How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

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How to Export Chrome Bookmarks

With so many websites that people visit on a regular basis, you’re certain to come across several that are worth keeping. Keeping so many bookmarks is, of course, not an issue for current browsers. However, what happens to your bookmarks if you reinstall your operating system or replace your old computer with a new one?

Not to worry, Google Chrome provides a method to save your valuable bookmarks. Chrome includes an in-built sync function that stores all of your bookmarks so that you can access them from any device that supports the Chrome browser. Of course, you and almost everyone else are aware of this. However, issues might arise from time to time, causing your synced bookmarks to be manipulated, erased, or rendered inaccessible.

So, what can you do if you can’t access your synced bookmarks or have misplaced them? The solution is to export all of your bookmarks to an external storage device, such as a USB stick, SSD, HDD, or even a third-party cloud service. When you wish to restore your bookmarks, just import the file into your Chrome browser.

Another advantage of exporting bookmarks is that they may be imported into practically any browser that permits imports. Here’s how to save your Chrome bookmarks and import them into any browser at any time.

How to Export Bookmarks in Chrome on a Mac

Follow the instructions below to export Chrome’s bookmarks to your Mac.

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This should export all of your Google Chrome bookmarks to an HTML file. If you run into any problems, you can always export your Chrome bookmarks manually. Once you’ve saved them, you can quickly import them into Safari, Firefox, Opera, and a variety of other browsers. You may also import them into Chrome on any device at any time.

How to Import My Chrome Bookmarks Back into Chrome on Mac

Follow the steps below to import your bookmarks back into Google Chrome on Mac.

    How to Export Bookmarks in Chrome on a Windows PC

    Exporting Chrome bookmarks on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7 is quite similar to the procedure on Mac machines.

    1. Chrome will now export all of your bookmarks to the location you specified. Your export file will be there when you open it.

    Keeping your bookmarks in the universal “HTML Document” format enables you to simply import them back into Chrome or any other web browser when necessary.

    How to Import My Chrome Bookmarks Back into Chrome on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, and 7

    After exporting your Chrome Bookmarks in Chrome for Windows, you may quickly import them back into the reinstalled OS, new machine, reinstalled Chrome, or whatever situation you have.

    1. This will begin the import, which may take a few seconds to complete. This is exactly proportional to the number of bookmarks in the export file.

    How to Export Bookmarks in Chrome on a Chromebook

    Chromebooks, like Windows and Mac computers, offer export options for maintaining bookmarks.

    How to Import Bookmarks Back into Chrome on Chromebook

    Follow the instructions below to import the Chrome bookmarks you previously saved to an HTML file on your Chromebook.

    1. Click Import and that is it.
    2. How to Export Bookmarks in Chrome on Android

      Unfortunately, the Google Chrome mobile app for Android does not allow you to directly export bookmarks, but you may still export them. To finish the operation, you utilize Chrome’s sync function. If you wish to separate your mobile bookmarks from the rest of your bookmarks, you may use a third-party software from the Google Play Store.

      Google Chrome bookmarks sync across all of your devices that utilize the Chrome browser, so you don’t need to export anything on your smartphone or tablet to get them.

      Unless you modify the location of the bookmark, any site you bookmark on your mobile device will appear in the “Mobile Bookmarks” folder. You may also access your bookmarks from your desktop or laptop computer. You may then export your bookmarks, including the “Mobile Bookmarks” folder, from there.

      How to Export Chrome Bookmarks on Android using Sync and a PC

      Your exported bookmarks are now saved in the place you specified, with the name you specified. As previously said, you may import them into any browser, including Chrome on a PC, Mac, or Chromebook.

      How to Export and Import Bookmarks in Chrome on an iPhone

      The iOS version of Google Chrome, like the Android version, lacks exporting options. Naturally, all of your bookmarks stay synced with your desktop or laptop computer. This enables you to choose which group of bookmarks to utilize on your mobile device.

      Follow the instructions below to move between bookmark sets.

      1. You may now choose bookmarks from your other Chrome browsers. To load a bookmark collection, just touch one of the bookmark folders.

      Import/Export That Works

      Hopefully, this post has taught you how to preserve all of your bookmarks in Google Chrome. No bookmarks will be overlooked, whether on a Windows PC, Mac, or Chromebook. Although Chrome’s mobile version lacks import/export functionality, synchronizing your bookmarks across all devices will suffice.

      Have you exported your Chrome bookmarks? What about transferring them to another browser?

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