How to Resolve a Connection Issue or an Invalid MMI Code on an Android Device

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How to Resolve a Connection Issue or an Invalid MMI Code on an Android Device

A notice stating “Connection trouble or incorrect MMI code” may appear from time to time, which might be aggravating for Android users. When the invalid MMI code notification occurs, it usually implies that you won’t be able to make calls or send text messages until the problem is rectified. This may happen for a variety of reasons.

How to Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code on Android Device

Fortunately, there are a few possible solutions to the Android “Connection trouble or incorrect MMI code” error. Consider the choices listed below. If one method fails to fix the issue, try the next.

What is an MMI Code?

Any SIM-compatible gadget contains so many codes and numbers that it might be tough to figure out what each one is for. An MMI code (Man-Machine interface code) starts with an asterisk (*) or pound (#) symbol that allows users to activate or disable certain star code features (for example, *#06# to disclose IMEI).

There are various possible causes for the “Connection trouble or incorrect MMI code” error message on your phone. The most common cause is a problem with the carrier or SIM authentication on the smartphone. The issue is most prevalent on phones with dual-SIM capability, but it may occur on other devices as well.

Ways to Fix the MMI Code Error

There are many ways to resolve the “Connection trouble or incorrect MMI code” error on an Android smartphone. We’ll go through them all, from the most basic to the most complex.

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1. Restart the Android Device

The first step in attempting to resolve an invalid MMI code is to restart the smartphone.

  1. Hold down the Power and Home buttons at the same time until the phone goes off and vibrates; wait for it to restart.
  2. Alternatively, hold the Power Button down until the Shutdown options menu displays, then pick Restart.

2. Run Your Device in Safe Mode

Third-party software may be interfering with your connection and producing an MMI error. Fortunately, this is easily ruled out. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Now, restart your phone in Safe Mode to check whether the MMI problem shows.

Third-party software is interfering with your network if your phone does not generate any error codes. You must begin eliminating third-party applications. Begin with the programs you installed around the time the problem first appeared.

When you go to Settings>Programs, scroll down and remove any apps you suspect are the issue. Then, remove your phone from Safe Mode and check to see whether the problem has shown. Continue doing so until the MMI code is removed.

3. Use Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode has been used successfully by several customers to fix MMI code error difficulties.

  1. Wait 10-30 seconds before turning off Airplane Mode.
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Given that an MMI Code error might arise as a result of poor signal strength, doing so will reset your connection and resolve the issue.

4. Reset Your Network Settings

We know the MMI error implies a problem with your device’s cellular connection, therefore the next obvious option is to reset your Network Settings. Perhaps your network settings haven’t been correctly changed, or there’s a bug in the system. A network reset will remove any error codes and allow you to start again. Here’s what you should do:

  1. To confirm, tap Reset settings. The phone will reboot.

When your phone powers back up, the error should disappear.

5. Modify the Prefix Code

A comma at the end of the Prefix code is another technique to resolve the Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code on an Android smartphone. When a comma is inserted, the operation is forced to run and any errors are ignored.

Below are two different ways to modify the prefix code.

  1. If the Prefix code is (*2904*7#), add a comma at the end, as in (*2904*7#,).
  2. You may use the + sign after*, as in (*+2904*7#).

6. Activating Radio and Turning on IMS over SMS

  1. Go to the Dial pad.
  2. Enter (*#*#4636#*#*) NOTE: There is no need to push the transmit button; it will appear in the Service mode automatically.
  3. Enter Service mode.
  4. Choose either Device or Phone details.
  5. Select Run Ping test.
  6. The Galaxy will resume when you click the Turn Radio Off button.
  7. Select reboot.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, your MMI problem has been resolved at this stage. However, if you still have questions, continue reading.

Do I need to get a new SIM?

If you’ve tried all of the options listed above and the issue persists, you may need to contact your mobile phone provider for more assistance. They may suggest a new SIM card or resend OTA (over-the-air activation).

Android MMI Code Error Resolved

Finally, there are a few methods/options you may take to fix the MMI problem on your phone, some of which are a bit more difficult than others. While most MMI problems occur on dual-SIM phones, they may also occur on single-SIM phones owing to poor signals or tower network faults. If none of the following methods work, contact your service provider for help.

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