How to Remove a Scratch from a Disk in Photoshop

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How to Remove a Scratch from a Disk in Photoshop

If you use Photoshop for business or as a pastime, you may be very familiar with it. However, you may have encountered an issue in which you are unable to launch Photoshop owing to a scratch disk.

How to Clear a Scratch Disk in Photoshop

In this post, we’ll explain what a scratch disk is, how to clear it, and what other choices you have with it.

More About the Scratch Disk

A scratch disk, as you may know, is a local storage device that Photoshop utilizes while it is operating. This virtual hard drive makes advantage of your computer’s storage (HDD or SSD) to store data that cannot or should not be kept in RAM.

Photoshop will utilize your boot drive as its scratch disk by default. Your boot drive may acquire temporary files from many applications on your PC over time, since most of them will utilise it in some manner.

That can cause scratch disk errors.

How to Clear a Scratch Disk in Photoshop

You may use the following procedures to find the scratch disk:

  1. Photoshop will then distribute data to many places, reducing the strain on the boot disk.

If you wish to completely wipe a scratch disk of prior data, you must locate and delete the files manually.

  • If Photoshop is utilizing your boot drive, its temporary files may be found in the following folder: C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Local\ Temp
  • Once there, look for the file Photoshop Temp followed by a series of numbers. This is the file that stores all of Photoshop’s temporary data when it starts up. To remove it, delete it.

Please keep in mind that removing the temporary files may also erase any progress you’ve made on projects you haven’t saved, so make sure you’ve backed everything up first.

If you are unable to remove the file, Adobe may be utilizing it at the time. Check that Photoshop and any other Adobe apps have been properly closed.

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You may also clear Photoshop’s current cache for the project:

Clearing the whole Photoshop cache will delete all previous versions of the current project from memory, leaving just the current version. This may save a lot of memory if you’ve been making a lot of sweeping changes, but you can’t go back to any prior versions.

How to Clear a Scratch Disk Without Opening Photoshop

If you get an error claiming your scratch drive is full and Photoshop won’t load, do the following:

    Clearing Scratch Disk in Premiere Pro

    If you use Premiere Pro to edit videos, you may be wondering how to clean its scratch disk. To store transient files, Premiere Pro has a cache mechanism. Follow these methods to find and delete them:

    Any of Premiere Pro’s project components may utilize numerous scratch drives. Follow these steps to get access to them:

      Photoshop Preferences menu - Scratch Disks

    Depending on the stage of the current project, Premiere Pro will display a list of all scratch drives. You may modify the location of these scratch disks by choosing which drives to utilize in the relevant menu. The scratch disk is set to be the same as the project storage by default, but you may optionally use the My Documents folder or a custom path of your choosing.

    Optimizing Disk Space for Photoshop

    If Photoshop isn’t consuming a lot of RAM on its own, or if you’ve previously emptied your scratch disk, and you’re still getting the disk is full error, you’ll need to erase more files on the drive.

    The built-in Disk Defragmenter is your first choice for freeing up some space. To do so, do the following steps:

    Disk Defragmenter does not erase files; rather, it reallocates them so that you have more free space. More linked free memory is required for bigger files. Photoshop, for example, might have large files for its cache that would not fit on a disc if the free space is divided.

    How to Use More RAM in Photoshop

    If you just use your smartphone for Photoshop, it may be advantageous to optimize its performance. One of the most effective methods to do this is to boost its RAM consumption. Photoshop will utilize 70% of your available RAM by default. To modify it, do the following steps:

    We don’t advocate dedicating more than 85% of your RAM to Photoshop since it may drastically slow down your other operations.

    Additional FAQ

    Can I Add More Space to My Scratch Disk in Photoshop?

    The simplest technique to increase scratch disk capacity is to split them over different drives. For the scratch disks, you may use any number of disk drives on your system.

    1. To make a new scratch disk, go to the Scratch Disk menu and choose the drive you want to use. Photoshop can utilize four disk drives as scratch disks and 64 billion GB of storage to do so, but you’re unlikely to use or want that much.

    2. You may also install a new disk drive to your device and use it as a main scratch disk for Photoshop. We advocate utilizing an SSD since they read and write data more quickly. Scratch drives will not readily exceed terabytes of data utilization, therefore a standard SSD will suffice. RAID disks, also known as disk arrays, are an excellent alternative for a scratch drive, but they will take some Googling and fiddling on your side.

    You should also clear other temporary files on your device on a regular basis to keep your scratch drive from piling up.

    What Should You Do When Your Scratch Disk Is Full?

    If your drives are full, you have a few options.

    1. To begin, eliminate everything you are not using. To avoid taking up active space, you may keep previous projects and data on an external disk, for example. After clearing up space, be sure to defragment the disk so Photoshop can access the full drive.

    2. Then, erase Photoshop’s temporary files. This will clear up any leftovers from previous projects that you don’t wish to preserve and enable you to start again. Alternatively, clear the cache for current tasks in Photoshop.

    3. As a last resort, you might install extra disk drives and place the scratch disk there.

    Your Disks, Clear as Day

    Photoshop is a fantastic tool for artists, and if you use it for work, it may be a significant asset. It is essential that you take excellent care of your available memory so that you do not encounter any unexpected situations. That shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve followed our recommendations. We wish you a good time making beautiful items.

    Have you ever had a scratch disk that was completely empty? Which of these strategies was effective for you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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