there’s a lot to appreciate about shopping on Craigslist. The main issue with Craigslist is that its search capabilities is restricted to what is available in your region. While that restriction works well for wide searches, many Craigslist users have the ability to travel in order to get the products they want.

If you’re more interested in selling than purchasing, you should read our post on how to advertise on many Craigslist sites at once. We also have an excellent post on monitoring Craigslist for particular keywords or products.

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