How to Get a Discord Profile Image

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How to Get a Discord Profile Image

Discord members may use any suitable image as their profile photo, and many take pleasure in their unique pictures. You could come across someone whose profile image you like, but you can’t save the file straight immediately. This is a regular occurrence on both PCs and mobile devices.

How to Download a Discord Profile Picture

Fortunately, there are still ways to obtain another person’s Discord profile picture. This is possible on both PC and mobile devices. Continue reading to learn more.

There are two primary methods for downloading other users’ profile images on a PC. One way makes advantage of Google Chrome’s or other browsers’ Inspect Element capability. For the second method, you’ll need a Discord bot that understands the “avatar” command.

The Inspect Element approach is the most convenient since it can be performed without the need of a bot. However, it is significantly more difficult since you will have to travel through a lot of code. Fortunately, we can reduce everything to a few easy steps.

Using Inspect Element

Buckle up, because you’ll be dealing with code you may not understand. The stages for this procedure are as follows:

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  1. You now have access to another user’s profile picture.

There are various ways to save photos using the Inspect Element window. You may increase the picture size at the end of the URL by increasing the numerical amount. This action will enlarge the picture, but it will become hazy.

If the picture is not in PNG or JPG format, you may change the file extension when you save it. This will make the file more accessible.

Using a Discord Bot

There is a “avatar” command in some popular Discord bots. This code will show user profile images in a message for you to save onto your device. Here are several bots that you should use:

Whether you don’t have any of these, examine the command list of your bot to see if equivalent commands are available.

To download a profile picture using bots, try these steps:

Other users will be inconvenienced since you will have to ping them. If they are dissatisfied, the best you can do is apologize. Nonetheless, you may always ask users for permission, and they may agree to allow you proceed.

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How to Download a Discord Profile Picture on an Android

You won’t be able to utilize Inspect Element on Android as you can on a PC. However, the other technique will function normally.

Using a Discord Bot

On Android devices, the Discord bots we discussed previously will take “avatar” or similar instructions. You can even save photographs quicker since it just takes a few touches.

Here are the instructions:

That’s all there is to Android. It’s straightforward, and you won’t have to bother about file types.

How to Download a Discord Profile Picture on an iPhone or iPad

Discord is the same on all mobile platforms, despite the fact that the iOS and Android applications are independent programs. As a result, the instructions above are almost same for iPhone or iPad. We’ll keep track of any discrepancies that develop.

Using a Discord Bot

Remember to ping the proper user or you may incur the wrath of an enraged individual. Even if the Discord user is reserved, you may utilize the approach.

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Let Me Get That from You

Obtaining profile images from other Discord members might be difficult for the inexperienced, but you can do it for free by following these steps. Furthermore, all of these ways are lawful as long as they do not violate anyone’s copyright. None of these techniques are directly endorsed by Discord, but they are also not explicitly disallowed.

Have you ever tried any of these methods? What would you think if someone looked at your profile photo in front of you? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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