How to Recognize a Song in a YouTube Video

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How to Recognize a Song in a YouTube Video

Many people wonder, “What is the name of this song?” ” The question has existed from the beginning of music. You hear something you like and, above all, you want to know how to listen to it again.

If you’re viewing a music stream or a movie with background music on YouTube, the uploader may have included a timestamped tracklist. How do you recognize a song from a YouTube video if they haven’t?

It’s not simple to recognize a song from a YouTube video, but you have many options. All of them need some detective work, so grab your magnifying glass and get to work!

Check the Video Description

The majority of professional content makers will include a tracklist or a music credit in their video description. If you’re fortunate and viewing the proper video, you could also discover a hyperlinked time stamp, allowing you to move around the movie to locate the relevant tag. You will also get a hyperlinked time stamp so you can go to the music and make sure it is the correct one.

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Check the Comments

Check the comments if there is no tracklist or information about the music in the description. You’re probably not the only one who wants to know what music is playing in a YouTube video. Scroll down and read the comments to see if anybody else has inquired about any particular song. Even if the uploader does not respond, occasionally helpful fans do.

Search for the Lyrics

If you recall any of the lyrics, type them into a search engine to see what comes up. Song lists may be found on websites such as,, and Find Music By Lyrics. When it comes to lyrics, Google returns a varied bag of results. Sometimes it gets the answer exactly right, and other times it returns totally random answers.

Use an App to Identify the Song from YouTube

If none of the obvious possibilities work, a third-party program may assist you in identifying the music. Shazam is the go-to app for identifying music you hear on mobile.

If you use Chrome, an add-on named “AHA Music – Music Identifier” does a similar function as Shazam, but from your browser. Other applications are accessible in other browsers or as online services.

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Identify a YouTube Video’s Song using Google

You can use Google Assistant or the app to identify a song from a YouTube video in the same way.

  1. On your Android phone, press and hold the Home button.
  2. Then, either hum, whistle, or play the tune you’re looking for.
  3. Details about the song will be given.

Alternatively, you can use the app.

  1. Open up the Google app.
  2. Now, in the Search box, touch on the microphone.
  3. Again, hum, whistle, or play the tune you’re looking for.

You can also do the same thing using the Google homepage.

Use and the Direct YouTube Link

A service called is another online app alternative. This website is a free service that has been in operation for than a decade.

To use, follow these steps:

Ask Random People

If everything else fails, websites such as “Wat Zat Song?” ” are excellent resources for identifying a song from a YouTube video. It’s a human-curated website where you may post a music clip and others attempt to identify it. If nothing else works, it’s worth a go!

Wrapping Up

To summarize, recognizing a music used on YouTube might be difficult, but there are several methods and solutions available. In rare situations, you may not get an immediate response, but you will almost certainly receive one. The methods listed above are a few solid techniques to recognize a song from a YouTube video to get you started on your lyrical journey!

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Do you have any knowledge, questions, or suggestions for recognizing a music from a YouTube video? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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