How to Repair a Non-Working Firestick Remote

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There are few things more annoying during an evening of entertainment than your remote failing to respond to orders. However, these problems occur more often than you may expect, and the Firestick TV remote is no exception. You’ve come to the correct spot if your Firestick remote has failed you.

In this post, you’ll learn about the most frequent reasons why your Firestick remote won’t function and how to fix each one. Whether there’s a problem with your battery, an update bug, loudness troubles, or anything else, you can generally fix it.

Some of the most prevalent issues are listed here, along with solutions.

Problem 1: Dead, Weak, or Incorrectly Installed Batteries

How to Check for Battery Problems in Your Firestick Remote

Incorrectly installed or low-power batteries might create problems with Firestick remotes. We all know how to install and change batteries, yet mistakes can happen. Furthermore, batteries are a common reason. One could believe that the batteries operate since they worked efficiently a second ago, but this does not imply that there is enough “juice” in them to continue operating.

Banging the remote awakens the batteries for a brief moment. Does this sound familiar? I’m sure someone you know has attempted that repair, or maybe it reminds you of something? That solution, however, does not endure long. You’ll find yourself performing the same thing again and again, maybe resulting in a future unexpected battery leak or internal damage to the remote.

    If the remote still doesn’t work, the issue is likely somewhere else. Also, if you’re using rechargeable batteries, try alkaline ones as those batteries may no longer hold a charge very well. Rechargeable batteries tend to weaken after repeated cycles and continue to do so until they no longer work effectively. Alkaline is the best choice.

    Problem 2: Fire TV Remote Not Working on Your CEC-Enabled TV

    Pairing Your Firestick Remote to TV for CEC-Enabled Setups

    Unpaired Firestick remotes will not activate your TV when utilizing CEC-enabled settings and CEC-enabled TVs. However, remotes with Infrared (IR) technology (2nd Gen, 3rd Gen Alexa Voice Remotes) may operate with your TV while within line-of-sight, as long as you are not controlling your TV using the CEC settings. Re-pairing often resolves the issue with CEC operation. To make it work, you’ll also need a CEC-enabled TV and a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi is necessary for the remote (2nd Gen. or later) since the Fire TV Stick or Cube communicates with the remote through Wi-Fi Direct.

    In other words, you can control your TV by IR or over a Wi-Fi network if it is CEC-enabled. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct are used by the Firestick and Cube. As long as it can connect to Wi-Fi, CEC can operate the TV from a long distance. Line-of-sight is required for IR to operate.

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    When you use CEC, you transmit the remote’s signal to the Firestick, which then sends the command signal to the TV through its CEC-enabled HDMI connector. The first generation of remotes utilized Bluetooth, whereas the second generation and later use Wi-Fi Direct. There are no programming procedures necessary to make the remote function on televisions, unlike universal/multi-device remotes. Here’s how to go about it.

      If pairing does not function, your remote may need to be reset. Each model has its own set of resetting instructions. On Amazon, you can learn how to reset your Firestick remote.

      Problem 3: Firestick Not Responding to the Remote

      Check Your Remote’s Distance from the Fire TV Stick

      Bluetooth, rather than infrared, is used by Firesticks from the second generation and above. The theoretical range is around 30 feet, although the “real” reach is often much less. If you have a big living room or are attempting to utilize your remote from another room, Wi-Fi/CEC rather than Bluetooth may be required.

      To see whether the distance is the issue, bring the remote closer to the Firestick and make sure there are no obstacles between them. If the remote only works when you’re fairly near to the TV, try repositioning the device or replacing the batteries with the Firestick extension adapter (which is normally supplied).

      Re-Pair the Remote to the Firestick

      When your Fire TV Stick remote no longer works with your TV, re-pairing it typically makes it function with the Firestick again.

      1. To unpair and clear the remote, press and hold the Back and Home buttons for 10 seconds.
      2. Now, press and hold the Home button for 10-12 seconds to re-pair the remote.
      3. The remote should be compatible with your Fire TV Stick or Fire Cube.
      4. If it fails, check the CEC Settings. Navigate to the Equipment Control settings on the Firestick to confirm that CEC is enabled.

