How to Make Songs Play Again in Spotify

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How to Make Songs Play Again in Spotify

Spotify is a prominent music streaming website that has a large song collection. Although you have unlimited access to music of your choosing, you may choose to listen to one song in particular at times. Spotify allows you to set music on repeat so you can listen to it over and again without having to stop it.

How to Repeat Songs in Spotify

Continue reading to discover how to loop Spotify music from several devices.

How to Repeat Songs in Spotify on an iPhone

When listening to music on your iPhone, follow these steps to repeat a certain song, album, or playlist:

    How to Repeat Songs in Spotify on an Android

    To repeat a song, playlist, or album on your Android smartphone, follow these steps:

    How to Repeat Songs in Spotify on a PC

    Here’s how to repeat tracks while listening to Spotify on your PC or Mac:


      How do I repeat a podcast with Spotify?

      Unfortunately, podcasts cannot be set to repeat on Spotify. To avoid this, add the podcast to a queue and it will repeat once it is done.

      How do I put a song on repeat using the Spotify web player?

      Follow these instructions to play a song repeatedly in Spotify’s online player:

      1. Navigate to and select the song, playlist, or album you want to listen to on repeat.

      2. To repeat an album or playlist, click once on the “Repeat” button. It seems to be a circle formed by two arrows. When you click the symbol, it will become green.

      3. Double-click the “Repeat” symbol to solely loop the music. The “Repeat” indicator will show a “1.”

      4. To stop looping the song, click the “Repeat” icon again.

      Hands-Free Spotify Music Loop

      Many music fans use Spotify as their streaming app of choice. Access to thousands of music, playlists, and podcasts at any time and from any device is one of the reasons for its enormous appeal. Spotify also allows you to listen to your favorite songs repeatedly without having to physically interfere. You may listen to a playlist, album, or the current song on loop by selecting “Repeat.”

      What do you like or dislike about Spotify? Please leave your thoughts in the comments area below.

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