How to Quickly Level Up in Elden Ring

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How to Quickly Level Up in Elden Ring

The primary goal of Elden Ring is to level up your character as quickly as possible so that you may tackle the final material.

How to Level Up Fast in Elden Ring

This tutorial will teach you how to advance swiftly in Elden Ring and disclose the best places to get redeeming experience points.

How to Level Up Fast in Elden Ring

Video games are designed to take gamers to another realm where they may forget about their real-life problems. Only a few games have been as effective as Elden Ring in accomplishing this aim. Elden Ring, created by the renowned company FromSoftware, is situated in a large and imaginative environment full of surprises around every turn.

With so much to offer, it’s no surprise that Elden Ring has become one of FromSoftware’s most popular games.

To succeed in Elden Ring, you must strengthen your character and ready to face opponents with varying skills and abilities. Runes, commonly known as experience points, come into play here.

In Elden Ring, runes are your character’s lifeblood. They serve as cash for stat upgrades and may also be used to buy new goods and skills. You can purchase enough Strength and Dexterity with enough runes to defeat your opponents. You may even summon animals or create gateways to other universes with them.

As you go through the game, you’ll collect runes by defeating monsters and completing tasks. If you just rely on this method to gain runes, your progress will most likely be excruciatingly slow. Elden Ring contains a plethora of spots where you may harvest runes and level up quickly. You may not have to fight anybody in certain circumstances. All you have to do is know where to look.

Let’s take a look at how you may level up quickly in different levels of the game by basically mining runes.

How to Level Up Fast in Elden Ring for Beginners

If you’re just starting out, you should look for agricultural routes and techniques that are practical, easy to reach, and somewhat safe.

The following sites are good for players seeking rapid runes to level up and enhance their fighting skills.

Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow

Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow is a strong early-game choice for efficiently farming runes. To take on the adversaries in this section, you don’t need tremendously strong weaponry. All you need is the resolve to defeat a lot of enemies and stay away from the area’s bosses since you don’t have the power to battle them yet.

Once there, you’ll encounter enemies that are quite simple to dispatch. Every kill nets you 1,000 runes. To increase the quantity of runes farmed, you should launch a surprise assault by following the mobs from behind.

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To reach Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, Follow the steps below.

Bestial Sanctum

One of the first dungeons players will face in Elden Ring is the Bestial Sanctum. It is home to a wide range of adversaries as well as numerous deadly bosses. While the dungeon might be difficult, it is also a great source of runes. These runes may be obtained by defeating foes and breaking open crates and barrels.

Completing the dungeon’s optional goals is the most effective method to harvest runes here. Typically, they include battling little, robed beings who wander about holding chains. Each of these animals will net you roughly 1,000 runes if you kill it.

The Bestial Sanctum is a secret area in Dragonbarrow that may be accessed via Caelid by exploring the northeastern half of the region. You may also utilize the teleporter in Easter Limgrave at the Third Church of Marika. However, before boarding the teleporter, you must seek guidance from D, the Hunter of the Dead.

Fort Faroth Dragon

In the realm of Elden Ring, you should avoid dragons since they nearly always seek to kill you. But what if the dragon is genuinely vulnerable and immobile? The solution is a slew of runes!

The Fort Faroth Dragon is a white, intimidating mother dragon that, strangely, does not fight back when attacked. It is, however, encircled by an army of its own infants, who are aggressive but easily conquered. Killing the mother dragon grants you 80,000 runes right away. The baby dragons will earn you 3,500 runes apiece, so you should concentrate on them before moving on to the mother.

To get to Fort Faroth, go east of Limgrave to Caelid and then follow the route to Summonwater Village. From a distance, the dragon may be seen laying on the ground. If you don’t want to make the lengthy journey, you may utilize the portal at the Third Church of Marika.

How to Level Up Fast in Elden Ring Mid Game

At this point in your Elden Ring quest, you’re facing harder opponents and needing to employ somewhat more powerful weapons. As a result, you should seek out farming spots that yield much more runes.

The following locations will provide you with just that.