      Problem 4: Remote Incompatibility

      How to Confirm Your Firestick Remote’s Compatibility

      Have you recently replaced your old Firestick remote with a new one? It may create problems if the new one is incompatible with your Fire TV Stick.

      If you discover that your remote is no longer compatible with your device, you may use your smartphone as a remote until you replace it. The Android Fire TV App and the iPhone Fire TV App are both available. Simply follow the instructions below to utilize your smartphone as a remote.

        Problem 5: Damaged Remote

        Check Your Fire TV Remote for Damage

        Your remote may cease operating due to external or internal damage. The remote may occasionally become inoperable due to water damage or malfunctioning components.

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        Problem 6: Firestick Remote No Light/Not Working

        If your Firestick remote does not light up, try disconnecting it from the back of your device and waiting 20 seconds. Reconnect it to check whether the problem has been rectified. If the batteries are fully charged, a lack of connection with the Firestick will usually result in the remote not lighting up.

        Pair Fire TV Stick Remote to TV to Fix The ‘No Light’ Issue

        If disconnecting and reconnecting the Firestick didn’t solve the problem, it’s possible that your Firestick remote isn’t linked to the TV. You may do this by following the procedures outlined below.

          If the above methods do not resolve the remote light/LED problem, make sure you are near enough to the TV. The Firestick remote, as previously said, is also a Bluetooth device, which means it can only function within a specific range.

          The Firestick remote, as previously said, is also a Bluetooth device, which means it can only function within a specific range.

          Also, make sure that the batteries were properly fitted. Maybe they’re simply out of juice and need to be recharged.

          Problem 7: Firestick Remote Not Working with Volume

          Many Fire TV Stick owners have loudness issues with their remotes. The problem arises for a variety of causes. The most typical solution is to use your smartphone to link your Firestick remote using the Equipment Control option.

          Manage the Equipment Control Options

          You may utilize the Change TV option in the Equipment Control settings on your Firestick to reconnect the remote to your specific TV, which may resolve your volume control problem.

          1. Download and install the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone.
        1. Continue by selecting the kind of TV you own from the list.
        2. Wait 10 seconds before pressing the power button again to restart it.
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          Problem 8: Firestick Remote Not Working After Update

          If your Firestick remote stops operating after an update, try the five ways listed below. If the first one doesn’t work, repeat the procedures until the problem is addressed.

          1. Unplug your gadget from the outlet and try again using the remote.
          2. Turn off the television and reset the remote.
          3. Check that there are no obstacles between the remote and the TV.
          4. Replace your batteries and double-check their installation (positive side up).
          5. If someone or anything damaged your remote, the latest update may no longer support it. If none of the above solutions work, try changing the remote.

            Problem 9: Firestick Remote Not Working After Reset

            If your Firestick remote stops functioning after resetting it, you may try the techniques listed below.

            1. Start the Firestick TV again. When you are returned to the remote pairing page, disconnect the TV and reconnect it after 10 seconds. By pushing the “Home” button for 10 seconds, you may pair the remote.
            2. Replace your batteries. Perhaps the batteries are becoming low, and replacing them will cure the issue. Just be sure to correctly install them. It’s also a good idea to purchase a new set of batteries if you suspect the old ones are damaged. Clean the battery compartment of dirt and debris as you replace the batteries.
            3. Attempt another remote. If resetting and replacing the batteries does not resolve the issue, attach another remote to your Firestick TV. You may either borrow one from a friend or buy one online. You may also use the Fire TV app for iPhone or Android as a remote control.

            Finally, being unable to utilize your Firestick remote is never a fun experience. Fortunately, there are solutions for everything, even the remote. Resetting and re-pairing the remote or inserting fresh batteries are the most popular options. If none of the solutions in this post work for you, you should contact Amazon’s customer support or replace your remote.

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