How to Repair a Non-Charging PS4 Controller

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How to Repair a Non-Charging PS4 Controller

The controller is one of the most significant parts of a system, and the designs of PlayStation controllers have evolved considerably throughout the years. The DualShock 4 has quickly become a beloved controller among gamers all around the globe.

How To Fix a PS4 Controller That's Not Charging

The PS4 controller may be used wirelessly or via a USB connection. It does not always charge, making use difficult. It isn’t charging for a variety of reasons. Continue reading to find out what they are and how to remedy them.

PS4 Controller Not Holding a Charge

When your PS4 controller refuses to charge, there might be a hardware or software problem. Here are some of the most typical reasons.

  • PlayStation problems
  • Cable issues
  • A broken USB port
  • Hardware problems

The console might have a problem that stops it from charging your controller. This may be remedied by power cycling the console, resetting it, and then upgrading it.

The USB cable might be worn or broken, since wires gradually fail over time. Furthermore, certain third-party cables are incompatible with charging the PS4 controller.

Your port might be damaged, so try plugging it into another.

It might be a problem with the battery or the charging port. Fortunately, any element is simple to replace.

PS4 Controller Not Charging & No Light

When you connect your PS4 controller to the console to charge it, the light bar will gradually transition between white and amber to show that the controller is charging. If this does not happen, it signifies that nothing is occurring.

Sometimes the controller has trouble charging directly from the console, but you may help narrow down the reason by connecting it into another device, such as your computer. If charging is still failed utilizing another source, the console will be ruled out as the source.

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Here are some solutions for you to consider trying.

Swap the Charging Cable

The problem might be with the cable. If feasible, try another cable or the same cord to charge another controller. Look for visible indicators of deterioration as well, such as fraying on the cable or dirt accumulation in the plug.

Inspect the Charging Port

Dust or filth might disrupt power flow and prevent your controller from charging. Try using compressed air to remove the dust, followed by a microfiber cloth. You may also use a delicate brush or a wooden toothpick.

If cleaning the port does not help and you are certain that the port is the source of the issue, the only other option is to replace the port. This is how.

  1. Install the new port.

The procedure is quite simple. To prevent wasting time and money, you must first confirm that the charging port is malfunctioning.

Charge the Controller Upside Down

This may seem to be an unusual solution, yet it may be beneficial. To charge, try turning the controller upside down. This aids in the removal of dust from the charging port. Alternatively, if there is a disconnect inside the cable, an upside-down position may serve as a temporary remedy.

Reset the Controller

A random problem may sometimes disrupt the connection between the console and the controller. To begin, try resetting your devices.

  1. Connect the PS4, then press the PS button.
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If this works, the front light bar will glow blue before gradually switching between white and amber. If not, go to the next repair.

Fix the Controller

Follow these steps to try repairing the controller.

Reset and Update

Still no joy? The aforementioned ideas will then be combined for a more complete approach.

  1. Allow the console to perform whatever is required to finish the upgrade.

After the update has finished, try charging the controller again.

Notably, unlike the Xbox controller, the PS4’s firmware does not need upgrading.

Replace the Batteries

If you’ve been using your PS4 controller for a long time, it’s possible that the batteries have depleted. Replace them with fresh PS4 batteries and see if that works.


Should my PS4 controller light up when charging?

While charging, the light bar will gradually fade between white and amber. The light will turn off after it is done. When the charger is in rest mode, the light bar should gently glow orange.

How long does the PS4 controller take to charge?

When the battery is entirely depleted, it takes around two hours to fully charge the PS4 controller.

How can I make my PS4 controller last longer?

Here’s how to extend the life of your PS4 controller’s battery between charges.

Disable vibration

Although it may diminish your game experience somewhat, turning off the vibration is the best power saver. Here’s how to turn off vibration.

• Navigate to “Settings,” “Devices,” “Controllers,” and “Enable vibration,” and then uncheck the option.

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Reduce the light bar

Decrease the brightness on the lightbar.

• Go to “Settings,” “Devices,” and “Brightness,” then lower the brightness to the lowest level.

Can I charge my PS4 controller from a wall power outlet?

Yes, you may charge your PS4 controller using a USB wall charger. To begin, check the charger’s output to ensure compatibility.

DualShock 4 Is Now Fully Charged

In compared to the DualShock 3, the DualShock 4 features have been greatly improved. Perhaps this is why it sometimes refuses to charge; so much strain is put on such a little unit. Fortunately, many issues often have common answers. When the light bar verifies that the controller is not charging, there are a few troubleshooting options to consider.

First, rule out any possible sources of the issue. Try another USB cord or the same USB cable in a different port. A defective USB cable, a blocked port, or if you’ve been using the battery for a long, it may need to be replaced are all common problems. In general, the cause should be straightforward to resolve.

What was preventing your controller from charging, and how did you resolve it? Tell us in the comments area what you did to get your controller charged again.

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