Leyndell East Capital Rampart

The Draconic Tree Sentinel, a gigantic and physically frightening knight that rides a horse around the city of Leyndell, lives there.

If you choose to face the knight in single combat, you will only be able to win if you have more Dexterity and Strength. Going for a round of farming before declaring your presence might win you the runes you need to enhance your stats and boost your chances of success.

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The city’s East Capital Rampart also has a few less deadly creatures that may award you runes without incurring too much health loss. But how do you find them?

Begin at the city’s Site of Grace and go to the left. Somewhere along the way, you’ll come across adversaries dressed in white robes and using trumpets as their main weapon. Each successful murder earns you 368 runes, while the greatest nets you 606 runes.

If you go a little deeper, you’ll come across a scary, fire-breathing beast that rushes at you at high speed the moment it recognizes your presence. Approach the beast from behind and use a stun strike to give yourself a fighting chance. The head of the beast is worth 3,332 runes.

You may use them to buy some much-needed goods from local shops or store them for your struggle against the Draconic Tree Sentinel.

Palace Approach Ledge-Road

The Palace Approach Ledge-Road is another significant mid-game position. A bird boss may be disturbed in this location for a rune bonus. Attacking the bird with a bow can yield up to 11,000 runes, making this an excellent location for rune farming.

Surprisingly, the bonus is not contingent on beating the bird. Instead, you gain points for every hit you land, no matter how little. There is a Site of Grace nearby, so you may repeat the challenge as many times as you want.

To go there, you must first finish the White-Faced Varré quest. The Pureblood Knight’s Medal obtained from the quest will assist you in initiating a blood swamp that will transport you to the bird’s proximity.

How to Level Up Fast in Elden Ring in Late Game Play

This is the most difficult step of your adventure trek across Elden Ring. Your opponents are all fearsome, with stats and skills that novices and mid-level gamers can only dream of. Amassing a large number of runes is essential for winning duels and increasing your chances of survival.

There are two spots recognized for providing significant point boosts to gamers. Let’s take a look at each.

The Windmill Village

Windmill Village is a tiny agricultural village on the Altus Plateau. Due to a strong enchantment, the whole town has been transformed into a dance hall, and the residents are constantly dancing happily, unaware to your presence. The frenzy of the setting is ideal for farming runes. Your presence is only detected once you begin an assault, and even then, only people in the local area are aware of what is going on.

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There are two villages, and one assault may yield you over 3,000 runes in under a minute. The people aren’t very dangerous, but keep an eye out for a pair of rabid dogs wandering the neighborhood. Going too far inside the community will also bring you in direct conflict with Stake of Marika, the local leader.

Mohgwyn Palace

During the later phases of Elden Ring, Mohgwyn Palace is regarded as the principal source of runes. When you arrive, you should rest at the Site of Grace. This puts you in close quarters with Albinauric troops. You’ll be able to take down the troops with a few strikes if you have half-decent weaponry. You get 2,000 runes for each kill.

Because the troops are all asleep, they will not assault you initially. You’ll have to whack them a few times before they answer. This implies that if you use a good offensive technique, you may conquer the whole battalion without sustaining any health loss.

Getting to Mohgwyn Palace might be difficult. The simplest approach is to finish Varré’s PvP questline. You may also attempt to reach the Consecrated Snowfield, albeit this is considerably more difficult.

Getting to Mohgwyn Palace will be an experience in and of itself, no matter which route you choose. Once you arrive, the Site of Grace will supply you with a consistent stream of runes to aid in the advancement of your characters and weapons.

Amass Runes and Watch as Your Stats Improve

One of the benefits of collecting runes in Elden Ring is that you may personalize your play style to a greater extent. If you want to concentrate on becoming a strong melee fighter, you may buy runes that boost your strength and damage output. If you choose a more defensive strategy, you may select runes that increase your health and resistance.

You may become more strong and better prepared to cope with the obstacles that Elden Ring throws at you by collecting runes. Gaining runes gives you a feeling of success and advancement as you see your character get stronger and more competent over time.

Which agricultural place in Elden Ring is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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