How to Implement Reaction Roles in Discord

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How to Implement Reaction Roles in Discord

Discord has been used by gamers to connect since since it was released. It’s no surprise that Discord is the most popular chat program for gamers, with over 150 million members worldwide. Reaction roles are one of the aspects that distinguishes Discord.

How to Add Reaction Roles in Discord

In this article, we’ll teach you how to assign response roles to your Discord server members.

What are Reaction Roles in Discord?

A Reaction Role is a tool that enables users to gain or lose a role by clicking or tapping on a reaction. In addition to their basic function, response roles change color based on the role of the message sender. If the sender has moderator rights, for example, a response role may become green. You may even go one step further and describe the permissions that each position comes with.

Let’s take a look at how to add response roles to Discord. First, we’ll look at how to accomplish it on a PC, then on a mobile device.

How to Add Reaction Roles to a Discord Server from a PC

The Carl Bot is one of the most effective bots designed to assist Discord administrators with adding responses. After the bot is completely configured on your server, members may assign responsibilities to themselves with a few mouse clicks. The procedure consists of five major steps:

  1. Add Carl Bot to your server.
  2. Create new roles in the server settings.
  3. Create the response roles and choose the channel.
  4. Fill up the blanks with a description, title, and colors.
  5. Give each position a name and an emoji.
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Let’s now break down each of these steps.

Step 1: Add Carl Bot to Your Server

Carl Bot allows you to assign up to 250 roles on your server. It also lets you to assign several roles to a person, making it the top option among Discord users.

Here’s how to add the bot to your server:

Following these instructions, you should be able to discover Carl Bot on your server.

Step 2: Establish New Roles Under Server Settings

Once you’ve validated that Carl Bot is now present on your server, you may begin creating new roles. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the settings area of your server. To do this:
    • Open your Discord server.

You may add new roles by following the methods outlined above. Just be sure to give each one a unique name so you can tell them apart.

Step 3: Make the Reaction Roles and Select the Channel

Following the successful creation of the necessary number of roles, the following stage is to use Carl Bot to construct response roles. This allows members to designate themselves the responsibilities they choose. Here’s what you should do:

Step 4: Add a Description, Title, and Colors

You must construct a title and description after successfully picking the channel to fit your response roles. To do this,

  1. Press Enter.

Carl Bot will ask you to provide a color hex code for your message by default. This website has the hex code for every color you choose. Enter “none” in the hex code field if you don’t want your response roles to have separate colors.

Step 5: Add Names and Emojis to Each Role

At this point, all that remains is to give each of the response roles a name and an emoji. Users will respond with the emoji you provide to assign themselves a role. Here are the exact steps:

And presto! With Carl Bot’s assistance, you’ve just introduced response roles. When a new user enters the channel, Carl Bot will ask them to choose a role.

Aside from adding response roles, the Carl Bot automates a number of additional tasks that would otherwise take a long time to do manually. It comes pre-programmed with instructions, allowing you to alter it or utilize the basic functionality. It helps maintain a room orderly by automating operations like as tracking the number of users on the server, eliminating spam messages, and launching games.

How to Add Reaction Roles to a Discord Server From an iPhone or Android

From your Android or iOS device, you can also add reaction roles to a Discord server. In this situation, though, Mee6 Bot is required. This bot functions similarly to Carl Bot but does not need as many steps. This makes it suitable for mobile devices.

Here’s how to use Mee6 on your smartphone to add response roles to a Discord server:

  1. Fill out all of the required information by following the on-screen instructions. This comprises the channel where your response roles will show, a brief message to help users through the role selection process, and the graphic that will be associated with each position.
  2. Finally, change the Discord permissions section so that everyone may Read Messages and Add Reactions.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

    More solutions to your queries regarding adding response roles to a Discord server may be found below.

    Can I create reaction roles without a bot?

    No, unfortunately. Only a bot may be used to add response roles to a server.

    Can I create reaction roles if I’m not an admin?

    No. You cannot establish reaction roles if you do not have authority to add a bot to the server.

    Stay Organized

    If you want to make your Discord server more involved and entertaining, consider introducing response roles. Users will be able to give themselves responsibilities, which will assist you in keeping your channels structured. Reaction roles, whether it’s a simple thumbs up or an animated GIF, are a guaranteed method to keep people interested while also automating chores that might otherwise take more time to execute.

    What are your preferred emojis for Discord response roles? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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