How to Run Steam Games on a ââOculus Quest 2

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How to Run Steam Games on a ââOculus Quest 2

In the past, VR technology was cumbersome since it needed physical connections to the main device. However, as technology advanced, the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 were created. The Quest 2 is self-contained, however it can wirelessly link to a PC.

How to Play Steam Games on an ​​Oculus Quest 2

With this feature, gamers may play Steam games on their Quest 2 headset. The setup procedure may not be smooth, but we can assist you. Continue reading for more details.

PC Requirements

Video games are getting more demanding nowadays, needing greater technology for a seamless experience. The following are the minimal graphics and hardware requirements for connecting a Quest 2.

  • Intel i5-4590 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X CPU
  • GPU NVIDIA: GTX 1070 and above, GTX 1650 Excellent job, as well.
  • Alternatively, an AMD GPU: AMD 400 Series or above is recommended.
  • 8GB of RAM
  • Windows 10 or Windows 11

A low-end gaming PC or even a gaming laptop should be able to meet these requirements, and many of them will be compatible with the Oculus Quest 2.

Playing Steam Games with the Oculus Quest 2

Because Oculus is now owned by Meta, this headset is appropriately dubbed the Meta Quest 2. Depending on your requirements and preferences, the Quest 2 may connect to your computer through wired or wireless means.

You’ll need the Quest 2 desktop program, which is free to download from the official website. It would be ideal if you also have the Steam client available. The former is required whether you’re playing wirelessly or not.

Wired Connection

A USB-C cable is required to connect the headset to your PC for a wired connection. Because you don’t want to be confined when wearing a VR headset, a 15-foot or longer wire is ideal.

  1. Start the Quest 2 desktop application.
  2. Complete the setup process.
  3. You may use any of your Steam VR games.
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When compared to a wireless connection, you receive a more consistent connection that isn’t influenced by internet speeds or web-based delays. However, for certain players, having a cable attached to them may not be the ideal experience.

Wireless Connection

The Quest 2 may connect to a PC using Oculus Air Link for a more seamless experience. A poor WiFi connection, on the other hand, might break the connectivity, causing unexpected delays and other issues. Nonetheless, when there is a continuous connection, Air Link feels fantastic.

  1. Launch the Quest 2 app.
  2. Put your Quest 2 headset on.

At this time, you must open Steam using your Quest 2.

  1. Go back to the home menu.
  2. At the bottom bar, click the “Desktop” button.
  3. Find Steam.
  4. Start playing your Steam VR games now.

Although the initial Quest headset may be tethered, Oculus Air Link works better with the Quest 2. It was one of the most important changes and a major selling feature over the previous model. Air Link was eventually added to the Oculus Quest, however it is still not as good.

Unfortunately, a Windows 11 upgrade a few days before writing time caused some unwanted performance degradation for Quest 2 users utilizing Air Link. Owners should use a wired connection or wait till the issue is resolved.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop, a third-party tool that allows Quest 2 owners to interact with their computer displays using their VR headsets, may be familiar to older VR users. It predates Air Link by displaying your PC display on your headset. It also works wirelessly.

Some Quest 2 users find Air Link unstable, although some have found that Virtual Desktop works better in its substitute. It differs depending on the user, so give it a go if Air Link isn’t working for you. A steady internet connection will lessen the likelihood of lag and delay.

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However, Virtual Desktop needs a 5GHz AC WiFi network, but Air Link does not. You will be unable to utilize Virtual Desktop if you do not have this network.

  1. Install Virtual Desktop on your computer.
  2. Purchase the Quest 2 headset app version.
  3. Install both apps.
  4. Start the PC client and leave it running.
  5. Open Virtual Desktop on your Quest 2 and connect.
  6. Start playing your VR games.

We propose changing various parameters in Virtual Desktop to enhance the connection and find a sweet spot.

Games to Play

While there aren’t as many VR games on Steam as there are regular releases, there are a few gems worth picking up. The VR game experience is more in the spotlight than other forms of media, allowing for exceptional immersion.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx’s creators did not believe the game would sell well, but reality proved them incorrect as it fared well on the market. The attention to detail, plot, and relationships left a good flavor in the lips of critics. Few games can compete with this one in terms of demonstrating what VR is capable of.

SuperHot VR

The original SuperHot amused many players, but the VR edition increases the immersion level at least tenfold. You play as a time-controlling hitman attempting to slay waves of hostile agents. Because you can slow down time as much as you like, the game seems both quicker and slower at the same time.

In contrast to the original experience, you can feel the gunshots approaching you in slow motion. It’s a fun game that you may play for hours.

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You read it right since there are no spaces in the title. This is a VR-exclusive battle royale shooter, not a clone of Fortnite. While it is possible to create, the gunplay and experience are unique enough to feel distinct. Because the vertical fighting system allows you to scale any surface, acquiring high ground is incredibly simple.

Population:One simulates a real-world battle with considerable vertical roaming, allowing you to maneuver about as you never could in real life.

Beat Saber

Fans of rhythm games will like Beat Saber, a VR game that allows you to smack approaching blocks with your VR controller. It’s a fun and tough title that will leave you exhausted yet amused. There’s also a multiplayer mode to test out.

You’ll spend hours attempting to earn a perfect score with so many songs in the game. There are even more difficult game options if you seek a greater challenge.

Another World

With VR technology developing by the day, playing Steam VR games with your Quest 2 headset is now normal. Many games are being created for VR as the technology continues to grow in popularity. Some of your favorite shows may have a VR entrance in the future.

What are your favorite virtual reality games? What features do you believe the future Oculus/Meta headset should have? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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