How to Find Your Minecraft Server’s IP Address

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How to Find Your Minecraft Server’s IP Address

Do you want to run your own Minecraft multiplayer server? Do you wish to know your Minecraft server’s IP address so that others may connect to it?

How To Find your Server IP Address in Minecraft

Multiplayer Minecraft adds an altogether new level to the game, and even after many years, there are thousands of daily participants. This guide will teach you how to set up your own Minecraft server as well as how to locate your Minecraft server’s IP address.

Minecraft is a fantastic game to play alone, on a LAN, or in multiplayer mode. It has unexpected complexity and is constantly interesting for a game that seems so basic on the surface. The option to play on Minecraft servers is a significant feature for people who prefer not to play Minecraft alone in their own world. It’s a lot of fun to play Minecraft with others, constructing, exploring, and surviving together.

Understanding Minecraft Servers

Running your own Minecraft server also enables you to make your own rules, accept just individuals you are comfortable playing with, apply modifications, and generally play whatever you want.

If you can’t find a server with the modifications and regulations you want, building your own Minecraft server is a great choice.

Your server IP address in Minecraft

In Minecraft, your server IP address is the same as your PC IP address. Because your game will operate as the server, others will require your IP address to direct their game to yours. It seems difficult, but it isn’t.

To find your IP address in Windows, do this:

Use the Windows+R Keyboard Shortcut

To launch a run window, press Windows key+R, or right-click the Windows icon and choose ‘Run.’

Type ‘cmd’ and hit Enter.

A black command window should open.

Type ‘ipconfig /all’ and hit Enter.

If you’re utilizing a connected connection, your IP address will be mentioned under Ethernet and IPv4 Address. If you wish to set up your own Minecraft server, keep the CMD window open; otherwise, shut it.

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You must forward ports to your Minecraft server through your network. You’ll need to consult your router’s manual for that since each manufacturer does it differently. If you want individuals to connect over the internet, you must forward TCP port 25565.

To access most router settings, just enter your IP address (found on your router) into the address bar of your browser. To access the settings, enter the login (typically “admin”) and password (found on the router).

Setting up a Minecraft server

It is incredibly simple to set up a Minecraft server. If everything goes as planned, you may be up and running in less than an hour.

If you follow these instructions, you’ll be playing in no time! If you already have Minecraft installed, you won’t need to install Java. Otherwise, the download will contain a link to the Java installation.

The Minecraft: Java Edition server may be downloaded from the Mojang website. To use the program, you must first register an account.

Visit this link to verify your Java version or to get a copy.

Create a folder on your computer to hold all Minecraft files, and then install Minecraft: Java Edition server and Java. Running a server requires a large number of files; it is much simpler to maintain them all in one location.

To get started, right-click the.jar file and choose “Run as administrator.”

Change eula=false to eula=true in eula.txt in the program folder.

Navigate to your Minecraft folder using the CMD window you opened previously. For example, type ‘cd C:Minecraft’ and press Enter.

Enter the command ‘java -jar minecraft server.1.9.5.jar’. Replace the filename with the name of your Minecraft jar file.

Check to see whether your Minecraft server is listed on this page. Enter your server’s IP address and click Check.

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Type ‘Localhost’ to play on your own server. Depending on how you set it up, your visitors will need to provide your server name and/or IP address.


As long as you activated port forwarding on your network, your Minecraft server should now function smoothly and accept connections from the outside.

Your router will prevent connection attempts from outside your network if port forwarding is not enabled, thus this is an important step. It is also a potential security vulnerability in your network, so keep a watch on firewall alarms when operating your server.

How Do People Join Your Server?

If you have friends, relatives, or even strangers who want to play with you, you may be wondering how they may join your server after you’ve provided them your IP address.

Follow these steps to connect to a server using its IP address:

  1. Launch Minecraft on your PC.
  2. Click on the option for ‘Direct Connect’
  3. Paste or type in the Server IP address (this may also be a domain name as well)
  4. Click ‘Join Server’
  5. It’s as simple as that! After successfully joining the server, you may start creating with your pals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In case we didn’t address all of your questions, here are some more:

    I get an error message when I try to access a server. What can I do?

    The first thing you should do if you’re having trouble connecting is to restart your router. Because this is related to your IP address, a simple restart should resolve the issue. Next, verify your computer’s anti-virus settings to confirm that nothing is preventing you from connecting to the server. Finally, try changing the settings on your server.

    Where else can I find my IP Address?

    Your router’s IP Address is really on the box itself, whether you’re using a Mac, Game Console, PC, or even a phone. Look for a sticker or printed label on your Router for the IP Address.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAside from that, both Mac and Game Consoles have the IP Address listed within the Preferences or Network Settings.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eLastly, go to your favorite search engine using your favorite web browser and type in u0022External IP Addressu0022 Assuming you’re

    Final Thoughts

    This article just covers the fundamentals of establishing a multiplayer Minecraft server. Customizing your server, installing modifications, and a variety of additional options are available from this point. For server instructions, see this page, or this page if you use a Mac or Linux computer instead of a Windows PC.

    Minecraft is a fantastic game that has remained such even after Microsoft purchased it from Notch. You now know how to setup your own Minecraft multiplayer server or just discover your IP address!

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    If you’re seeking for the right Minecraft server to play on, there are lists of active servers accessible online. Many of these lists contain IP addresses, which you can simply copy and paste to join in using the Direct Connect technique. It’s significantly simpler to join someone’s server if a buddy has issued you an invite code. Simply choose the option to play, then select ‘Friends’ and ‘Join Realm.’ Follow the entry instructions and you’re set to go!

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