How to Hook Up a Nintendo Switch Controller to a Computer

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How to Hook Up a Nintendo Switch Controller to a Computer

Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers are two types of Nintendo Switch controllers. The Joy-Cons are wireless by default, and the controllers may be wired or wireless. The Pro Controller is a wireless model that gives your Nintendo Switch games a console-like feel and experience. However, Joy-Cons are very portable, and if you own a Switch, you already have them.

How to Connect a Nintendo Switch Controller to a PC

Connecting Switch controllers to your PC is a neat thing you can do. However, until you locate a suitable program that combines them, the Joy-Cons function as two distinct controllers. The Pro Controller is ready to use straight away. Other Switch-compatible gamepad brands, such as PowerA and Hori’s Horipad, should also function out of the box. Regardless, whether you select wifi or cable, the procedure is quite simple on Windows and Mac. Here’s how to connect Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers to your Windows or Mac PC. Yes, we realize the name “PC” is a contentious subject when it comes to Macs, but both are technically PCs.

Joy-Con Controllers

The main controllers for the Nintendo Switch are the Joy-Cons. The most intriguing aspect of them is their design: they are made up of two independent components. This implies that you may use the controller for a single player or remove it and use it as two independent controllers. Of course, this situation presents a problem when attaching them to your PC, owing to their restricted functionality in comparison to a gaming controller. Regardless, they continue to function. Here’s how to connect your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to your PC or Mac.

How to Connect Joy-Con Controllers to Windows 10 or 11

That’s all! You’ve successfully connected your Joy-Con controllers to your Windows PC; but, since Joy-Con controllers are made up of two components, the PC will perceive them as independent things. This is a wonderful alternative if you want to play multiplayer games. If you wish to play sophisticated one-player games, you’ll need to take extra steps to utilize the Joy-Cons as a single unit.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers

Nintendo also produces the Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch system, which may be used instead of the Joy-Con controllers. The Switch Pro controllers are designed to look like standard gamepads, making them a popular alternative without the need to combine two of them.

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If you want a more conventional gaming experience, the Switch Pro Controller is an option. Check out the steps below to discover how to connect it to your PC instead of the Switch.

How To Connect a Switch Pro Controller to a PC with a Wired Connection

If you wish to connect your controller to the PC via a cable, follow these steps:

That’s all. This is the simplest method of connecting your controller to a computer. In “Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth & other devices,” it will be identified as a Pro Controller.

How to Connect a Switch Pro Controller to a PC Wirelessly

When the Switch Pro Controller successfully connects to Windows, the four-LED bar flashes from left to right and stays lit until the controller is disconnected. Unless BetterJoy is used as the driver, there is no way to turn off the LEDs.

How To Connect a Nintendo Switch Controller to Steam

If you wish to play Steam games, you may do it with your Switch Pro Controller. To connect it, follow these steps:

Once configured, the Pro Controller should function with any Steam game.

Joy-Con vs. Pro Controller: Which is Better for Windows?

Both of them are excellent choices for gaming on your Nintendo Switch. However, depending on your requirements, you may find that one of these is more suited to you. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of each of these controllers.



  • The design of Joy-Cons is its finest feature. You receive two controllers that can function as one. So, whether you prefer multiplayer gaming or hosting game evenings with your pals, Joy-Cons are the way to go.
  • They are popular among children. Joy-Cons are ideal for children due to their tiny size. They are incredibly light when removed, making them simple to grip. They also come in a variety of colors, which makes them appealing to children in particular.
  • Handheld experience – Because Joy-Cons are meant to physically connect to your console, they provide an excellent handheld experience.
  • Simple to transport – Because they are compact, Joy-Cons are ideal for traveling with a console. They also take up little room owing to their size and weight.
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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

  • Classic design – Gamers who are used to using Xbox or PlayStation controllers will undoubtedly like this controller due to its resemblance to traditional controllers.
  • Battery life is amazing on the Switch Pro controller. It has a battery life of up to 40 hours and charges through a USB connector.
  • Because to its ergonomic design, this controller is quite comfortable in your hands. This will save your hands from cramping, and although Joy-Cons are ideal for children and others with tiny hands, the Switch Pro will suit adult hands better.
  • Better control – The Switch Pro’s design allows it to fit comfortably in your hands, giving you more control over your game. So, if you prefer intense single-player games, this may be a great alternative for you.



  • Battery life – While the Switch Pro controller has a 40-hour battery life, the Joy-Cons only have a 20-hour battery life. However, if you charge the Joy-Cons in between gaming sessions, you should have no battery issues.
  • Size – While its tiny size is ideal for children, it is a major drawback for professional players. Because of their size, they may create cramping in your hands.
  • Drift using the Joy-Con – Many users have reported issues that result in incorrect inputs. Even when the analog sticks on the controllers are not moved physically, they begin to move.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

  • Although the Switch pro controller is excellent because of its ergonomic form, it cannot be directly connected to the Switch console. So, if you often play video games outside of your home, this may be an issue.
  • Customizability – The Switch Pro is only available in black and a few limited edition colors. If the colors and customizability of your controller are important to you, or if you want to buy a controller for your children, this might be a deal breaker.
  • Although the Switch Pro is excellent, the most major distinction is that the Joy-Cons are included with the system. If you wish to utilize the Switch Pro controller, you must purchase it separately. And, since their prices are comparable, you’d essentially receive two Joy-Cons for the price of one Switch Pro. This is why many individuals choose to purchase an additional set of Joy-Cons or refrain from purchasing anything at all.
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In a nutshell, both the Joy-Cons and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers are excellent devices in their own way. It’s difficult to select between the two, but you may consider how you want to utilize them. If you want to host game nights, play multiplayer games, or are purchasing the system for your children, the Joy-Cons may be a better alternative.

However, if you’re a dedicated gamer who appreciates ergonomic design and prefers to play alone, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be an excellent choice. This controller is comfortable, has a long battery life, and a classic style, which is a big plus for many gamers.

Connecting Your Switch Controller to PC: Explained

You’ve now learnt how to connect your Switch controller to your PC in a variety of ways. If you want to use the Switch controllers to play games on your PC, be sure to read our instructions first, and you’ll be ready to go in just a few easy steps.

Have you ever tried using your Switch controllers to play PC games? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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