How to Get Rid of All Mobs in Minecraft

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How to Get Rid of All Mobs in Minecraft

Although Minecraft seems to be a simple game at first glance, it might demand an astonishing amount of computer resources to function efficiently. To reduce resource utilization to a minimum, the game depends on generating and despawning remote things like creatures and terrain, although this doesn’t always work.

How to Kill All Mobs in Minecraft

If the environment you’re in begins to stutter or lose frames at random, there are definitely too many mobs that haven’t despawned. Sometimes some locations haven’t been engaged with in a long time, whereas other monsters, such as merchants, never despawn by default.

We’re here to assist you rapidly destroy all mobs by utilizing terminal commands. Please see our post below to learn how to get rid of them.

How to Use the Kill Command in Minecraft

There is just one efficient approach to delete entities from the map. It will take a large amount of time to tour the whole planet and personally kill the mobs. You will almost certainly fail since mobs will spontaneously spawn, drastically reducing your effort.

To kill all mobs, use the kill command in the console. This is technically cheating in the game, but a little mob cleaning never harmed anybody, especially if it’s for improved performance.

The “/kill” command may be used to kill any creature in the game, including people, monsters, drops, and other valuable or useless objects. When you want it to be, it may be incredibly selective, enabling you to delete a single mob at a time by providing its unique identification (UUID) as the command input. When used without any additional settings, though, it will eliminate everything, even you (the player character).

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Supported Platforms

Depending on the version of Minecraft you’re playing, the kill command is accessible in practically all editions. Here’s a short recap:

Platform/EditionVersion (minimal required)
Java Edition (any PC)1.3.1
Pocket Edition (PE)0.16.0
Xbox One (Bedrock)1.2
PS4/PS5 (Bedrock)1.14.0
Nintendo Switch (Bedrock)1.5.0
Windows 10 Edition (Bedrock)0.16.0
Education Edition (EE)Available on all versions

The command will not function on Minecraft versions for the PS3 and Wii U since they are just too old.

The kill command is the same regardless of edition (if it is available and implemented). The only difference is that the cheat system may utilize it.


To begin using the kill command to kill mobs, you must first allow hacks in your Minecraft world. Here’s how you can go about it:

If you wish to allow cheats on a world you’re presently running, follow these steps:

Kill Command

In all Minecraft editions, the command for killing everything in the world is “/kill ”.

In the console, typing “/kill” any target will destroy almost anything that can be removed, including the player. However, you have considerable leeway in selecting your targets.

Typing “/kill @e” achieves the same result but enables you to experiment with other kinds.

When you’re standing in front of a mob or a detachable object, entering “/kill” into the console will show you a selection of alternatives, including the UUID of the target your crosshair is on. When you choose it from the menu and execute the command, it will only kill that target.

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This command cannot in any manner harm players while in Creative Mode.

Kill Command Examples

You can tinker with the command and available types.

How to Enter the Command

The chat window, which is present on all versions of Minecraft, is the easiest method to input console instructions. This is how you open it:

  • Java Edition (all PCs and Macs): Click the “T” button.
  • Pocket Edition: On the screen, tap the chat button (which appears like a message rectangle).
  • Xbox: On the controller, press “D-pad right.”
  • PlayStation: On your controller, press “D-pad right.”
  • Press the right arrow button on the Nintendo Switch controller.
  • Windows 10/Bedrock: Press “T”.
  • Education Edition (EE): Select “T.”

Once the chat window is open, you need to:

If you die, hit Respawn to return and grab all of the treasure you and the mobs dropped.

Additional FAQ

Why Should I Kill All Mobs in Minecraft?

Because the game does not permanently despawn certain monsters, it will ultimately use a large amount of memory and processing power to keep track of their positions and statuses. This might cause it to slow, lose FPS, and finally crash due to a shortage of accessible memory.

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If the world has been open for a long time, killing all mobs effectively clears a considerable percentage of the consumed RAM.

However, when these creatures are slain, whatever treasure they drop is stored in the memory again, reducing the command’s efficacy significantly.

How Can I Remove the Leftovers After Using the Kill Command in Minecraft?

Running the kill command again is the easiest method to entirely remove all fallen objects and loot. The all-encompassing “/kill @e[type=!player]” command resets everything but the players, quickly removing much of the RAM utilized for item and mob data storage.

If you wish to totally reset your progress, use “/kill @e” twice: once to kill yourself and any mobs, and again to delete everything you’ve dropped.

Reset the Game With a Quick Kill Command

You now know how to use the kill command to eliminate any monster or object in the game. Use this ability wisely, and you’ll wipe the game’s memory, removing unpleasant FPS decreases and stuttering. Or just wander about manufacturing things and watching mobs go poof. It’s all up to you.

What more Minecraft commands or tricks do you want to learn? Please tell us in the comments section below.

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