How to Edit a TikTok Caption After It’s Been Posted

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How to Edit a TikTok Caption After It’s Been Posted

TikTok’s design and usage are relatively simple, and the software makes video production and interaction as simple as possible. The app’s sheer number of features and choices makes it complicated.

How To Edit a TikTok Caption after Posting

Can you change a TikTok caption after you’ve posted it? Can you change a Tok Tok video after you’ve posted it? Is it possible to withdraw a video once it has been uploaded? These are only a few of the reader queries, but it’s worth checking over them all. Continue reading to find out how to alter a TikTok caption after you’ve posted it.

Editing a TikTok Caption after Posting

TikTok does not allow you to alter a video’s caption after it has been posted. However, there is a solution that allows you to avoid recording and re-posting the same video.

Assuming you detect the caption problem early in the video’s existence, it’s pretty simple to correct simply re-uploading the identical video into your profile.

Follow these steps to update the caption:

The disadvantage of employing the aforementioned procedures is that you will lose any comments or likes that the original video earned. However, if you identified the caption problem early enough, you shouldn’t lose much interest.

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How to Make Edits to a Draft

As you can see, making changes is difficult. You must download the video, reupload it, make changes, and then upload it to TikTok. However, you may prevent this bother by first posting your video as a draft.

A draft is an unreleased video that no one else can see. However, you may still make adjustments. Here’s how to revise a draft:

Please keep in mind that your drafts are kept to your TikTok account. All drafts will be erased if you remove the TikTok app or clear the cache.

TikTok Post FAQs

This section will address more of your TikTok-related queries.

How do you add text to a TikTok video?

You can add text to your TikTok videos after you’ve recorded them in the app and clicked the checkmark. When you click the text area in the upper right corner, other video choices, such as text color and font, emerge. After you’ve completed adding text to your TikTok, you may apply any extra filters you like before finalizing it.

Can I add captions to a draft after saving it?

Absolutely! You may make several adjustments to your drafts before uploading them. Simply touch on the draft you want to alter and enter your captions. Then you may either re-save the video as a draft or share it with everyone.

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How do you trim a video on TikTok?

To cut a TikTok video, record a new one by using the “+” button.

After you’ve recorded the video, go to the top right corner and touch the “add a sound” option, then press the “red button” to record the sound. After pressing the “Check” symbol in the bottom right, look for the “Trim” icon in the top right corner.

Once you’ve finished changing the duration of your movie, click the “Next” button to begin adding effects.

Can I change the soundtrack to a TikTok video?

Changing the soundtrack is more difficult. Because the audio is kept in the original video, dubbing the audio will need the use of a third-party editing tool. Because most TikTok videos are lip-synced, altering the music may cause synchronization to break down. The soundtrack is applied to the video as a layer during production and then saved as a single file.

This approach, however, returns you to the editing screen, so it’s worth a go.

Can I control who can comment on my TikTok video?

You certainly can. You can select who may comment on every video you publish rather than just specific ones, although it is possible. The option may be found under the Privacy menu.

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1. From TikTok’s main screen, tap the vertical ellipsis (three-dot symbol).

2. Select Privacyfrom the next screen.

3. Change Safety settings for Who Can Send Me Comments.

Set who may send you comments to “Everyone” if your account is public, or “Friends” if it is solely for friends. You get the picture. In the same area, you’ll see the choices “Who Can Duet With Me,” “Who Can React to Me,” and “Who Can Send Me Messages.” You may also update them to limit who can contact you while using the app.

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