How to Recover Deleted Google Chrome History

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How to Recover Deleted Google Chrome History

Have you ever erased your Google Chrome browser history by accident? Do you wish you could get a list of the places you’ve been?

Fortunately, there are many methods for recovering your lost history. This guide will walk you through the process on your PC, iPhone, and Android smartphone.

We’ve created a list of step-by-step procedures to assist you with retrieving your Chrome browser history. You should test each one since not all of them will work for you. Hopefully, one of these approaches will suffice.

How to Recover Google Chrome Deleted History on Windows 10/11

Use a Browser to Check Your Google Activity for Deleted History

If you use Google Chrome, you’re probably always hooked into your Google account. You may need to log in if you use another browser, such as Firefox or Safari. You may locate the websites you’ve visited in the past by checking your browsing behavior in your Google account.

Keep in mind that this technique allows you to see your internet history. Any surfing history that you inadvertently destroyed in this area will be permanently removed from Google Chrome.

The outcomes are comparable to your browsing history. You may also check what terms you’ve already searched for.

You won’t be able to access your Chrome history if the option Include Chrome history and activity from sites, applications, and devices that utilize Google services is unchecked on the Activity management page.

Use Windows’ Restore Previous Versions’ Option to Recover History

If you can’t find your browsing history by monitoring your Google account activity, you may recover it in Windows Explorer.

  1. Next, go to [Username] (the name of your user profile).
  2. Select the View tab, then click the Hidden Items option.
  3. Choose the previous version you wish to restore and press the Apply button.
  4. Finally, click OK.

You have now returned your browsing history to its previous state.

Use PC Data Recovery Software to Obtain Deleted History

If you don’t have a previous browsing version, a data recovery application may help you restore your browser history. This solution requires the download and installation of a third-party app.

4. Use Windows DNS Cache to Restore History

Another method for recovering your Google Chrome history is to use the Command Prompt to restore DNS Cache.

You’ll acquire access to your recent browser history using this way. One disadvantage of this method is that you can only view the sites you’ve visited rather than specific web pages.

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How to View and Recover Google Chrome Deleted History on iPhone

There is an easy method to examine the file with your Chrome browser history before you download any third-party tool to extract it. Viewing is required to check that your Chrome history has really vanished.

View Chrome History on iPhone

You can see your browser history from inside your Google account if you logged in to Google Chrome using your Google account the first time you started the program on your iPhone. This procedure is crucial for confirming that you have really lost your Chrome history. After verifying that your browser history is gone, proceed to the following phase to restore it. Here’s how to access your previous Chrome history on an iPhone or iPad.

Your browser history may be seen on the “My Activity” tab. You’ll see your surfing activities on other devices if you’re signed in with the same Google account.

Recover Chrome History on iPhone

When it comes to retrieving Chrome history on iPhone/iOS, there aren’t many solutions. After all, it is a gadget designed for Safari. If you look for how to restore Chrome history on iPhone or iOS, you’ll discover various websites that explain how to do it. However, such websites often duplicate each other’s material, resulting in content confusion.

In other words, a website may provide instructions for recovering Chrome history on an iPhone, but they got it mixed up with instructions for erasing them from Safari. Even though they state Chrome, the steps are really Safari.

In terms of iOS and iPhone methods to recover Chrome history, you may use iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery, a third-party data recovery program that enables scanning iPhones using a PC. If you erased your Chrome history by mistake, a data recovery application may be able to retrieve lost data from the internal storage on your iPhone or other iOS devices.

Aside from third-party iPhone recovery apps, you have iCloud at your disposal if you utilized it to back up your iPhone’s data.

Recover Chrome History on iPhone using a Recovery Tool

  1. When can I place my trust in this computer? When the Trust prompt comes on your iPhone, press it.
  2. On your PC, run iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery.

When the scan is finished, locate the file labeled history that includes your Chrome browser history.

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How to Recover Google Chrome Deleted History on Android

The procedures for retrieving lost Chrome history on iPhone and Android devices are the same. You may view your browser history using your Google account if you logged in to Chrome the first time you started the app.

Here you may see your Google account’s browsing history across all platforms, including your Android handset.

Note: If you haven’t logged in to your Chrome browser or choose not to, you’ll need to utilize a recovery application such as EaseUS MobiSaver For Android.

Whether you delete it on purpose or not, removing your browser history prohibits you from locating online sites you’ve previously visited. You now understand how to retrieve your lost internet history. Because not all of the ways we discussed may work for you, bear in mind that your Google account stores your browser history. You may access your Google account from any device and discover the required web page.

Aside from that, we’ve shown how to access and remove your search history. With a few taps or clicks, you may delete specific web pages or your whole browser history.

How did you retrieve your lost Google Chrome history? Did you come up with another feasible solution? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

Recover Deleted Chrome History FAQs

How can you recover Chrome History on Windows?

There are four methods to retrieve your Chrome history, as mentioned in the beginning of this post. Checking your Google account activity, restoring the prior version of your Google folder, utilizing a data recovery tool, and using the DNS cache are a few examples.

You may retrieve your Chrome history using one of these ways on your Windows PC. Please return to the beginning of this article to see which method works best for you.

How do I check Google Chrome history after I deleted it?

If you’ve previously erased your Google Chrome browser history, you may still view it via your Google account. The sole need is that you be connected into Chrome with your Google account throughout the browsing history period.

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1.Go to your Google account.

2.Click on Data & personalization in the vertical sidebar.

3.Click Web & App Activity in the Activity Controls section.

4.Click on Manage activity.

You can see your browsing history by clicking here. If you have several devices connected to your Google account, the browsing history will be visible on all of them.

How do I delete search history on Google Chrome?

If you don’t want to restore your browsing history and instead want to erase it, you may do so from inside the browser. We’ll teach you how to remove your search history on all three devices now that we’ve covered how to retrieve your Chrome browsing history on PC, iOS, and Android.

Delete Search History on Windows

1.Open your Chrome browser.

2.Click on the horizontal ellipsis in the top-right corner of the screen (three vertical dots).

3.Hover your cursor over History.

4.Click History in the extended menu.

5.Click Clear browsing data in the left sidebar.

6.Select the time frame from which you wish to remove browsing data.

7.Check Browsing history and click Clear data.

Delete Search History on iPhone

1.Launch the Chrome app.

2.Tap on the horizontal ellipsis in the bottom-right corner of the screen (three horizontal dots).

3.Tap History.

4.Select the sites you wish to remove from your browser history and tap Edit.

5.Tap Delete.

Note: After step 3, hit Clear Browsing Data… to remove your full browsing history.

Delete Search History on Android

1.Launch the Chrome app.

2.Tap on the horizontal ellipsis in the bottom-right corner of the screen (three horizontal dots).

3.Tap History.

4.To erase a web page from your history, tap the little x symbol.

Note: After step 3, hit Clear Browsing Data… to remove your full browsing history.

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