How to Find and Play Hidden Games on Steam

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How to Find and Play Hidden Games on Steam

If you have a lot of games on your Steam account, you won’t be able to play them all at once. In such a circumstance, it’s only reasonable to conceal the ones you don’t play anymore or aren’t interested in. But what if nostalgia strikes and you want to go back to the old faves you relegated to the secret section?

How to View Hidden Games on Steam

Not to worry, since this post will explain you how to access hidden games on your Steam account. You’ll also learn how to add and delete games from your secret list. Let’s get this party started!

How to View Hidden Steam Games

You must first learn how to access/view your hidden Steam games before you can manage them. Here’s how to view all of your Steam’s hidden games.

As you can see, the hidden games collection functions in the same way as any other game directory on Steam. The category of hidden games is not new. It’s been available on Steam for a long time.

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How to Hide/Unhide Games on Steam

You can conceal and unhide things on Steam now that you know how to access your hidden games. Here’s how it works.

The Difference between Hiding and Removing Steam Games

Many users erroneously believe that concealing games on Steam is the same as uninstalling them. When the games are hidden, you can access them at any time, which means you can unhide them, install/uninstall them, and play them whenever you want. However, any games you remove from your account are permanently deleted. There is no going back once you uninstall a game.

Note: Many websites show how to delete Steam games by right-clicking on them in your “Library” and choosing “Manage -> Remove from account.”However, the option is only available for select games, often free ones with no retail price—not giveaways or paid games.We have discovered a new method that allows you to remove any game you want, and it is fairly easy to do, as shown in the steps below.

Remember that removing/deleting a game from Steam does NOT imply concealing it.

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How to Permanently Remove a Hidden (or Unhidden) Game on Steam.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

These are the methods for viewing, adding, or removing games from Steam’s hidden games list, as well as instructions for permanently deleting games from your Steam account. Hiding games is a godsend if you have a number you no longer play but want to save, and removing them permanently clears the clutter in your account for titles you do play. It’s also useful for game collectors who have large private collections.

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Have you lately desired to revisit old favorites and give them a second chance? Have you been able to find them? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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