How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private

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How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private

By default, Facebook makes all of your information public. But what if you want to keep your profile private and have greater control over what non-friends on Facebook may see on your page? Is it possible to modify the default settings on your account?

Unfortunately, there is no magic button that allows you to make your profile entirely private by default. However, if you know which options to change, you may easily make your profile 100% private.

This post will lead you through the steps of how to make your Facebook page private.

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Private

If you wish to make your Facebook profile private from a browser, follow these steps:

    How to Make Your Profile Private On Facebook Mobile

    Facebook Make Profile Private

    Many individuals nowadays solely use Facebook on their phones. Fortunately, users who wish to make their profile private may do so in a rather simple manner. It generally applies to both iPhone and Android smartphones. On the Facebook mobile app, you may adjust your privacy settings in two ways.

    If you want to do a quick checkup, follow these steps:

    It’s simple to restrict what others may view by going through the Privacy Checkup settings. However, if you want to have additional alternatives, you may take the following steps to make more information private:

    You may use these procedures to make stuff other than your posts and contact information private. The Followers and public content option, for example, allows you to restrict who may comment on your public postings.

    How to Make Your Future Facebook Content Private from Strangers

    Facebook Profile Private

    What if you want to keep your Facebook profile information private from those who aren’t your friends? How are you able to achieve this? Simply follow the instructions outlined below.

    This option may also be changed on each of your posts by touching the three dots in the top right-hand corner (of that post). You may choose who can view your status here (public, friends only, private, custom, etc.).

    Finally, although anonymity does not occur with a single click, keeping your Facebook profile private is a reasonably straightforward process. All of the choices are available in the “Security and Privacy” section of “Settings.” Simply follow the methods outlined in this post, and you’ll be fine.

    Facebook Privacy FAQs

    Here are some solutions to your Facebook privacy questions.

    If I set my profile to Private, can people still see my profile picture?

    Yes, even if they don’t have a Facebook account, anybody may view your profile image (search engine results, profile URL, etc.). Other users can still see your profile photo and a few account data when you switch your profile to private, but they can only read posts you made “Public.”

    How do I see what my profile looks like to people who aren’t my friends?

    One of the useful features of Facebook is the opportunity to check how your profile appears to others. This tool is quite useful for reviewing what information you have set to “Public,” such as postings, “Friends” lists, and so on. To see your profile as it appears to the public, take these steps:

    1. Launch Facebook and click the arrow in the top right corner.

    2. Tap on the Hamburger symbol (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner (Android) or the bottom right corner (iOS) (iPhone).

    3. Go to your profile.

    4. Tap on the three horizontal dots to the right of Edit Profile on your profile page.

    5. Click or tap on View As.

    Can I make my profile picture private?

    You cannot, however, make your profile image private. Anyone may view a photo you submit to use as a profile image. You may, however, restore your profile picture to Facebook’s default image (the silhouette of a person on a blank background). Navigate to your “Profile Picture photo album,” choose your existing profile picture, and remove it by clicking the three-dot button.

    You may also change your profile picture to something more popular, such as a favorite superhero or emblem. However, be cautious of copyright infringement laws.

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