How to Make a Minecraft Map

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How to Make a Minecraft Map

Maps make it simpler to explore new territory. You may leave a trail of where you’ve been, where you need to go, and occasionally even find your way home. Minecraft is no exception in this regard; the game’s maps are essential for keeping track of your surroundings.

How To Create a Map in Minecraft

However, Minecraft maps function a bit differently than other games. It informs you where you’ve previously gone rather than telling you where you need to go through an in-game GPS or mini-map. Maps acquired from chests or purchased via trade are the only exceptions.

If it seems perplexing to you, you’re not alone. Maps in the Minecraft world take some getting used to, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever got about without them.

Continue reading to learn all there is to know about maps in Minecraft. Learn all you need to know about crafting them, from what you need to build them to how to utilize them after you have them.

Making a Map in Minecraft

Minecraft’s map feature employs a novel mechanism. Minecraft encourages you to go old-school instead of a static map in your menu or a GPS mini-map in the corner of your screen.

Consider the cartographers who have gone out into the wilderness to chart new, unknown territories throughout history. You are the cartographer in Minecraft. Instead of having maps accessible quickly, you must create them yourself and explore the landscape to “draw” the map yourself.

Required Materials to Make a Map in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are two basic components required to create maps. You’ll need paper and a compass.

Paper (9 Sugar Cane)

Even if you’re new to the game, chances are you’ve stumbled across sugar cane in your excursions. They like water, thus you’ll find them in many biomes around lakes, rivers, and so on.

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Paper is made in multiples of three with a one-to-one ratio: one sugar cane equals one sheet of paper. However, while using the crafting table, you will need three sugar canes for three sheets of paper.

Repeat this three times and you’ll have nine pieces of paper. A map requires just eight pieces of paper, but the extra ninth piece might be used for another purpose.

Compass (4 Iron Ingots + 1 Redstone Dust)

You’ll also need to make a compass if you don’t already have one. Iron and Redstone Ore are both abundant around the bottom of the earth, so grab a pickaxe. Just make certain that the pickaxe is iron or better. You’ll only be able to dig redstone for the compass this way.

At least four Iron Ore and one Redstone Dust are required. Redstone Ore often yields 4-5 particles of Redstone Dust. Once you have all of the components, you will need to complete a two-step procedure to create a compass:

Step One – Crafting Ingots

To begin, you must process four iron ore blocks into ingots.

  1. Open the furnace menu.
  2. Wait for your iron ore to be smelted by the furnace.

Step Two – Craft a Compass

Now that you have all of the essential components, it’s time to make a map compass:

  1. Open the crafting table menu.

Crafting a Map in Minecraft

You’ve collected, mined, crafted, and smelted your materials. You are now ready to create a map. Go to your crafting bench and do the following:

  1. Open the crafting menu.
  2. How to Use the Map

    You have created a “empty map” and are ready to go on your next journey. But wait, the map is blank, which is completely useless to you. Remember that unique Minecraft mechanism that lets you build the map as you go? It’s time to start filling in the blanks on your map.

    Equip the map from your inventory to utilize it. After that, right-click as if you were at a crafting table. Lines will emerge on the previously blank piece of yellowed paper. Right in front of your eyes, your map is coming together.

    As you walk about, you’ll see that your map is filling in the features of your surroundings. You can even locate yourself on a map. Simply search for the little white marking.

    When you utilize the map, it is no longer referred to as an empty map. Instead, the game gives it a number to distinguish between full and empty maps.

    How to Expand the Map

    Did you know your map may be expanded up to four times? When you extend a map, it becomes larger, with more spots to fill as you explore the environment.

    Check out the steps below to start from a “Level 0” or a freshly constructed and populated map:

    1. Open the menu at your crafting table.

    As previously said, you may repeat this step up to four times. When you equip a map after expanding it, you may find blank regions. Don’t be concerned! As you explore the globe, some sections fill up with surrounding information.

    You may also perform this using a cartography table, which requires just one sheet of paper rather than eight.

    Additional FAQs

    Do Maps Work in the Nether?

    You can utilize maps in the Nether, but all you’ll get is a jumble of orange and grey lines. However, maps may be used in the End. They work just as they would if you were in the overworld.

    How do I mark places on a map?

    Marking places on a map may be quite useful if you want to remember where your base or another construction is. Fortunately, Mojang makes it rather simple to annotate your maps. In an anvil, take a flag and name it. The banner will then display on your map with its name printed underneath it if you hold your map and hit the “use” button while gazing at it.

    Chart Your World

    Maps are one of Minecraft’s most interesting elements. They include one of the most enjoyable features of the game, exploring. You may make a massive map of all the terrain you’ve explored in your Minecraft world if you utilize your maps wisely.

    What do you like to do with maps? Have you mapped out your Minecraft world? Please let us know in the comments!

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