How to Manage Disney Plus Subtitles [All Major Devices]

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How to Manage Disney Plus Subtitles [All Major Devices]
How to Manage Disney Plus Subtitles [All Major Devices]

Disney Plus dominated the streaming sector from the start. Given the breadth and variety of the provided material, as well as the low cost, the introduction of a streaming service was not unexpected.

How to Manage Subtitles on Disney Plus [All Major Devices]

There’s not much you can’t do with Disney Plus in terms of customizing. This essay delves into the subtleties of subtitles and offers suggestions for tailoring them to your viewing tastes.

Subtitles on Disney Plus are simple to enable and disable. The sections that follow give a brief instruction for different devices, such as smartphones and Smart TVs.

Managing Disney Subtitles on a Firestick Device

  1. Choose a movie or television program to watch and start it. With the playback turned on, use your remote to bring up the menu icon and pick it.
  2. Navigate to the Subtitles option in the menu and hit the selection button to toggle between On and Off. When finished, use the back button to terminate playback.
  3. Managing Disney Subtitles on a Roku Device

    1. You begin by picking the material you want to see. Then, on the content description page, choose Options or Audio & Subtitles. Of course, you use the Roku remote to browse or click on the relevant icon through the desktop client or app.
    2. Select Subtitles or Closed Captioning On or Off from the menu and press the back button to return.

    Alternatively, you may adjust all applications’ subtitles from the Roku Settings menu; here’s how.

      Roku Homepage
      Roku Settings menu
      Roku Accessibility menu 2
      Roku Captions menu
    1. The other two choices enable you to choose the language and appearance of your subtitles.

    There are various alternatives to pick from; it may be beneficial to spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with the menu.

    Disney Subtitles on Newer Rokus – Key Tip

    1. To enter the additional menu, use the Up or Down button on the remote and choose Audio & Subtitles. Other activities are the same, and this is the quickest route.

    You should also be aware that you may deactivate subtitles during playing on newer Rokus.

    Managing Disney Subtitles on an Android or iPhone

    1. Play a movie or program and then tap on the device’s screen. This procedure is applicable to all Android and iOS devices, including iPads.
    2. Press the chat bubble icon, then choose Subtitle and Audio settings, then tap the Subtitles menu to toggle them on and off.
    3. To return to playback, click the X in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    4. Managing Disney Subtitles on a PC

      This approach implies you’re using a browser to access Disney Plus. If this is the case, the streaming service has the same interface regardless of your operating system or machine.

        Disney+ Menu Icon
        Disney+ Audio and Subtitles Menu

      If you wish to disable the subtitles, be sure you choose the appropriate option under Subtitles.

      Disney Subtitles on a Smart TV (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Vizio)

      It’s amazing to be able to install and utilize Disney Plus straight on your Smart TV, but how do you control the subtitles? Tips for some of the most popular Smart TV manufacturers are provided below.


      1. Start the Disney Plus app, choose the item you want to view, then press the Play button.
      2. Now, press the Up arrow twice to open the language box in the top right corner of the screen and use the remote to browse.
      3. Then, using the Select button, go to the Audio and Subtitles option.
      4. Samsung TV Disney+ Subtitle Settings


      1. Take out your LG remote and press the Home button.
      2. Select the settings cog in the upper-right corner of the screen, then go to Accessibility, then Subtitle.
      3. Make sure the Subtitles area is selected, and then choose whether or not to activate subtitles. This step activates TV subtitles.
      4. Then, start the app for any material you want to view and repeat the process.


      The Panasonic remote is used to turn on and off the subtitles. There is a separate button named STTL/AD or STTL. The location of the button varies, but it is normally in the centre of the remote, right above the Vol and CH rockers.

      When you press the button, the subtitles may be turned on and off instantaneously. However, on certain later models, it opens the subtitles menu, which has additional possibilities. If you just want to deactivate or enable them, go to the appropriate area and make your pick.

      Finally, ensure that subtitles are activated in Disney Plus.


