How to Enable or Repair Bluetooth on Windows 10

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How to Enable or Repair Bluetooth on Windows 10

If you want to utilize Bluetooth headphones, transfer files, or connect to your phone wirelessly, you must know how to access Bluetooth on both your PC and your phone. Turning on Bluetooth in Windows 10 is pretty straightforward. However, mistakes might happen, causing problems.

Here’s how to turn on or fix Bluetooth in Windows 10.

How to Activate Bluetooth in Windows 10

If your PC has Bluetooth capability, Windows 10 will automatically enable it. Here’s how to activate the gadget if it’s not showing up.

Option #1: Turning Bluetooth On through Settings

Option #2: Turning Bluetooth On using Keyboard

Pairing with Devices

Other than draining your battery, the Bluetooth function has no effect on your computer. It does, however, allow you to connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices such as headphones, earbuds, PCs, cellphones, and fitness watches.

Finding a Bluetooth device on the list in the “Bluetooth & other devices” menu is all it takes to connect your computer to it. Of course, the device must be in pairing mode and discoverable. You can nearly always find information on how to link any Bluetooth device in its instruction manual.

To connect to a device, choose “Connect” after selecting it from the list of identified Bluetooth goods. The connection should be created shortly.

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Unfortunately, the Bluetooth capability on Windows 10 laptops has a history of malfunctioning. Although the preceding stated ways are official and the simplest way to switch on Bluetooth, they sometimes fail. Restarting your smartphone is the fastest solution. After your PC restarts, try turning on Bluetooth again.

Does Your Computer Support Bluetooth?

Whether nothing else has worked, use “Device Manager” to check if Bluetooth is listed. Keep in mind that your PC may have Bluetooth capability but not appear in the devices list. This condition arises when no Bluetooth driver for the external adapter or internal component is installed. Internal Bluetooth devices, whether installed or not, are typically recognized.

If you discover a Bluetooth device in Device Manager but still can’t switch it on, the problem is somewhere else.

Update the Bluetooth Driver

When a feature on a Windows computer fails to function properly, you should always check for updates. Bluetooth adapters, like other components, need software to operate, and Windows 10 upgrades have been known to damage device drivers and functionality.

Drivers may be updated manually or automatically. The manual technique may be time-consuming, but it will get the job done. Simply determine which Bluetooth device your computer is utilizing (from the Device Manager). Then, search for the device’s name and download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

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You may also use a third-party software to automatically download any missing drivers to your PC. These services are often available for a fee. However, be cautious while using third-party applications. Some apps are more likely to install the incorrect driver. Before using the program to update your system components, make a backup of your system drivers (at the very least).

Restart your computer after installing the drivers (either option) and try turning on Bluetooth again.

Re-Enabling the Bluetooth Software

System failures might occur, causing components to cease operating properly. This is a common occurrence with Bluetooth components, and the best course of action is to “wake up” the devices.

    Device Manager - Bluetooth
    Device Manager - Bluetooth - Disable
    Device Manager - Bluetooth - Enable
  1. Restart your computer and try again to switch on Bluetooth.

If activating and disabling Bluetooth does not resolve your issue, remove the driver instead. Sometimes a clean installation is all that is required. Don’t worry, this will not corrupt the device or remove it from the list unless you want to destroy the driver.

Bluetooth Support Service

We’ll have to dig a little deeper now. If none of the above options worked, it’s time to use the “Run” function.

What Else Can Cause Bluetooth Failure?

Although one or more of the solutions listed above should resolve most Bluetooth issues with Windows 10, there’s a possibility you’re still having trouble getting Bluetooth to function. Contacting the manufacturer or your merchant is your best choice in this instance. If not, a USB Bluetooth adaptor should do the trick.

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When completing a laptop or desktop takedown, whether for cleaning or repairs, it’s often as easy as failing to install or properly reconnect the Bluetooth board/device. In such case, Bluetooth would be removed from the Device Manager and would cease to function.

Turning On Bluetooth

Bluetooth's system of profiles allows it to support a wide variety of hardware types

Bluetooth is a straightforward feature on Windows systems. However, this is not always the case. It has a variety of potential flaws, ranging from hardware to software. Before proceeding, check to see whether your computer supports Bluetooth in the first place (many older models do not) and update the software. At least one of the strategies should be effective.

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