How to Enable Safari’s Dark Mode

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How to Enable Safari’s Dark Mode

If you spend a lot of time reading articles on the web on your iPhone or Mac computer, your eyes will most likely suffer after sitting in front of the screen for many hours. Eye strain, headaches, and poor attention are caused by bright light and tiny type.

How To Enable Dark Mode on Safari

Dark Mode has long been accessible for Windows users, and it is also available for Safari users on iOS devices. You may use a Safari browser plugin to read articles all night. Continue reading to find out how to enable Dark Mode on your iOS device.

Safari’s Native Dark Mode Function

Safari (including previous versions) already has a dark mode function. This feature will not work for every page since it is intended to reduce eye strain while reading.

Users using a newer version of macOS may take the following steps:

If you don’t have the option to utilize Dark Mode, you may use Safari’s ‘Reader View.’ Here’s how to utilize Reader View to make your screen darker:

If you don’t see the Reader tab, click View and then Show Reader to discover it.

Naturally, this will not work for every web page. It will work for any blogs or articles you’re attempting to read, so we’ve included a few more alternatives below.

Night Eye for Safari

This plugin is another App Store download for Safari’s lack of dark mode alternatives.

Although you may download this app for free, it will cost you $39.99 each year to utilize it. The free ‘NightEye Lite’ option limits you to five websites. This is ideal for someone who simply wants to activate a few pages. The addon supports complete image support and may be used on different systems.

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Download Night Eye for Safari

Visit your Mac’s App Store and download the extension.

Activate the Extension

Select the dark mode option by tapping on the Night Eye extension. If you want to visit a website without dark mode, just hit the extension again and choose “Normal.”

With positive feedback and a 24-hour support crew, this is an add-on worth considering.

Nightlight for Safari

The Nightlight browser addon is another excellent choice for Safari. The extension is free and accessible for macOS 10.13 or later users. This is an excellent, lightweight browser extension.

You can enjoy dark mode on Safari without having to turn it on and off with the available timed settings. The color patterns on the nightlight will automatically alter at night and then revert throughout the day.

Using Dark Mode in Safari on iPad and iPhone

Safari for the iPad and iPhone has a built-in reader mode meant to relieve eye strain when reading at night. Here’s how to turn it on.

Repeat for each website you wish to read in dark mode.

Dark Mode on macOS Mojave & Catalina

Most Mac users had to wait for the macOS Mojave update to enable dark mode on their machines. Previously, you had to utilize shortcuts and establish exceptions for each site you wanted to browse in dark mode. So, if you have Mojave installed on your Mac, use these instructions to enable dark mode.

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  1. If you choose “Dark” under the “Appearance” choices, all websites on your Safari will have a black backdrop.

Dark Mode and Other Apps

You may utilize the Dark Mode in other programs in addition to Safari. Some applications will automatically activate dark mode if it is enabled. Here’s a quick guide to turning it on and off in the most popular iOS applications.

Maps – To use a dark backdrop for maps with the Dark Mode enabled, launch the app and choose “View,” then “Use Dark Map.”

Mail – To utilize light mode while reading emails, open Mail and go to “Mail,” then “Preferences.” Uncheck “Use dark backgrounds for messages” under the “Viewing” tab.

Notes – If you enable Dark Mode, your Notes will open with a black backdrop. You may turn it off by going to “Preferences” and unchecking “Use dark backgrounds for note content.”

TextEdit – When working with TextEdit, you may switch to Dark Mode by choosing “View,” then “Use Dark Background for Windows.”

Safari – When you use Dark Mode, all websites will seem dark when you load them. You may utilize Safari Reader if a website does not support Dark Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are additional solutions to your Apple Dark Mode inquiries.

Can I use Dark Mode with Chrome on a Mac?

Yes, but sadly, it isn’t a native choice. This means you’ll need to utilize a Chrome browser extension, such as the ones listed above. If you use the instructions above to enable Dark Mode on your Mac, it will have no impact on third-party programs or browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

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Can I enable Dark Mode with Mozilla Firefox on my Mac?

Yes, thankfully! Firefox simplifies many things that other web browsers do not, and Dark Mode is one of them. Enabling Dark Mode in Firefox on a Mac or a PC is the same. Simply click on the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner of the browser. Then choose ‘Add Ons.’ From here, on the left, you’ll notice a Themes option; click it, then choose one of the Dark Mode alternatives from the list.

There are numerous color options, so choose one that you prefer. The Firefox system will now be shown in Dark Mode, but not all of your websites will, so you may need to install Night Eye for Mozilla or another add-on.

Ease the Strain on Your Eyes

Reading texts all night may result in headaches, aching eyes, and uncomfortable muscular tension; using Dark Mode is an excellent alternative. Your eyes will thank you, and you will be able to concentrate for extended periods of time. Who doesn’t want to boost their productivity while staying healthy?

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