How to Resolve YouTube Comments Not Appearing on a Video

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How to Resolve YouTube Comments Not Appearing on a Video

YouTube comments may be quite useful for both users and producers. Commenting allows authors to see whether their subscribers appreciate their work, and viewers like offering their comments to videos. YouTube is a community, and the comments area contributes significantly to its popularity.

How To Fix YouTube Comments Not Showing on a Video

Comments do not always load correctly or at all. This might be a frustrating experience for YouTube viewers. Fortunately, you have numerous options for dealing with the matter. In this post, we’ll look at how to resolve YouTube comments that aren’t showing up.

YouTube Comments Not Showing on an Android Device

You can view YouTube videos on your Android device in two ways: via the YouTube app or through your web browser. If you discover that comments aren’t appearing, try switching to another mode of viewing. If it doesn’t work, there are several more options you may try, which are listed below.

Update the YouTube App

The problem with comments not appearing might be caused by an older version of the Android app. Updating to the most recent version may resolve this problem. Follow these instructions to discover how to do so:

Clear Cache and Cookies

Clearing your Android’s cache and cookies may resolve the issue of YouTube comments not appearing. To get rid of them, do the following:

    You may view YouTube videos on your iPhone in two ways. The most common approach is to download the YouTube app, but you may also utilize the web browser on your iPhone. If YouTube comments aren’t appearing, try switching between the app and the browser. If it doesn’t work, here are some options for getting comments to appear again.

    Ensure You Have the Latest Version of the YouTube App

    Comments may not appear correctly if you are not using the most recent app version. Follow these procedures to see whether you have the most recent version:

    Clear Your Cache and Cookies

    Because of the amount of data kept in your iPhone’s cache and cookies, YouTube comments may not appear at times. Clearing your cache and cookies is as simple as the following:

    YouTube Comments Not Showing on an iPad

    The most common causes of comments not appearing on your iPad are one of two situations. The first is that you’re using an old version of the YouTube app, or there’s too much cache and cookie data kept. Both are readily fixed.

    Check to See if There’s an App Update

    It’s possible that you’re using an old version of the YouTube app, which is why your comments aren’t showing up. Whether you want to check if the version you’re using is the latest recent, do the following:

    Clear All Cache and Cookies

    Sometimes clearing your device’s cache and cookies fixes the issue. To delete this information, complete the steps below:

      If you use the Chrome browser to view YouTube videos, many factors may prohibit comments from appearing. Each is readily remedied. If you’re experiencing trouble with comments, try any of these options.

      Refresh the Page

      Refreshing the page is sometimes the answer. If there was an error when loading the page, the comments area may not load properly. You may refresh the page by doing the following actions:

      Disable Your Browser Extensions

      Some browser extensions might cause webpages to fail to load properly. You may turn them off and restart the page to check whether the comments section appears. Follow these steps to do this:

      Other Reasons YouTube Comments Aren’t Showing

      If you attempt to leave a comment on a video but it doesn’t appear after you’ve placed it, it might be due to YouTube’s algorithm. Some of the reasons why your remark was instantly banned are listed below.


      If you publish the same remark many times, the system will consider it spam and prevent it from being shown. This may also occur if other users mark your remark or comments as spam.

      External Links

      YouTube does not appreciate it when people publish comments that include a link to an external website. If your remark includes a link that takes the user away from YouTube, the algorithm will most likely delete it.

      Explicit Language or Hate Speech

      YouTube is a family-friendly site, and any sort of bad language or hate speech is not accepted. If you used an offensive term or phrase in your remark, it will very certainly be banned, regardless of the context.

      Comments Pending Review

      Some YouTube producers may not enable comments until they have reviewed them. Posts might be moderated for all comments or for those containing certain keywords. Unfortunately, you will not be notified whether your comment is being reviewed.

      YouTube Comments Not Showing Has Several Fixes

      Sometimes comments on YouTube videos do not appear. It might be because users are using an out-of-date app or need to reload the website. In certain cases, deleting your cache and cookies will suffice. If your particular remark isn’t appearing, it might be because it violated YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

      Have you experienced issues with YouTube comments not appearing? Did you fix it by following some of the advice in this article? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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