      1. Grab the remote and press the Home button, followed by Settings. Subtitles are available at the bottom of the screen. Sony, for whatever reason, wants to utilize a suitcase emblem rather of the normal cog.
      2. Sony TV Settings
      3. Navigate to Subtitle Setup and push the center button once again. You may now customize the subtitles on your Smart TV, as well as Disney Plus.
      4. If you wish to return to the previous content source, press the Home button twice.


        Vizio TV Settings
        Vizio TV Settings - Closed Captions
      1. Closed Captions also includes Analog and Digital Closed Captions, as well as Digital Style. It’s recommended to leave them as default for your objectives and purposes.

      The remote also has a CC button, which should enable or deactivate subtitles with a single click. However, don’t forget to activate subtitles on the Disney Plus app.

      Additional FAQs

      It should be evident by now how easy it is to activate or disable Disney Plus subtitles on any device. Furthermore, this approach typically works well. However, you should be aware of certain unique adjustments and troubleshooting choices.

      Can I Change the Subtitle Language?

      The short answer is yes, you can, and you already know how. When you’re in the Audio & Subtitles menu, use your remote’s arrow keys to move right. Then, from the list, choose and tick your favorite language.

      The majority of Disney Plus programming is available in over twenty different subtitle languages. Some unusual typefaces and letters, however, may be unavailable.

      In any case, the language preview for subtitles should appear as soon as you make your pick.

      Subtitles Keep Coming Back On. What Can I Do?

      Subtitles should be turned off during playback if they are disabled. However, this isn’t always the case, particularly with some streaming devices and Smart TVs.

      You should double-check the in-app configuration to locate the culprit. That is, turn off the Disney Plus subtitles. Then, examine the choice on your Roku, Firestick, or any other streaming device you may have.

      After then, you may restart playing to see whether the subtitles have vanished. This may not always work, and you may need to adjust the TV settings.

      To be clear, turning off subtitles on streaming devices and TVs applies to all material, not just specific content. And, to avoid annoyances, the Disney Plus app should be able to overrule them.

      Can Text Size Be Adjusted?

      Yes, you may change the size of the text. You may discover several font sizes represented in percentages under the Subtitles/Closed Captions menu. Simply choose the appropriate percentage, and the subtitles will automatically scale to that. However, there is a catch.

      The text may look too large or too tiny depending on the device you’re using. This problem is frequent with various Android cellphones, for example.

      If your streaming device enables you to modify the general font size, you won’t need to change the Disney Plus settings.

      For example, if you’re using an iPhone or an Android smartphone, go to the Accessibility Settings. In most situations, you may change the font, size, and even color of your subtitles from here. The same choices are accessible in the Closed Captioning settings on an Xbox and PS4/5.

      Can the Font Size Be Changed?

      Yes, you may adjust the font size under the Disney Plus Audio & Subtitles options. In addition, the menu lets you adjust the text color, opacity, and edge style.

      1. Navigate to Audio & Subtitles and click Settings to access this option.

      2. Select the desired Font Size from the related tab and examine the preview in the window at the top of the menu.

      Some devices, such as the Xbox One, will almost certainly need a considerably larger font than the original.

      My Subtitles Aren’t Syncing Properly. What Can I Do?

      To begin, keep in mind that this is not a regular issue with Disney Plus. Subtitles are included in all of the material at a frame rate that matches to the video frame rate. As a result, restarting the playback or the app itself frequently resolves the problem.

      Some streaming devices may also enable you to manually modify the frame rate, which may temporarily resolve the problem. However, as the video goes, the subtitles may get out of sync once again. This is especially true if you want to employ third-party subtitles.

      When streaming material through mobile devices, make sure the operating system and the app are both up to current. Otherwise, subtitles may lag behind audio and vice versa.

      Binge Streaming – Subtitles On

      When it comes to subtitle handling, Disney Plus has left no stone untouched. Regardless matter the device you use, access is simple. Furthermore, the customization menu is difficult to beat. The sole restriction is the font size on some devices.

      What is your favorite Disney Plus content? Did you have any problems getting the subtitles to load? Please share your opinions in the space below.

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