How to Remove Blur from a Photograph or Image

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How to Remove Blur from a Photograph or Image

Everyone does it: you snap a fantastic shot of your child doing something exciting or the ideal product image for your eBay sale, and then when you check over it later, it’s all fuzzy! It’s not a huge problem if you see it right immediately since you can just snap another photo. But what if it takes you longer to check and you can’t redo the shot?

How to Unblur a Photo or Image

Sometimes you just have one opportunity to capture the ideal shot. Losing that opportunity might be discouraging. Continue reading to find out how to unblur a picture using different techniques and software.

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You may unblur a picture or image using a number of internet applications and software, such as Photoshop, GIMP,, and others.

Let’s look at your alternatives and how you can utilize them.

Note: Regardless of the program you select, the first thing you should do is create a backup copy of the picture file you want to work with! You don’t want to create something that is worse than the original.

Unblurring a Photo or Image using Photoshop

There are various tools in Photoshop that may be used to unblur photos. There are three typical methods for obtaining a considerably clearer image from a hazy photograph.

Fix blur using Photoshop Elements:

  1. In Photoshop Elements, open your picture.
  2. Select Enhance from the Filters menu.
  3. Select Unsharp Mask.
  4. Adjust the Radius and Amount settings until your picture is crisp.
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It takes some getting used to, but it works extremely well.

Fix blur using just Photoshop:

You can also use camera shake reduction to eliminate blur in photographs if you have a recent version of Photoshop:

This third option delegated all of the work to Photoshop. There is no need for user input. As long as you have preview enabled, you should be able to compare the before and after photographs.

Unblurring a Photo or Image using GIMP Image Editor

You may use the free image editor GIMP if you don’t have Photoshop or don’t want to pay for a product. It is a fantastic tool that can do many of the same functions as premium programs such as Photoshop.

There is a learning curve, but GIMP is such a sophisticated image editor that it is well worth the time to learn.

Here’s how to unblur an image using GIMP:

GIMP conducts its job automatically when you pick areas of the picture to sharpen. As you move your mouse, the picture should sharpen dynamically.

Unblurring a Photo or Image using is another another free image altering application that can do a lot. Sharpening isn’t one of its strong powers, so Gimp may be a better choice if you’re searching for a free tool. Nonetheless, does a good job at removing blur in photos.

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Here’s how to unblur an image using

  1. Adjust the Sharpen slider in the Sharpen popup to your liking.

The Sharpen tool may create noise into the picture, which you may minimize using Effects and Noise Reduction.

Unblurring a Photo or Image using Snapseed

Snapseed is a Google app that works on both Android and iPhone. It is a full-featured picture editor that works on most modern devices. Sharpening photos is something Snapseed excels at.

This is how you get it done in Snapseed:

Sharpen and Structure work together to make a significant improvement in a hazy picture. Sharpen is usually used initially to eliminate as much blur as possible, followed by Structure to restore detail.

It may require some trial and error to get the levels exactly right, but once you do, your picture should be crystal clear and ready to go.

Other Online Tools for Unblurring Photos or Images

There are two additional noteworthy internet tools for increasing picture quality.

Fotor is a strong online tool suite that can handle a variety of tasks. The second option is Photo Sharpen, which accomplishes exactly what its name suggests.

Fotor is an excellent picture editing suite that provides a variety of free photo editing tools from its website. There are paid Pro tools available, but for most of us, the free ones suffice. The tool is advertised as adding artistic blur to a picture, however you can use it as a sharpener by using it and then scaling the blur down.

  • Use the Basic tools in the left menu, followed by the Basic tools in the second left menu. To unblur your image, use the Sharpen slider.
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Photo Sharpen is a much simpler tool that performs the job for you. It sharpens photos using an algorithm. You upload your picture and then click the Sharpen button; the website takes care of the rest. As a consequence, you will get a crisper picture. Although the results cannot be customized, the service does a fantastic job at minimizing blur.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few methods for removing blur from images. With the advancement of new technology and the availability of numerous sophisticated cameras and gadgets, there are many more options to repair images at the tip of your fingers.

Do you know of any other methods for removing blur from an image? If you do, please tell us about it in the comments!

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